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New law protects senior borrowers

The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 contains a provision intended to help seniors by reining in fees and fraud associated with reverse mortgages.

Reverse mortgages were created largely for seniors who are cash-poor and house-rich - meaning they have a lot of equity in their homes but little or no savings.

This type of loan allows homeowners 62 or older to borrow against their equity. But unlike traditional home loan products, no payment is due on a reverse mortgage until the homeowner moves, sells or dies.

The maximum a senior will be able to borrow through a reverse mortgage is $417,000 (or $625,000 in a high housing cost area). The range now is $200,160 to $362,790.

Most important, the law reduces fees. It cuts the origination fee to 2 percent of the first $200,000 borrowed and 1 percent for any amount after that. The maximum origination fee can't exceed $6,000. New Law for Seniors


Assisted Living

Independent living communities generally consist of homes, condominiums, apartments, and/or mobile and motor homes where residents maintain an independent lifestyle. Some independent living communities also include subsidized housing that offers rental assistance from the federal government.

Retirement Communities

Assisted Living in California

Assisted Living in Stockton

bullet Brookside Assisted Living
bullet Merrill Gardens
bullet The Commons on Thornton
bullet Fulton Villa
bullet Plymouth Square
bullet River Garden
bullet Somerford Place

Popular  Toll-free Senior Related Phone Numbers

Health Care Information

  • AdminaStar Federal (Durable Medical Equipment) Medicare 1-800-270-2313
  • Medicare Part B 1-800-482-4045
  • Medicare Fraud 1-800-447-8477
  • Medicare Hotline 1-800-633-4227
  • Medicaid Helpline 1-800-642-3195
  • Nursing Home Information 1-800-292-7852
  • Medicare Medicade Assistance Program (MMAP) 1-800-803-7171

Tax Issues

  • Taxpayer Assistance (State) 1-415-554-4400.
  • Taxpayer Assistance (Federal) 1-800-829-1040
  • Prescription Drug Credits (tax forms) 1-800-367-6263

Service Issues

  • Energy Assistance 1-800- 292-5650
  • Social Security 1-800- 772-1213
  • Veterans Assistance 1-800- 827-1000
  • Hospice 1-800- 331-1620 24 hr. main-line: 209-957-3888 fax: 209- 957-3986
  • Utilities (Public Services Comm.) 1-800- 292-9555

Legal and Consumer Information

  • Legal Hotline for Seniors 1-800- 347-5297
  • Lawyer Referral 1-800- 968-0738
  • Auto Repair and Sales Complaints 1-800- 292-4204
  • California's Insurance Hotline 1-800-927-HELP (4357) 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F.
  • Nursing Home Ombudsman 1-800- 782-2918

Special Telephone Needs

  • Lucent Technologies Special Needs Center (888) 708-0874

Health and Medical Information

  • Alzheimer's and Related Diseases 1-800- 272-3900
  • American Cancer Society 1-800- 227-2345
  • Cancer Information Service 1-800- 422-6237
  • American Council for the Blind 1-800- 424-8666
  • American Diabetes Association 1-800- 232-3472
  • American Parkinson's Disease 1-800- 223-2732
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Assoc. 1-800- 638-8255
  • Arthritis Foundation 1-800- 283-7800
  • Guiding Eyes for the Blind Inc. 1-800- 942-0149
  • National Association for Continence 1-800- 252-3337
  • Hearing Aid Helpline 1-800- 521-5247
  • Medic Alert Foundation 1-800- 432-5378
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society 1-800- 344-4867
  • Poison Control 1-800- 222--1222
  • National Stroke Association 1-800- 787-6537
  • For further information, call the Senior Info-Line at: San Joaquin Area Agency on Aging, (209) 468-2202

    The Assisted Living Federation of America
    As the largest national association exclusively dedicated to professionally managed assisted living communities for seniors, the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) provides an interactive directory of professionally managed senior living communities,  along with resources and news on assisted living for senior living caregivers. ALFA  also works to influence public policy by advocating for informed choice, quality care, and accessibility for all Americans.

    With more than 1,500 pages of content, this site features additional information on home care services, senior housing, financial planning & legal services for seniors, senior health and much more. They've employed a full-time staff of writers dedicated to researching and writing about senior care and all of the related topics. In addition, Their Advisory Board, consists of various members currently working in the field, and have personally reviewed, edited, and approved all of the information on the site.

    To further assist their users, they've created a very comprehensive directory of senior care providers across the country. Users can search for providers in their local area, compare them side by side, and even read reviews from previous customers, before deciding who they wish to contact for a consultation.

    Their website should prove to be a valued resource to users of your website as well.

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