Richmaid Ice Cream. Photo by Gene Wright

Lodi Cherokee Lane

U.S. Route 99 (US 99) was the main north–south United States Numbered Highway on the West Coast of the United States until 1964, running from Calexico, California, on the U.S.–Mexico border to Blaine, Washington, on the U.S.-Canada border. It was assigned in 1926 and existed until it was replaced for the most part by Interstate 5. Known also as the "Golden State Highway", It went through Lodi on Cherokee lane. By 1968, all US 99 signs were removed or replaced with SR 99 signs following the completion of I-5

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North Cherokee Lane
Click to Enlarge 1 N. Cherokee - PMZ Real Estate / Rose Marie Realty / Reich's Texaco (68)/ Former K.L. Gas Station (1950)
Click to Enlarge 2 N. Cherokee - Former Powers & Walters Gas Station (1950) / Associated Oil/ Mitchell & Koenig Autos (1941)
8 N. Cherokee - Discoteca El Gallo / Uniroyal Home & Auto Center (68) / Former Bohnet's Firestone Store
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 7 N. Cherokee - Bunches of Beads
11 N. Cherokee - Trash & Treasures Used Furniture (68)
15 N. Cherokee - Country Antiques / former B&C Auto Service (68)
Click to Enlarge 16 N. Cherokee - Dollar Y Mas
Click to Enlarge 20 N. Cherokee - Arowa Men & Women Massage Machine
22 N. Cherokee - Lodi Auto Court (1968 -1950)

23 N. Cherokee - Richard Terrel Restaurant (1950)

Click to Enlarge 26 N. Cherokee - Cherokee Auto Center / Hen House Poultry Dealers (68)
Click to Enlarge 27 N. Cherokee - Jenner & Baudler Gas (1950) (typical 1950s Station)
Click to Enlarge 35 N. Cherokee - Shell Station
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 100 N. Cherokee - Franco's Pizza / Former Signal Oil Company
Click to Enlarge 100 N. Cherokee - Franco's Plaza
Click to Enlarge 101 N. Cherokee - Roy Schopp's Chevron (68) / Standard Gas Station (1950)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 110-114 N. Cherokee - Former New Yorker Coffee Shop (68) - Cedar Hills Birds here today
113 N. Cherokee - Town & Country Tavern (68) / J.D. Weigland Liquors (1950)
Click to Enlarge 115 N. Cherokee - Balloon World / Happy times Liquor (68) / Former Sports City
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 118 N. Cherokee - Econo Lodge / Manuel Ellison Restaurant (1950)
Click to Enlarge 120 N. Cherokee - Former Soundquest
Click to Enlarge 121 N. Cherokee - Lina Salon / Del Monte Club Tavern (68) / Former E.R. Robinson Liquors (1950)
122 N. Cherokee - Torres Car Wash & Detailing / Ninety Nine Furniture (68)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 123 N. Cherokee - Express Donuts / Former E.R. Robinson Restaurant (1950)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 130 N. Cherokee - Soundquest / Former Delta Pump & Supply (1950-1968)
131 N. Cherokee - C.E. Eolf Gas Station (1950)

200 N. Cherokee - Kirby Sanatronic Co. (68)

204 N. Cherokee - W.J. Lincoln Restaurant (1950)

208 N. Cherokee - Snyder's Pharmacy (68)

Click to Enlarge 215 N. Cherokee - Bay's Bistro / Former Feltons / Papa Nick's III / El Topaz Cafe (68)
Click to Enlarge 216 N. Cherokee - Aldee Market / Former Stan's Market (68) / Former East Side Market. The parking is where the former Log Cabin Restaurant stood.
218 N. Cherokee - J.C. Snyder Drugs (1950)

220 N. Cherokee - Spot Club Liquors (1950-1968)

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 224 Cherokee and Victor Rd. - Former Log Cabin Restaurant / D.W. Wilcox Restaurant (1950) Demolished for an Aldee Market parking lot
North Cherokee Lane - Victor Road Intersects
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 230 N. Cherokee - Burger King / Former Union Oil (68)
Click to Enlarge 240 N. Cherokee - Lodi Tire / Former Lodi Recap Tire Shop (1950)
Click to Enlarge 250 N. Cherokee - Parson's Richfield (68) (Representative photo)
251 N. Cherokee - Home Builders Supply (1950)

300 N. Cherokee - J.S. Adams Grocery (1950)

302 N. Cherokee - Bruce's Tires

308 N. Cherokee - Dakota Club Liquors (1950)

310 N. Cherokee - Weber Trailer Court (1950)

314 N. Cherokee - Cherokee Auto Body

320 N. Cherokee - Express Smog / Shady Acres Trailer Park (68)

322 N. Cherokee - Franks Refrigeration & Appliance (68)

324 N. Cherokee - Van's Bargain Center (68)

450 N. Cherokee - U Haul

Click to Enlarge 501 N. Cherokee - Del Rancho Motor Inn / Former King's Del Rancho & El Rancho Motel at the right
512 N. Cherokee - 24 7 Fitness System
Click to Enlarge 521 N. Cherokee - Cherokee Tires / Cherokee Shell Service (68) (Representative photo)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 603 N. Cherokee - El Rancho Motel
621 N. Cherokee - El Rancho Cafe (68)
Click to Enlarge 651 N. Cherokee - Lodi Enco Service (68) (Representative photo)
North Cherokee Lane - Highway 99 Intersects
Click here for Highway 99
Click to Enlarge Cherokee Lane Bridge over the Mokelumne River - Perhaps Part of the Lincoln Highway - Photo presented to the San Joaquin Historical society by the Calaveras Historical Society, February, 1967 - Probably pre 1930
South Cherokee Lane - Pine Street Intersects
New fire station open house set — The city of Lodi will hold an open house for its new Fire Station 2 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 30, at the new station, 2 S. Cherokee Lane. The $4.2 million station is a replacement for the old one at 705 E. Lodi Ave., which had black mold and vermin problems. Among the planned activities are lunch, fire safety information, station tours, equipment displays, balloons and photo opportunities for children and a meet-and-greet with firefighters.
16 S. Cherokee - Terrible Herbst Gas 68) / Petroleum Products Company (1950)
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53 S. Cherokee - Lincoln School Lincoln School

53 S. Cherokee - Lincoln School

The Lincoln School was originally built and opened in 1916 where the building served the community until the 1960's when changes in seismic codes rendered the building obsolete and after some non-instructional uses, it sat empty and deteriorating. The local community, recognizing the need for the facility, formed the Lincoln School Neighborhood Center Foundation and worked with the District to rally around the building.

The Lincoln School Restoration project preserved the building's original brick facades, placing a new structural system behind them and recreating the multi-purpose room for school and community use. Up-to-date energy, lighting and technology systems transformed new spaces, almost ninety years after the first brick was laid, extending its history as an important feature of the community.

The District met educational program objectives by establishing the Tech Academy School and through coordinated curriculum with the adjacent Adult School. The Tech Adcademy School is made up of two academies. The Information Academy focusing on vocational technology and the Health Services Academy offering vocational certifications which will lead to immediate employment or continuing education requirements in many medical, dental and health-related fields.
542 E. Pine Lodi Adult School

Richmaid Ice Cream Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
100 S. Cherokee - Richmaid Restaurant Richmaid was originally opened in 1938 as a creamery. They made and exported ice cream through the years. It was also the Lodi hot spot for teens throughout the years. The above banquet room held many weddings and receptions for many customers that still frequent the place today. The creamery closed down many years ago. The current owners, Gary & Janet Crow, bought the building from the Hansen family in 1998 and have run a successful Home-style diner since.
Click to Enlarge 103 S. Cherokee - Ninety Nine Beauty Shop (68) /Ninety Nine Radio 7 TV Service (68) /Former Troutman Radios - Troutman Beauty Shop
Click to Enlarge 110 S. Cherokee - G&D Collectables - Richmaid Restaurant Building
111 S. Cherokee - Star Deluxe Cleaners (68)
Click to Enlarge 115 S. Cherokee - Vacant
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 121 S. Cherokee Lane - Vintage Garage - Cherokee and Walnut - Sherman Electric Company (68) /Former Salvation Army /Former J.M Bonham Auto Sales (1950)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 121 S. Cherokee Lane - Vintage Garage
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 200 S. Cherokee - All Image Auto Sales / Former Holt Brothers Implements
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 211 S. Cherokee Ln - Cilantros Bar & Lounge / Former O'Reiley's Pub / 211 Club (68)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 211 S. Cherokee Ln - Cilantros Bar & Lounge / 211 Club (68)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 220 S. Cherokee Ln - Wienerschnitzel and Tastee Freez/ D.W. Davis Auto Wrecker (1950)
Click to Enlarge 225 S. Cherokee - El Vino Food Mart / Former Arco Station / 221 - Spurgin's Richfield (68) /Richfield Oil (1950)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 230 S. Cherokee Ln - Former Flips Hamburgers / Former Jimboys Mexican Fiesta / Senior Taco in the 1980s (68)
Cherokee Lane, Lodi Avenue Intersects
See Lodi Avenue
Click to Enlarge 300 S. Cherokee - W.G. Micke Fruit Packer - The William Micke House with packing and shipping shed. Julia passed away in 1952 while attending the Lodi Grape Festival with her husband William Micke. William Micke spent his remaining years eating at Hollywood Cafe, which was located across the street from where Julia and William Micke had their home. Mr. Micke passed away in 1961. their house was demolished.
Click to Enlarge 303 S. Cherokee - A-One Tires - former Shell Station / Jackobson Gas Station (1950) (Representative photo)
305 S. Cherokee - R.W. Locke Restaurant (1941)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 315 S. Cherokee - Hollywood Cafe / E.L. Wiebe Restaurant (1950)/ F.M Garich restaurant (1941) The Hollywood Cafe was built in 1939. It began as a storage shed for local growers. In 1944 it was purchased by Eddie Wiebe who operated the coffee shop for 34 years, and gave the coffee shop its present name. In the early days of the Hollywood Cafe it was a truck stop for truck drivers on Highway 99 and was open 24 hours a day. At first it didn't have a name. One day Slim Pickens and his entourage stopped by. They raved about the food and asked Eddie what the name of the place was. Eddie said he hadn't named it yet. Pickens said it reminded him of the cafe's in Hollywood. Eddie said, "That's it! We'll call it the Hollywood Cafe" The Hollywood cafe changed hands a few times until it's present owner Darlene Machado in 2009.
320 S. Cherokee - Western Dental
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 360 S. Cherokee - Former Orchard Supply Hardware
Click to Enlarge 360 S. Cherokee - Big Lots
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Cherokee at 550 Eden - Taqueria Mexico / Former Texas Size Burgers
401 S. Cherokee - Cherokee Mini-Mart / Nagel's Gas (68)

414 S. Cherokee - Lasting Impressions Body & Paint

Click to Enlarge 430 S. Cherokee - O'Reilly Auto Parts
Click to Enlarge 431 S. Cherokee - Accent Carpet One Former / Butler Honda (1983) / Lodi Volkswagen / Don Parker Motors (68) /John Stellatino Restaurant (1950)
480 S. Cherokee - J&D Donuts

480 S. Cherokee - Baskin Robbins

501 S. Cherokee - West Coast Motors

519 S. Cherokee - Lodi Small Car Sales / Martell's Launderette (68)

Click to Enlarge 520 S. Cherokee - Big K Mart
521 - Speed Wash Laundromat / Reiswig Auto Sales (68)
Click to Enlarge 530 S. Cherokee - F&M Bank
550 S. Cherokee - Mountain Mike's Pizza / Former Hong's Noodle House
Click to Enlarge 607 S. Cherokee - Wine Country Inn / Former Rainbow Auto Court (1950-1968)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
620 S. Cherokee - Rancho San Miguel / Former Buck's Cafe / Tokay Bowl. The Tokay bowl opened in June 1960. It was demolished in June 2003. The Tokay Bowl’s Tiki Room was a venue for receptions awards banquets and dances over the years. The place also served food and had a bar.
Click to Enlarge 623 S. Cherokee - Fortune Teller
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 701 S. Cherokee - El Puente Restaurant / Former Connies Restaurant / Former Dairy Queen
Click to Enlarge 707 S. Cherokee - California Tires & Wheels / Olympic Muffler (68)
Click to Enlarge 710 S. Cherokee - Best Western Royal Host Inn
715 S. Cherokee - Perry's Upholstery (68)
Click to Enlarge 720 S. Cherokee - Check Into Cash
Click to Enlarge 720 S. Cherokee - Bella's Beauty Salon
Click to Enlarge 720 S. Cherokee - Mendoza & Mendoza Insurance Brokers
Click to Enlarge 724 S. Cherokee - Vern's Mobile Service (68) (Representative photo)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 725 S. Cherokee - La Capilla Meat Market & Taqueria / Vineyard Tavern (68)- October 26, 2013
Click to Enlarge 736 S. Cherokee - Former Motel / Farmer's Realty (68)
Click to Enlarge 741 S. Cherokee - Star Market
C Kelly Motors
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 800 S. Cherokee - Former Frostop Drive In / Plaza Liquor's. Right Photo, October 2013
Click to Enlarge 808 S. Cherokee - Valero Gas
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 807 S. Cherokee - Rancho Grande Motel
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge 815 S. Cherokee - Viking Motel
820 S. Cherokee - Touchless Car Wash / Barbour Car Wash (68)

821 S. Cherokee - Robert's Used Car Center

827 S. Cherokee - Haegel Trailer Sales (68)

840 S. Cherokee - David's Quality Tires / Stover's Cycle Center (68)

845 S. Cherokee - Palms Motel (1950) / Gene Thomas Trailer Sales 968)

900 S. Cherokee - A1 Smog & Repair

Click to Enlarge 900 S. Cherokee - Arco Station / Former Douglas Oil Company (68)
901 S. Cherokee - Haven Auto Court (1950)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 910 S. Cherokee - La Luna Cafe & Bar / Former Porfie's Mexican Restaurant / El Charro Cafe (68) / (Porfie's comments Mexican - Nothing beats a Porfi's melon margarita on a hot day, or any day, for that matter and whether you're the type who likes it on-the-rocks or blended makes no difference,  Here you'll find standard south of the border fare like beefy tacos and enchiladas (pile on the salsa for flavor that packs a mighty big punch). Do keep in mind that regulars and there are lots of them go ga-ga for house specialties.)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 917 S. Cherokee - Budget Inn / Lippert Auto Court (1950-1968)
Click to Enlarge 920 S. Cherokee - Former Casa Flores
Click to Enlarge 920 S. Cherokee - Sherwin-Williams Paint Store
Click to Enlarge 920 S. Cherokee - ABC Family Dental
Click to Enlarge 920 S. Cherokee - Wicked Wayz Tattoos / Former F&M Bank
Click to Enlarge 923 S. Cherokee - David's Quality Tires & Wheels
Click to Enlarge 929 S. Cherokee - Lodi Pharmacy / Clemings Upholstery (68) /Former G.F. Creary Gift Shop (1950)
Click to Enlarge 933 S. Cherokee - Animal Friends
Click to Enlarge 935 Teck's Nursery (68)
937 S. Cherokee - Flower Cart
1000 S. Cherokee - Tokay Oil Company (1950)

1001 S. Cherokee - Tokay Motors (68)

Click to Enlarge 1004 S. Cherokee - Bohnet Center - MD Smog Check Center
Click to Enlarge 1004 S. Cherokee - Bohnet Center - Douglas Tire / Orville Bohnet Tire Service 968)
1010 S. Cherokee - El Charro Cafe
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1011 S. Cherokee - J&D Auto Body / Former Plummer Cadillac / Former Peters Pontiac
Click to Enlarge 1045 S. Cherokee - Former Geweke Ford-Mercury-Toyota-Kia-Jeep. Geweke Ford in Lodi, in operation for 44 years, closed July 31, 2010. Read more about Geweke

Geweke Ford-Mercury-Toyota

Owner Larry Geweke said the closure, announced Tuesday, is forced by the difficult economy. "This store means a lot to my family and the community, and we searched hard for a solution," he said. "Unfortunately, we couldn't find one. Today is the hardest day in my professional life." Geweke met with employees Tuesday morning to tell them of the closure. Their jobs will be terminated July 31. Service and warranty work will be taken over by Big Valley Ford in Stockton. Geweke's Toyota dealership and collision repair center in Lodi will remain open. Geweke will continue to operate a Ford dealership in Yuba City and a Kia dealership in Marysville.

Earlier, Geweke closed a Dodge-Chrysler dealership and an RV business in Lodi. Closing the Ford dealership, where he washed cars as a teen, is especially painful, Geweke said. "We've had over 40 years of history with this store in Lodi. We've had so many wonderful customers and employees during those years," Geweke said. "I just want to thank them all."

Geweke said the company vigorously pursued consolidation of dealerships — and the foreclosure crisis in the San Joaquin Valley worsened the situation. "We just couldn't find a way to continue to operate a Ford store in Lodi," he said. Geweke's nonprofit programs, including Pink October events and Youth Service Awards, will continue and will be coordinated through the Toyota dealership, he said.

The Ford dealership was the first established in 1966 by Daryl Geweke, who went on to own multiple car dealerships, real estate holdings and hotels. It was previously known as Green Ford Sales and dated back to about 1916, Daryl Geweke said.

The dealership was initially located on Sacramento Street, in the space on now occupied by the U.S. Post Office parking lot. In 1972, the business moved to its current location on Cherokee Lane at Poplar Street.

About two years ago, Daryl Geweke sold his car dealership interests to Larry Geweke, one of his sons. Daryl Geweke continues to own and operate substantial real estate holdings.

Tuesday, the elder Geweke said that while he no longer owns the dealership, he is deeply saddened by the closure. "Well, I am heartbroken by this. There are some employees who have been with there almost since the store opened in 1966. The business has been faithfully supported by the Lodi community.

It's just a very sad day," she said. Daryl Geweke owns the Cherokee Lane property on which the dealership sits, but it's unclear at this point what will happen to the parcel.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1050 S. Cherokee - Modern Motor Lodge / Former D.S. Gandy Auto Court (1950)
1075 S. Cherokee - W.J. Tecklenburg Nursery
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1100 S. Cherokee - Economy Inn / former Quality Inn / Former Beauty Rest Motel (68)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1110 S. Cherokee - Stockton Auto Glass
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1120 S. Cherokee - Cherokee Veterinary Hospital
Click to Enlarge 1130 S. Cherokee - Geweke Used Cars / Former Johns & Pole General Merchandise (1950)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1140 S. Cherokee - Motel 6 - The most upscale Motel 6 I have ever seen. / Former Holiday Inn Express / Former Lodi Motor Inn
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1170 S. Cherokee - Former Dee Dees Restaurant - Opened in 2002, closed in 2012 / Golden Corral Restaurant, opened in 1982.


Click to Enlarge 1210 S. Cherokee - Sanborn Chevrolet
South Cherokee Lane - Kettleman Intersects
See Kettleman Lane
Click to Enlarge 1401 S. Cherokee - Pep Boys / Former Lodi Super Market (1968)
Click to Enlarge 1700 S. Cherokee - Lodi Honda
Click to Enlarge 1800 S. Cherokee - Wine Country Card Room & Restaurant / Former Jazzy J's / Former Croce's Restaurant
Click to Enlarge 1800 Block of South Cherokee - Tree City USA - Arbor Day Foundation
Click to Enlarge 1819 S. Cherokee - Stone Tree Apartments
Cherokee Lane - Highway 99 Intersects
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Downtown Lodi
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School Street
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