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General Information

About Our menu Bars - This is a non-working sample menu bar. The color of the menu bar is called Cadet Blue

bullet Cadet Blue Color Text is the normal link color text. Hover over a link and it will change to Tomato Red Color Text or any underline text indicates a clickable link. Visited links will change to purple.
bullet Netscape and IE 4.0+ users will not always see underlined links. Watch for a change in your mouse pointer or a yellow backdrop.
bullet Most images are clickable - Check to see if your mouse pointer changes. The flag thumbnail opens a larger state flag image. The state outline image opens a clickable county map.
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Real Estate
bullet We have links and detailed information on every San Joaquin City. These cities are listed at the top menu bar and at the left menu bar of every real estate page.
USA States
bullet On the home page a state and capital name is "popped up" when you place your pointer over the index folder next to each state name.
bullet Note: WebTV users do not have this feature and will not see a "pop up"!
bullet Please contact us if any 401 or 404 errors are returned when clicking on a link. These codes indicate a changed / deleted URL.
bullet The official state home page is listed on each state page.
bullet Most states offer printed material for classroom use.
bullet A printable list of State zip codes is available under the "postal code" link on our USA States home page.
bullet Clicking on the red map images on our USA STATES homepage, will bring up a printable U.S. map. The map is shareware. You can use it on your web site.
  • Left Map=State designations with sub links to state symbols and emblems to all 50 states
  • Right Map=Capital designations
bullet Button Icons:
  • Birds: Links to an alphabetical study list of the official state birds. Sub links take you to pages from "Audubon's Birds of America".
  • Flags: Collection of state flags and a text description of the flags symbolism.
  • News: Collection of links to online Newspapers listed by state.
  • Songs: Links to an alphabetical study list of the official state songs. Sub links take you to pages with the words of each state song.
    Note: We include Midi links to songs when available.
  • Home: The home button is at the top left of every page.
    It will take you to the home page of
  • Mail: Here's the link to send comments and suggestions.
  • Real Estate: We have Realtor links and information on virtually every USA Community. National real estate listings are under real estate in the USA Section.
bullet This web site was originally a single page to promote my real estate listings.
bullet Note: We send out a URL robot spider once a month to test all of the URL links.
bullet Comments & Suggestions: Always welcomed. is built on our visitor suggestions.
However, I won't do your homework! So please spend your time researching, instead of typing your assignment for me to answer.
bullet Link Disclaimer
  • Any links to external web sites and/or Wright Realtors information provided on Wright Realtors pages or returned from Wright Realtors search engines are provided as a courtesy. They should not be construed as an endorsement by Wright Realtors of the content or views of the linked materials.
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Thanks for taking the time to read this FAQ. Enjoy your virtual tour of Wright Realtors Real Estate, States and Capitals.