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What makes Idaho unique? The short answer to this question is that it is different than what you have become used to. In addition more people are are looking for a new place for a brand new start, and some would like to know if moving to Idaho could be a place for their best interests. Idaho has lots of elbow room. Out of the 50 US States, Idaho is 14th in overall area containing a total that exceeds 83,500 sq. miles - around half the size of California. However Idaho is 39th among the states, although, in population, there is under one and one half million people living in Idaho. That is somewhat equal to the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania population.

The Idaho region was explored by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in 18051806. It was then a part of the Oregon country, held jointly by the United States and Great Britain. Boundary disputes with Great Britain were settled by the Oregon Treaty in 1846, and the first permanent U.S. settlement in Idaho was established by the Mormons at Franklin in 1860.

After gold was discovered at Orofino Creek in 1860, prospectors swarmed into the territory, but they left little more than a number of ghost towns.


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    Idaho Colleges. The Idaho State Board of Education oversees three comprehensive universities. The University of Idaho in Moscow was the first university in the state (founded in 1889). It opened its doors in 1892 and is the state grant institution and primary research university of the state. The Idaho State University in Pocatello was opened in 1901 as the Academy of Idaho, 1947 received the status of a four-year and 1963 a university status. Boise State University is the youngest college to gain university status in Idaho. The school was opened in 1932 as Boise Junior College and 1974 Boise State University. Lewis-Clark State College at Lewiston is the only public, non-university, 4-year college in Idaho. It was opened in 1893 as a normal school.


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    Central Idaho is home to one of North America's oldest ski resorts, Sun Valley, where the world's first chairlift was installed in 1936. Other noted outdoor sites include Hells Canyon, the Salmon River, and its embarkation point of Riggins.
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    Idaho Airports. There are 119 public airports in Idaho. The prominent airports in Idaho are in Boise, Twin Falls and in Gooding. Idaho's airports are well maintained and strive to meet world standards.

    Tourists and locals visit the Gem State of Idaho. Idaho's airports serve a large number of people every day. The country's only international airport, the Eckhart International Airpor, is in Porthill.

    One of Idaho's best-known airports is Boise, which is a world-class airport and ranked 7th in a 2004 Global Airport Satisfaction Index Survey. Free Wi-Fi is available at Boise Airport. Like most airports in Idaho, it has state-of-the-art technology and a helpful staff. It also has many restaurants and food courts in its premises. Almost two million passengers use this airport every year.

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