Selling a Home

Selling Your Home

You see, when you are armed with the proper information, all of the complicated pieces of the home selling puzzle will fall into place. An organized, planned approach to selling your Stockton real estate will eliminate the guesswork, insure that you avoid the costly pitfalls, and enjoy a successful, low stress transaction.

Learning the inside story of how the real estate marketing process works may surprise you! NOT the way it used to work 10 or 20 years ago, but how it is today!) Most real estate agents try to keep a lot of this information secret, only giving out bits and pieces where they have to. Many don’t even know it themselves!

Your Home Sold Reduced fee Total Commission

How to Sell Your Stockton or San Joaquin Valley Home for Top Dollar, FAST! and Save on the Commission Too

Where The Commission Dollars Go Typically, real estate commissions are divided four ways between the listing broker, the listing agent, the selling broker and the selling agent



    It’s time to reveal the marketing process about selling your home! Seller Expectations

    The Wright Realtors Story

    We are Realtors, Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents

    Some people say Wright Realty, but the proper name is Wright Realtors. Because we have grown with the Stockton communities, we have intimate knowledge of each community's character, mood, and growth potential. Due to the fact that we live in the Stockton community we serve, we can readily meet the unique challenges and problems families encounter in selecting their new homes. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of schools, recreational facilities, shopping requirements and transportation we are able to better satisfy the special family housing needs of our clients.

    We are truly dedicated to the real estate profession. You can feel confident that all of your real estate needs will be handled in a most trustworthy, professional and efficient manner. This is why the number of satisfied customers we have served since opening Wright Realtors which are in the thousands.

    One indication of our professionalism is the Multiple Listing (MLS) on-line search for the public, our free email notification of new listings, the computer generated Competitive Market Analysis which compiles complete and accurate information to assist you in the decision process regarding the pricing and marketing of your most valuable asset - your home.

    Selling a house in today's challenging real estate market requires more than just a sign in the yard and an ad in the newspaper. We use a technology-oriented marketing approach and extensive web based marketing designed to expose your home to the maximum number of brokers and qualified buyers. For example we belong to multiple listing services that contain a combined total 70,000 agents. That is a lot of agents that have access to information about your property.

    Our goal is the same as yours -- to get your home sold for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time and with the least inconvenience to you.

    Home Selling Choices

    From the moment the thought of selling your real estate first enters your mind, the choices, decisions, and uncertainties just keep coming at you. Is selling our home the right thing for us to do?

    • Is now a good time to sell a home?
    • How will it affect the family?
    • Can we afford a new home?
    • Will we qualify for a new loan?
    • How much should we ask for the house?
    • How much will we put in our pocket at closing?
    • Should we remodel the house first?
    • What if our home doesnít sell?
    • How can we save on Commission?
    • Do you provide a reduced fee?

      All of these thoughts can build up and become a bit overwhelming!

      One of the first choices is whether to sell your home yourself, or hire a Realtor to assist you. Which way to go will depend on your personal situation and goals. The good news is that the information in this report will be useful to you regardless of which you way you choose to go.

    Determining Value There are eight factors that determine value. By setting the price at the market value your property will appeal to 60% of the buyers looking in your market and price range. Simply by increasing the price of your home as little as10% above the market you will lose half of the active buyers. Do you know the things that buyers are looking for in a home? Do you know to make your home attractive to buyers without breaking your budget?  As top Realtors, we determine the value of Stockton, area homes daily. Using the information you provide below, we can perform a quick market analysis, and give you a free estimate of what your home is worth in today's market. Remember, market conditions can be different, even one Stockton neighborhood to the next. We know how to take all these factors into account when determining the true market value of your home.

    The Commission $ Typically, real estate commissions are divided four ways between the listing broker, the listing agent, the selling broker and the selling agent

    Realtor Value Why hire a professional real estate agent to help sell your property? Do you have the time, experience, sources of information, and contacts to do the job yourself? Would it go as smooth as it could? Would it give you more personal time? Would you obtain a higher price? Here are just a few areas in which a professional Realtor earns his or her commission:

    Home Staging - Preparing Maximizing first impressions - The front of the house is a Prospective buyers first impression, they will react well to signs your home has been meticulously maintained. Click for the other important staging items.

    Home Staging to Sell Planned showing appointments will allow you time to prepare. But oftentimes, the window of opportunity to expose your property to a motivated buyer can be small. So every time you leave your home, make sure it is ready for an unexpected showing.

    Open House If you want potential buyers to see your home, the conventional wisdom says hold an open house. Roll out the red carpet, bake the cookies, and post your listing agent at the front door. But recent surveys of real estate agents actually reveal that holding an open house is the least effective technique for selling your home, says The Washington Post.

    Moving Checklist Here is a important checklist of things to do when moving.

    Marketing Plan Real Estate Action Marketing Plan - Your Realtors Marketing plan is of top importance

    Free real estate information?

    Stockton Ca Real Estate Buyers

    Free Stockton Real Estate Information. I know that you may be asking that question in your mind. I know itís not what most real estate agents do, and it may seem a little odd. Itís just that I have learned that good things happen when you concentrate on really helping people. Yes, I make my living selling real estate, and yes, I would love to handle the details of your sale for you.


    A half-hour is all it takes to get the information you need to make smart decisions for your future. We'll discuss what you want to accomplish, and look at the different options that you have.

    Well, Iíve said just about all I can say. The next step is up to you. As I said before, there is absolutely no cost or obligation attached to your free consultation.

    Pick up the phone and call me now, (209) 951-7521, while you are thinking about it. I know that you may be a little skeptical, but one phone call isnít much to risk, especially when you could save yourself lots of aggravation and thousands of dollars!

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Gene Wright
    Wright Realtors

    P.S. Procrastination keeps more people from ever reaching their dreams than anything else. Donít miss out on information that can make all the difference


    Low Commissions Our services can help anyone save money selling their home. We offer a Discount Fee Full Service program in which we provide real estate services for a reduced fee. We also assist you in how to prepare your home so buyers are willing to pay you more money for your home, thereby netting you even more money. To see how much you would save, click here Qualify My Home.

    Why List With Us? Top search engine placement, your listing featured on our home page, more content - over 650 pages, credit & finance support, 24/7 client support, property alert, listing email, more listing pages for your property, instant email notification, more San Joaquin Community pages, lower commissions, more years of experience.

    Superior service for Listing a home on the MLS does not require the Seller to pay a 5% or 6% commission. It is true that the fee paid by the Seller is negotiable, however, the average real estate agent will try to convince the Seller that the amount of effort that they are going to expend trying to find a buyer requires that they get a 4% (more or less) commission upon sale of the property

    Choosing Your Realtor Will you choose an Agent with a proven track record? When you interview an Agent, ask to see their list of homes they have sold this year and the year before (not the number of homes "The Company" has sold but the number of homes they have sold. The total number of homes "The Company" has sold has absolutely nothing to do with that Agent's effectiveness. Talk is cheap, ask to see the list. You can see our list at anytime at


    Seller's Advisory You must affirmatively disclose to the buyer, in writing, any and all known facts that materially affect the value or desirability of your Property. You must disclose these facts whether or not asked about such matters by the buyer, any broker, or anyone else. This duty to disclose applies even if the buyer agrees to purchase your Property in its present condition without requiring you to make any repairs

    Seller's Closing Costs An example of typical seller's closing costs.

    Disclosure Laws California was the first state to abandon caveat emptor in the real estate arena, enacting numerous statutes and handing down even more decisions, like Easton, that provide a buyer with sufficient information for him/her to make an educated judgment in buying his/her home

    Disclosure Guide The seller is required to provide a disclosure on the sale of all residential real property of 1-4 units (No exemptions except for never-occupied properties where a public report is required or properties exempted from a public report pursuant to Business & Professions Code ß 11010.4)

    CLUE Report CLUE is a computerized claims database used by the insurance industry. It was created and is maintained by ChoicePoint Inc. of Alpharetta, Ga. CLUE enables insurers to check the five-year claim history of both a homeowner and a particular property.

    Residential Tax  Laws The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is the kind of people friendly legislation that becomes law all too infrequently. One of its most important provisions virtually eliminated capital gains tax on the sale of personal residences. More...

    Strapping Your Water Heater

Seller agency

    Seller Agency is a relationship between a real estate agent and the seller in the brokerage of homes. The listing agent and the seller enter a written contact (the "Exclusive Listing Agreement") under which such particulars as home price, duration of agreement, commission, rights & obligations, duties, etc. are specified.

    The listing agreements are most commonly of the "exclusive sale" variety, under which the agent/broker earns a commission even if the seller finds the buyer (in an exclusive agency agreement, the agent/broker must procure the buyer to earn a full commission).

    The Listing Agent/Broker owes the Seller full duties as her fiduciary, including honesty, loyalty, dedication to purpose, acting in the Seller's best interests, etc., in exchange for the Seller's agreement to allow the Agent/Broker to sell the property and earn a commission. The Listing Agreement usually specifies that the Listing Agent/Broker agrees to share, 'co-op', or split, the total commission with a Buyer Agent/Broker who represents the Buyer.

    These terms are frequently set out in the Multiple Listing Service for the Seller and Listing Agent, and in the buyer listing service for the Buyer and Buyer Agent.

Selling By Owner

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  • Earthquake Guide
  • Agency Form
  • Non Agency Form
  • Lead Based Paint Brochure
  • Listing Form
  • Natural Hazard Form
  • Referral Agreement
  • Smoke Detector Statement
  • Transfer Disclosure
  • Water Heater Statement
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