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Many Motels used "Motel" first in their name - They are listed here with "Hotel" last for ease of finding the motel. U.S. Highway 50 was created in 1926. It ran through Tracy, up Mckinley to Charter Way then East and then North on Wilson Way. Highway 99 turned west on Mariposa Road to Charter Way, then North on Wilson Way, making the combined Highway 50/Highway 99/Wilson Way one of the busiest streets in Stockton. The Highway 99 freeway on the east side of Stockton changed Wilson Way forever. The motels were hard hit. When the city redeveloped the West End along Center and El Dorado it drove the prostitutes further east to Wilson Way

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Alhambra Motel / Former Moto-Rest Motel Service Station - 1565 S. El Dorado

Arbor Motel - 5864 N. Highway 99 - today - Town & Country Motel

Capri Motel - 1140 N. Wilson Way

City Motel - 1022 South Wilson Way

Photo Wanted City Motel Inc. 100% N. El Dorado St

Cozy Motel - 2903 N. Wilson Way

Crest Motel - 639 N. Wilson Way

Deluxe Inn / Former Riviera Motel - 1925 N. Wilson Way

Eden Motor Lodge 100% North El Dorado Street at Acacia Street- Photo courtesy of Terry Gust. Today it's the El Dorado Inn. You can still get a single room for $39.00. But it's called the El Dorado Inn today

El Camino Motel - 1506 E. Mariposa Road

El Dorado Motel - 1700 S. El Dorado

El Rancho Motel - 5936 N. Highway 99

339 S. Wilson Way - Executive Lodge Inn / Former Holiday Motors

From the 1957 Polk Directory: Flagstone Manor Motel (JC and Helen Schroeder) - Telephones, TV, spaciously modern, free ice, clocks, radios, Air Conditioned, tile showers, swimming pool, 3 miles north of Stockton. 8009 N. Highway 99 - GRanite 7-0287 - The Knight's Inn is at this location now.

Frontier Motel - 2639 N. Wilson Way - Today The Capri Motel

Holiday Inn 221 N. Center at Weber Point - Photo courtesy of Terry Gust

Ivy Motel - 9172 Thornton Rd

Knotty Pine Motel - 2160 N. Wilson Way

Former La Neto Motel - 4320 S. Highway 99

Former Ly-In Motel - 1501 S. El Dorado - Today - Budget Motel

Marion's Motel - 12404 N. Highway 99

Mission Motel - 2584 E. Mariposa Rd - Demolished

Morada Hotel - Highway 99 and Morada Lane

Motel 6 - Waterloo Rd.

Pacific Express Inn / Former Pacific Motel - 1735 N. Wilson Way

BPO Elks Club / The Ranch Former Ranch Lodge - 8900 Thornton Rd.

Former Sands Motel - 616 N. Wilson Way

Sierra Motel - 3416 Farmington Road

St Frances Motel - 5708 Highway 99

Stardust Motel / Star Auto Court - 3161 N. Wilson Way - Demolished - Photos courtesy of Terry Gust

Stevens Motel - 8722 N. Highway 99

Stockton Motor Inn / Former Motel Lodge - 1333 E. Charter Way

Sunset Auto Court - Charter Way and Wilson Way- Photo courtesy of Kevin Shawver

Sunset Motel - 1301 S. Wilson Way -Left photo courtesy of Ron Chapman

TouRest Motel - 1609 N. Wilson Way - Today - Traveler's Best Western Motel

Town & Country Motel / Former Arbor Motel - 5864 Highway 99

Town House Motel - 1604 N. Wilson Way

Traveler's Best Western Inn / Former Tou-Rest Motel - 1609 N. Wilson Way

Traveler's Motel - 631 N. Center St

Trav-O-Tel Motel - 2305 S. El Dorado St - Former White House Motel

Vagabon Motel - I-5 & Hammer Lane

Valli Motel - 3206 S. Highway 99

Westerner Motel - Today, The Budget Inn - 1075 N. Wilson Way

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