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From the 50 State Series

You'll be charmingly overwhelmed at Alabama with its shining coastline, stunning mountains, and superb waterways. The Heart of Dixie is the moniker for Alabama. There's a genuine southern environment alongside down home neighborliness in Alabama. it radiates southern in pretty much every feature. In the event that you are not from Alabama, and you intend to move there, prepare for a charming treat! Alabama has some of everything, including a shining coastline, amazing mountains, and grand waterways. With such a changed landscape, you could have some trouble choosing which part you like the best. Read More

Alabama Airports

Airports in Alabama are well connected to the rest of the country and have excellent facilities in them. Airports in Alabama are well maintained and have the latest technology. With many people using their facilities, the airports in Alabama provide a good service for the passengers.

Alabama is an important US state that attracts both national and international visitors. The international airports in Alabama are Birmingham International Airport and Huntsville International Airport. There are other major regional airports in Alabama that attract many airlines such as Dothan Regional Airport, Mobile Regional Airport and Montgomery Regional Airport. Read More

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