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Discovering and Moving to Kentucky

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History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Kentucky

There are community activities of all types along with desirable housing in the Kentucky Commonwealth plus the Kentucky government provides online relocation assistance.

The 2000 census showed a population of a little more than 4 million in he Kentucky Commonwealth's 120 counties. The eastern Kentucky mountains are situated near the Virginia and also West Virginia borders which have streaming water flowing through rock-covered gorges. Forests comprise more than 40% of Kentucky, while a good part of the land is located at the spot the Appalachian Mountains sit on the state's border. Due to this natural terrain, economic growth has been arrested. Likewise, there is not plentiful housing there as in other areas of the state. Cities located in this region are Ashland, Harlan, Hazard, and Richmond .

Northern Kentucky communities belong to the Cincinnati metropolitan region and are subsequently more closely linked to Ohio than are other Kentucky regions. The International Airport of Cincinnati is located within northern Kentucky, which helped this region to rapidly expand. Covington, Newport and Florence, are the cities in this area.

Kentucky was the first region west of the Allegheny Mountains to be settled by American pioneers. James Harrod established the first permanent settlement at Harrodsburg in 1774; the following year Daniel Boone, who had explored the area in 1767, blazed the Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap and founded Boonesboro.

Politically, the Kentucky region was originally part of Virginia, but statehood was gained in 1792. Gen. Anthony Wayne's victory in 1794 at Fallen Timbers in Ohio marked the end of Native American resistance in the area and secured the Kentucky frontier.

As a slaveholding state with a considerable abolitionist population, Kentucky was caught in the middle during the Civil War, supplying both Union and Confederate forces with thousands of troops.


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    Kentucky Colleges. Kentucky provides eight public four-year universities. There are two general levels: major research institutions (the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville) and regional universities comprising the remaining 6 schools. The regional schools have specific target districts that host many of their programs (such as Forestry at Eastern Kentucky University or Cave Management at Western Kentucky University), but most of their curricula are very similar to other public universities


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    Kentucky is the home of several sports teams such as Minor League Baseball's Triple-A Louisville Bats and Class A Lexington Legends and the Class A Bowling Green Hot Rods. They are also home to the Frontier Leagues Florence Freedom and several teams in the MCFL. The Lexington Horsemen and Louisville Fire of the now-defunct af2 had been interested in making a move up to the "major league" Arena Football League, but nothing has come of those plans. The northern part of the state lies across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, which is home to a National Football League team, the Bengals, and a Major League Baseball team, the Reds. It is not uncommon for fans to park in the city of Newport and use the Newport Southbank Pedestrian Bridge, locally known as the "Purple People Bridge", to walk to these games in Cincinnati. Also, Georgetown College in Georgetown was the location for the Bengals' summer training camp, until it was announced in 2012 that the Bengals would no longer use the facilities. As in many states, especially those without major league professional sport teams, college athletics are prominent.
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    Kentucky Airports. Kentucky has 62 public airports. Kentucky airports are well connected to the rest of the country and to many international destinations. Kentucky airports use the latest technology to help travelers make their journey comfortable.

    There are two international airports in Kentucky. They are the Louisville International Airport and the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport. There are also important regional airports.

    The Louisville International Airport receives nearly 4 million passengers annually. The airport connects to 28 cities in the US. It has private hangars and a four-level car park to accommodate the heavy traffic that flows into the airport. The airlines operating from this airport are AA, Continental Airlines, Delta, Midwest Airlines, Northwest Airlink, United Express, Southwest Airlines and US Airways Express.

    Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Kentucky. Its annual traffic exceeds 2 million passengers. The terminals have subway shuttles that connect one hall to another. The airlines of this airport fly daily in more than 120 cities. The airlines serving this airport are Air France, American, Continental, Northwest, United, US Airways and USA 3000.

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