Flag Description

Approximately 8 months ago it was determined that the Lodi city seal should be protected on the Web site, and that the City of Lodi should establish and maintain ownership of the official seal. We do have a city flag. It was created approximately 7 years ago when a contest was held by the Lodi Arts Commission and City of Lodi to have local artists design and compete for the selection of our official city flag.

The City seal was developed many years ago by city employees, and I was unable to find anyone who knows the exact origin or artist. We have an official flower (rose) and an official tree (grape myrtle) which were both adopted by resolution, but I could find no council action officially adopting the city seal. Based on the original sketch, computer images have been created, and then auto detail stickers, collectors' pins, our official embosser, and even a wood carving mounted on the front of the dais at the official meeting place of the City Council. We have a local historian who specializes in Lodi's past, but not specifically with regard to the City of Lodi government.

Jacqueline L. Taylor, Deputy City Clerk, 1 March 2005

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