Neighborhood Shopping Pockets

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Stockton has several small pockets of isolated or semi-isolated neighborhood shopping centers. For want of a better place they are grouped here by shopping area names. Some have no official name, so I have used generic names to define them

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Click to Enlarge Collegeview Shopping - El Dorado Center - 4100 Block of N. El Dorado St.

Click to Enlarge 4032 N. El Dorado - Martini's Automotive Care - Former Warren Colburn Richfield Station

4049 N. El Dorado - William Aaron Dentist
4102 N. El Dorado - Former Sam's Chevron - Demolished
4106 N. El Dorado - El Dorado Liquor

Click to Enlarge 4110 N. El Dorado - Farmers Insurance

4114 N. El Dorado - Metro PCS

4111 North El Dorado Street - Former Orgon Rexall Drug

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 4115 N. El Dorado St. - Dollar General Market - The list is getting longer; Former Gaines Market (1955-1970)- Center photo courtesy of (Floyd Perry Jr.), Don Quick's (1970-84), Ye Olde Market (1984-93), Hampton & Podesta Market (1993-97), Health Care Supply Store (1997-04), American Home Furnishings (2005-12), Dollar General Store (2012-) - Gaines Fountain (Boots)

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 4115 N. El Dorado St. left photo - Former Dell's Variety - courtesy of Ron Chapman

Click to Enlarge 4118 N. El Dorado Street - Eric's Pizza / Former Chicken & Ribs Restaurant / Former Coopers Donuts

4122 N. El Dorado St - Former Gaines Liquors

Click to Enlarge 4124 N. El Dorado Street - Smoker's Club / Former John's Speedwash
4126 N. El Dorado St - Tommy's Thrift Store
4127 N. El Dorado St. - Crete Studios - Photography
4133 N. El Dorado St - Former Ray's Bakery / Collegeview Barbershop

Click to Enlarge 4136 N. El Dorado St - Former Larry Arroyos Mexican Cafe Larry's has been serving traditional Mexican food in our community for 26 years. So when you are in the mood for good food in a friendly and family oriented environment, Larry's is the place! Larry Arroyos Mexican Cafe Facebook Page
4148 N. El Dorado St - Jani's Famous Cuts - Former Salon Contintental Beauty

Click to Enlarge 4155 N. El Dorado St. - former Dells Variety

4245 N. El Dorado - Former Golden Gate Construction - Golden Gate Real Estate

Country Club

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge former 1265 Country Club - Bank / Baskin Shell Service (typical 1950s Shell Station)

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1270 Country Club - Ronnie's Market & Delli / Former Dan Mellis Liquor / Former Wagon Wheel

1403 Country Club - Former Bob's Country Club Service

Click to Enlarge Former Segarinis Market - 1416 Country Club and Pershing

Click to Enlarge 1856 Country Club - Feed & Fuel - Former Dutch pride Dairy (1976) / Former Lucky Milk and Ice Cream Company

Click to Enlarge 1860 Country Club - The Washing Well / Former Foto Finish
1864 Country Club - New York Donuts / Country Club Variety
1868 Country Club) - Charlene's Pet Grooming / Virgil Gray Realty

Click to Enlarge 1869 Country Club - Former Country Club Liquor - Ron Dinkel

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1875 Country Club - Country Club Market

Click to Enlarge 1876 Country Club - Super Clips / Former Granny's Place / CC&M Gas Station/ Bob's 66 Service

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1901 Country Club - Mission Pharmacy / Today - Park Woods Cleaners and 1905 Country Club (Former Mission Bottle Shop)

1902 Country Club Cleaners
1904 Country Club - Bee Beauty Salon
1905 Country Club - E-Z Rock Smoke Shop / Former Mission Bottle Shop

Click to Enlarge Casagrandes Delicatessen & Catering - 1910 Country Club Boulevard Open 5am - 2pm - Casagrandes on Facebook - Former Green Spot Food Store / Radio Shack

Click to Enlarge 1913 Country Club - Country Club Hairdressers / Former Foxy Lady Beauty Salon

1917 Lawrence Shoes

Click to Enlarge 1921-1925 Country Club - Stockton Ballet School / Former Country Club Hardware

Click to Enlarge 1939 Country Club - Ace Hardware / Former Moradians Clothing

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1989 Country Club - Former Tuxedo-Country Club Station

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 2081 Country Club - People's Market / Quick Stop Market (1976) / Ron's Union Service (1959)

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 2120 Country Club - Super Burger / Former Yummies / Cilantro Mexican Restaurant / Country Club Drive Inn / Sno White Drive Inn. Second from left  photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.

2103 Country Club - Vacant lot / Former Don's Chevron Service / Al's Texaco
2123 Country Club - Replay Games / Former Tuxedo Auto Supply

click to Enlarge 2130 Country Club - Canton Gardens / Former Sam's Richfield Station

2150 Country Club - Kelly's Car Wash

2151 Country Club - Country Club Tires & Muffler / Former Boulevard Automotive Service.

Click to Enlarge 2207 Country Club - The Graduate Restaurant (1976)/ Koehring Company of California Machine Manufacturers (1967)

Click to Enlarge 2210 Country Club - former Bottley's BBQ

Click to Enlarge 2239 Country Club - Areawide Termite Company / Former Van's Greenbriar Nursery

Click to Enlarge 2575 - Former Baskin Shell - Moved here from Country Club & Pershing (Representative Photo)

Click to Enlarge 2705 Country Club - Exon Service / today a Shell Station

Click to Enlarge Country Club Former Blockbuster

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 2720 Country Club - Safeway 1960s - Became a Big Lots when Safeway moved next door to 2808

Click to Enlarge 2725 Country Club Blvd. - 7-Eleven

Click to Enlarge 2808 Country Club - Safeway 1980s - present

Mayfair Shopping

Click to Enlarge 6009 - Former Karl's Shell Gas Station (Representative Photo)

6011 - Former Exchange Realtors
6015 - Weight Watchers
6027 - Hess-Dubois Cleaners

Click to Enlarge Super King Food Center - Former Gaines Market - 6045 North El Dorado St / Save Mart

6101 - Mayfair Liquor
6107 - Suzu's Ski Shop

Morada Shopping

Click to Enlarge Panda Express - 4103 Morada Lane

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Raley's Shopping Center - 4255 E. Morada Lane

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Morada Market - 4416 Hildreth Lane Reopened with new owners - I knew Silva and Ernie Canepa when they owned the Morada Market, however they sold the market in 2004 to a Fresno family and as often happens the new owners just didn't have the same relationship with the customers

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 10038 N. Highway 99 - Aspire Vincent Shalvey Academy / Former Sibs Market / Mar-Val Market / Former Morada Shopping Center - North Highway 99 - Left Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.

Mt Diablo Shopping

1112 Buena Vista - Victory Park Beauty Salon

Click to Enlarge Victory Elementary School - 1121 Buena Vista - Designed by local architects Losekann and Clowdsley. This post World War One school was named for the Allied victory in 1918

Click to Enlarge1203 Buena Vista - Former Neta's Beauty Salon
1211 Buena Vista - Former Ruth Arnett Beauty Shop
1241 Buena Vista - Former The Wishy Washy

Click to Enlarge 1245 Buena Vista - Former Howie's Liquors

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Family Meat Market / Former Korner Grocer / Former Your Market / Former Good Luck Market - 1255 Buena Vista

Click to Enlarge Buena Vista Market / Boss Appliance - 1305 Buena Vista Ave.

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1766 Monte Diablo - Neighborhood tires / Former Monte Diablo Auto Repair / Former Shell Gas Station

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Victory Grill / Former Victory Fountain - 1765 Mount Diablo - Top left photos courtesy of Ron Chapman

Click to Enlarge Metro Pizza - 1820 Monte Diablo

Click to Enlarge Former Don Quick Market - Once was the Green Frog Emporium / Blacks / Don Quick before moving next door just to the west where Big Valley Food is Now The Alano Club - Corner of Mt. Diablo and Buena Vista

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Former Don Quick Market at 1832 Monte Diablo Ave. This location was sold in 1983. Today it is Big Valley Foods.

Click to Enlarge Former Wilshire Market - 2225 Monte Diablo - Today a Kelly Moore Paint Store

Click to Enlarge T&M Market - 1107 North Ryde Avenue. Corner of Monte Diablo

Village Oaks Shopping

Click to Enlarge SW corner of Douglas and Harrisburg

Click to Enlarge 1807 Douglas - Go Green Recycling / former Dicks Texaco Gas Station

6221 - Village Oaks Pharmacy / Village Oaks Variety

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Vllage Oaks Market - 6225 Harrisburg Place - The original owner was Roy Delucchi. Roy sold the market to Joe Corina in the early 1980's. And around 1989, I think, it was sold to Kiyoshi Morodoni, who also owned Oak Park Market & Alpine Market (when the latter was located at Alpine and Delaware). They owned it until around 1992  Npw Lincoln Unified School District

Click to Enlarge 6235 Harrisburg Place - Former Singh Bottle & Cork

Click to Enlarge 6239 Harrisburg Place - Former Village Oaks Beauty Shop

Click to Enlarge 6243 Harrisburg Place - Former Village Oaks Barber Shop

Click to Enlarge 6945 Harrisburg Place - Former Modern Cleaners / Village Oaks Cleaners

Yosemite Shopping

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 901 N. Yosemite - Yosemite Meat Market / Former Fat City Cafe / Former Forty Nine Drug Company - Left Photos by Kevin

Click to Enlarge 902 N. Yosemite - Yasin Market / Former 99 Cent Store / Former Bob's Electric Shaver Shop / Former Bruno's Central Drug Co 1959)

906 N. Yosemite - Yosemite Launderette
910 N. Yosemite - Salon Suzette / Russell McBride Chiropractor

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 912 N. Yosemite - Blackwater Deli / The Bus Stop Coffee House /Former Blackwater Cafe / Chattanooga Pizza / Bill Maxwell Books / Payless Cleaners

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 915 N. Yosemite - Yosemite Meat Market - Left photo by Terry Gust

Click to Enlarge 916 N. Yosemite - Quarter Horse Tatoo / Khody Beauty / George Flood Appliance / Bob's Department Store Photos by Kevin

917 N. Yosemite - Yosemite Beauty and Barber Shop

Click to Enlarge 920 N. Yosemite - Former Troglia's Department Store - Left Photo by Kevin

921 N. Yosemite - Art Jewelers

Click to Enlarge 923 N. Yosemite / Former Fat City General Merchandising / Yosemite Food Market

Click to Enlarge 924 N. Yosemite - former Huey Hill Real Estate

925 N. Yosemite / Former Carey's Television / Fiedler's Wishing Well Gifts
926 N. Yosemite - Hill Realty / Newby's Delta Ice Cream

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 927 N. Yosemite / Former Yosemite Hardware / Yosemite Five and Ten - Left Photo by Kevin

Click to Enlarge 929 N. Yosemite / Former California Television Service

Click to Enlarge 935 N. Yosemite St China Village / Big M Donut Shop / Former Yosemite Coffee Shop

Click to Enlarge 936 N. Yosemite - Bay Kutz / Former Pexkler's Antiques / Yosemite Shoe Service

Click to Enlarge 937 N. Yosemite - Forty Nine Drug Co. / Yosemite Liquor Store

Click to Enlarge 938 N. Yosemite - Sherri Midgley / Former Calico Cat Gifts / Red Robin Cafe

Click to Enlarge 939 N. Yosemite - B&E Liquors / Former Kreins Yosemite Bakery

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 940 N. Yosemite - Delta Office Systems / Gardner Upholstery / Yosemite Paint and Hardware / Midget Meat Market

945 - Ken's Yosemite Service Gas Station
946 - Yosemite Cleaners

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Former Safeway, 948 North Yosemite - 1930-1940 - Then a Restaurant

1002 - Yosemite Major Service / Wallis Texaco Service

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge A&L Market- 1005 North Yosemite / S&G Supermarket - Former Blacks Market - 1940 - 1950

Click to Enlarge 1016 W. Acacia - Fred's Hair Salon
1018 W. Acacia - Deb

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