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A real estate professional living in Red Bank, NJ offers a picturesque description of Connecticut. "Connecticut. is beautiful with many small quaint towns, tree lined winding roads, with easy access to New York City from Fairfield County." Every word true and describes part of the overall story.

Similar to a number of states, Connecticut is very diverse: rural, urban and suburban; poor, rich, agricultural and industrial. Three of the eight Connecticut counties are considered as part of the Tri-State New York region (New Jersey, Connecticut and New York), however the rest are a portion of New England, while the culture of the state, in many ways, is more similar to Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts than New York.

The Dutch navigator, Adriaen Block, was the first European of record to explore the area, sailing up the Connecticut River in 1614. In 1633, Dutch colonists built a fort and trading post near present-day Hartford but soon lost control to English Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. English settlements established in the 1630s at Windsor, Wethersfield, and Hartford united in 1639 to form the Connecticut Colony under the Fundamental Orders, the first modern constitution.

Connecticut played a prominent role in the Revolutionary War, serving as the Continental Army's major supplier. Sometimes called the “Arsenal of the Nation,


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    Connecticut Colleges. The state's flagship public university is the University of Connecticut, which is also the largest school in the state. The remainder of the state's public institutions constitute the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities, comprising four state universities, twelve community colleges, and an online school, Charter Oak State College. Connecticut is also the home of one of the five federally-run service academies, the United States Coast Guard Academy. The oldest college in the state, founded in 1701, is Yale University, one of the most prestigious schools in the world.


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    The Connecticut Huskies are the team of the University of Connecticut (UConn); they play NCAA Division I sports. Both the men's basketball and women's basketball teams have won multiple national championships; UConn became the first school in NCAA Division I history to have its men's and women's basketball programs win the national title in the same year. The UConn women's basketball team holds the record for the longest consecutive winning streak in NCAA college basketball at 111 games, a streak that ended in 2017. The UConn Huskies football team has played in the Football Bowl Subdivision since 2002, and has played in four bowl games.

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    Connecticut Airports. Connecticut is the wealthiest state in the United States and as a result, airports in Connecticut attract a lot of traffic. Connecticut Airports connect the state with virtually every state in the United States. Airports in Connecticut are a well maintained property.

    There are many airports in Connecticut, though the state is a smaller one. Of all the airports in Connecticut, only one is an international airport. Bradley International Airport in the city of Windsor Locks welcomes passengers from around the world. This airport has 17 major airlines flying daily from its runway. It is accessible for the disabled as it offers wheelchairs, assistants for the disabled and telecommunication equipment specifically for the hearing and speech impaired. Bradley International Airport receives 8 million passengers annually. The main airlines operating from here are United Airline, Delta, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and US Airways Express.

    Other major airports in Connecticut are Groton-New London Airport at Groton, Tweed-New Haven Airport at New Haven and Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Airport at Bridgeport.

    Connecticut Airports has a friendly staff that can assist passengers with their travel and is available to help.

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    Connecticut's basic local government is the form of New England town. The state is made up of of 169 towns. Nineteen of these towns are chartered as cities, in addition to one borough. To incorporate a city in Connecticut requires a Special Act by the Connecticut General Assembly. All cities in Connecticut are dependent municipalities, meaning they are located within and subordinate to a town. However, except for one, all currently existing cities in Connecticut are consolidated with their parent town.

    Towns in Connecticut may adopt a city form of government without the need to re-incorporate as a city. Connecticut state law also makes no distinction between a consolidated town/city and a regular town. The most populated city is Bridgeport. Population figures are from the 2010 United States Census where available. Windham County and Tolland County are the only counties in Connecticut without a single city in them.

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