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Discovering and Moving to Washington

Moving to Washington State

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Washington

With a nickname of The Evergreen State, Washington, is renowned for its hi-tech-savvy residents and evergreen forests. Over 60% of the state's population calls the Seattle metropolitan region home. Over in the Spokane region, another popular destination to move to in the state you’ll discover it's a Mecca for outdoorsmen, featuring 77 lakes along with many hiking trails and parks.

Washington is a place in which every city greatly varies, and there's a definite divide from one side of the Cascade Range to the other. There is a vast array of cities to select from when mapping your move to the state, and it is smart planning to do plenty of research prior making a decision where to call home. Around 60% of the population resides in Seattle, although there are smaller towns and cities that you shouldn’t overlook. Wenatchee, Tacoma, Spokane and Olympia just to suggest a few.

As part of the vast Oregon Country, Washington territory was visited by Spanish, American, and British explorers—Bruno Heceta for Spain in 1775, the American Capt. Robert Gray in 1792, and Capt. George Vancouver for Britain in 1792–1794. Lewis and Clark explored the Columbia River region and coastal areas for the U.S. in 1805–1806.

Rival American and British settlers and conflicting territorial claims threatened war in the early 1840s. However, in 1846 the Oregon Treaty set the boundary at the 49th parallel and war was averted.


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    Washington Colleges. Washington's 63 colleges and universities offer 242,975 full-time students a choice for all types of students. Explore them below to begin your college search. . Whether you are looking for a public or private school, a traditional campus, or an online campus, this Washington travel list provides a comprehensive guide to higher education in the state.


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    If you’re a sports fan you’ll love Washington State, home to professional baseball, football, soccer and hockey teams, as well as numerous top-ranked college teams. Whatever sport or level of play you enjoy watching, Washington is a great place for spectator sports.

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    Washington Airports. There are 140 public airfields in Washington, including 16 state airports belonging to the Washington State Department of Transportation. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) is Seattle's main commercial airport. Boeing Field in Seattle is one of the busiest non-hub airports in the US

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