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Would You go Out in the Rain with a Defective Umbrella?

Then why ignore the condition of your roof ? So many people do though until its too late & water damage has occurred. Most people when questioned about this attitude actually knew that their roof was in poor order but decided to ignore the fact - out of site out of mind seems to be a common theme.  [Redo Page]

Most Home Inspectors are unable to gain full access to your roof slopes & viewing at a distance through binoculars for their roof inspection can only reveal limited detail of the roofs condition so your section on the roof survey is often incomplete or over specified on the work that may be necessary.

Your Home Inspector will usually write in his roof section ' refer to roofing specialist' (who are normally roofing contractors) for further investigation. This is purely because in most cases your Home Inspector was unable to gain adequate safe access to your roof for the roofing survey report.

Once you get in a 'Roofing Contractor' This can leave you exposed to various & inconsistent opinions motivated by profit rather than what actually needs doing. In times of economic boom, many roofing contractors just do not have the time or motivation to provide you with free reports especially if your roof only needs minor repairs and they may not get the roof works anyway - especially if you have yet to purchase the property.

A roof inspector will gain access to your entire roof to view & inspect the conditions of valley gutters, hips, ridges & flashings etc. close up. They will provide you with a full roof survey condition report that will give you guidance on the likely repairs, scope of work (if any) & budget costs for a pre-agreed fixed fee.

Many roof inspection reports simply confirm the adequacy of the existing roof covering and that a major roof overhaul is actually NOT required all because the Home Inspector was over-precautions in his assessment of the roofing works that 'may' need attention to cover future claims of negligence against him. This happens more often than you think and is often the main reasons why a lot of property sales fall through.

Alternatively, if you just have a specific technical problem or roof leak where it can be inspected & obtain instant on-site verbal advice, without the need for a written roof report then this can normally be provided as well for a lower fee.

Common Problems with defective roofs:

1. Poor workmanship.

A lot of the roof covering works are often not completed by specialist experts. Many local builders will try to save money & do it themselves rather than employing dedicated tilers and roofing specialists. From 30 feet away the roof probably looks well constructed to the untrained eye but it normally has some in built long term defects if it has not been installed correctly that may be expose shortly after the main contractor has been paid and gone. If you are in doubt as to the quality of your new extension roof then give your roofing inspector a call.

2. Poor choice of materials.

Many roofing companies will only purchase the cheapest materials in order to maximize the profits or mistakenly think that this is the only way they can be competitive. Most home owners are unaware that they actually have choices in this area and cheapness doesn7#39;t always mean poor quality BUT wouldn't it have been nice to have been informed of your options. A common mistake is to re-roof a slate roof with heavier tiles without providing additional bracing or support to the roof carcass with the inevitable roof sag over the next 10 years. If you have had some roofing work completed & you are unsure as to the choice of materials used then give your roofing inspector a call.

3. Poor weathering & abutment detailing.

Another classic of a "quick fix" repair when it should have been renewed. Lead flashings and valley gutters are common problems for a so called "repaired roof". Often the price roofing companies charge for repairs actually warrants the installation of a proper repair rather than a short term bodge but as you can't see it you will just have to take their word for it that it has been properly completed. If you are still having roofing problems to a "repaired" roof & require a proper and truthful assessment of what is actually required then give us a call.

4. Damage caused by others.

Had an aerial or satellite dished installed on the roof recently? Funny how the roof has now started leaking just a few weeks after. Most trades unrelated to roofing such as vermin hunters, and ariel installers do not have the same duty of care when clambering about on another persons roof. Even with the proper roofing "ridge clip" roof ladders damage to the roof coverings nearly always seems to be the result

There is never a structure you will find that lacks a roof; it is an essential part of the house or building. It plays a very important role of providing protection and shelter much like the walls. It must be sturdy and durable yet stylish. Many a structure is defined by their roofs. They could be made by a multitude of materials and their designs may vary. Since time immemorial, man has found different ways with different materials to build their roofs, each with different characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. As more materials are discovered with each of their own high and low points, they can be very useful in different types of location depending on the weather and location.

As with any building, housing or structural projects, there are many aspects that influences the final decision in which materials to use for roofing and one of them is cost. Here in this article, you will see the advantages and disadvantages plus the average costs, as costs may vary in different states, in the use of different materials for roofing. The cost of roofing referred herein this article is subjected to the breakdown of the roofing material per one hundred square feet. Remember, roofing costs may add up with the labor and other materials needed for installation, this refers only to the roofing materials utilized.

Building your dream house relies on a number of aspects; there is the location, the design, the restrictions of the area, the budget and a plethora of others. It is the same thing with the roof; you have to consider a number of items to get the perfect roof to suit your taste. Basically it is the overall design and materials used in the structure as well as the location and the local restrictions. Here are some of the more basic roofing materials used and the roofing costs to consider per one hundred square feet.

The most commonly used roofing material utilized nowadays is the asphalt shingles. This form is shingles is categorized into two; the organic and the non-organic (fiberglass). They are produced in a wide variety of colors and are rated by their lifespan and durability. They can range from between 20 to 40 years. Asphalt shingles can be customized by providing additional layers giving them a different shadow line. Many asphalt shingle manufacturers provide warranty to their products especially if the certified roofers install them. Asphalt shingles may range from 30 to 35 dollars for every hundred square feet.

Another roofing material that takes the form of shingles is those made from wood. Usually, wood shingles are made from Western Red Cedar; the reason behind this is that this kind of wood is highly resistant to decay and corrosion. Wood shingles are categorized into three kinds, one, two and three. The first type, number one, is more recommended for roofing because they are more durable, the second and third are better for sidings. They are usually sold tapered and in different sizes. Wood shingles roofing cost ranges from 80 to 170 dollars.

Another roofing material that utilizes wood from cedar is the wood shakes roofing material. They are used to provide a natural look, they are either sawed or hand split. Its distinct look has a side with an irregular unique look from the others while the other side has a natural thinner line for a tapered look. Wood shakes are classified by their weight and their sizes. Roofing costs for wood shake are from 70 to a hundred dollars for every one hundred square feet.

The most durable roofing material is made either from clay or concrete. They can be relied upon to provide service from fifty to a hundred years. The most common form is in the half-barrel or somewhat corrugated shape, but it is not uncommon to find flat or tapered styles. But because of their weight, clay or concrete roofing materials may need extra weight in the rafters adding more to the roofing costs which may run with the roofing materials between 150 to 400 dollars per a hundred square feet area.

Physical limits.
Every property is different but as a general guide roof inspectors can normally obtain external access to the roof up to three stories high provided there is sufficient external access at the ground floor to support ladders, towers etc.

Any access to the roof which requires access over another persons land or property can only be achieved if the client obtains prior formal approval. Any access thatis denied to a roof inspector by controlling third parties or other obstructions may result in a less detailed report.

Report Limits.
Roof Reports are only applicable to what the roof inspector can physically get access to, see & test by simple non-destructive probing from the outside of the building. It may not be possible to provide close inspection if the 'entire' roof surface . Roof inspectors will not put at risk Health & Safety of themselves or others by dangerously extending their limits as to what they can safely achieve. Roof survey reports are NOT structural surveys.

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If you are buying a home, you need to know exactly what you are getting. A home inspection, performed by a professional home inspector, will reveal any hidden problems with the home so that they may be addressed BEFORE the sale is closed. You should require an inspection at the time you make a formal offer. Make sure the contract has an inspection contingency. Then, hire your own inspector and pay close attention to the inspection report. If you are not comfortable with what he finds, you should cancel the sale.

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