Save $10,000 or More Buying a Stockton Home

Ask These Lender Questions Before
Obtaining a Home Loan

We are going to spend a lot of time discussing financing, because that is where the major share of mistakes are made. Mistakes that can end up costing you $10,000 to $30,000 or even more when you buy a home!

In the real estate game, the field of financing is covered with hurdles and quicksand. In no other part of the process can you loose so much money- and not even know it!

Weíve been talking about how having a plan will allow you to keep on track to get where you are going. In the area of financing, having a plan is critical!

If you donít have a plan of your own, you will fall into someone elseís plan!

Like the Boy Scout motto says, BE PREPARED.

The first thing that will happen when you go in for a loan appointment is you will be hit with lots of questions. [Revise]

Questions The Lender Will Ask
bullet Can I see your last two yearís tax returns?
bullet Where do you work?
bullet Are you self employed?
bullet How much do you make?
bullet How long have you been there?
bullet How much cash do you have in the bank?
bullet How is your credit rating?
bullet What is your FICO score?
bullet How much will you be putting as a down payment?
bullet Do you want a fixed or adjustable rate?
bullet Do you want a 15 or 30 year mortgage?
bullet Do you want the lowest rate with points, or a higher rate with no points?
bullet Do you want to "lock-in" or float the interest rate?
bullet Do you want a conventional or FHA or VA loan?
bullet Fully amortized or balloon payment?

And thatís just a sample! Do you see why you will need to do a little homework and have your plan in order before you step into the jungle - oops, I mean loan office?

I am NOT saying that most mortgage companies are full of crooks, liars, and cheats. Many are really excellent at what they do. Itís just that if you donít know what you want, the loan company will put you into what they want for you- which may not be in line with your goals.

There are no hard and fast rules to answer all of the many questions youíll be faced with. Thatís because everyoneís situation is unique! Whatís best for you will probably be different than the family down the block.

The only way to know for sure what is in your best interests is to take a good look at your overall financial picture and your goals for the future.

There are several questions that you need to ask the loan agent before you decide to do business with them.
Questions You Must Ask the Lender
Are you funding the loan with your own funds or "brokering" it?
bullet Exactly what fees will you be charging me?
bullet Who makes the final approval decision?
bullet Is the loan underwriting done locally?
bullet When can I expect an answer?
bullet Will you put everything in writing and sign it?
bullet Given my goals, what loan program do you recommend and why?

Shop around and talk to several different lenders. Take notes and compare what each has to offer. Costs can vary substantially from one lender to another- so do your homework!

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