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Massachusetts - From the 50 State Series

For those relocating to Massachusetts from outside the state, choosing even a general region within the state to start looking in can often be an daunting one. Many are commuting to Boston proper, and when relaxing in their home thousands of miles away peering at a small map, they are not really able to determine any uniqueness among the different areas. The information contained here a only guideline, based on surveying of the area, as well as experiences and commentary several hundred people who have moved in or out of the region. Read more

Massachusetts Airports

There are 45 Massachusetts airports for the public to use. The airports in Massachusetts are unloaded and thus the journey of the airmen is simplified considerably. Massachusetts Airports are clean and well-maintained, with friendly service.

Of all Massachusetts airports, the Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport is the only international airport. This airport has many facilities on its premises such as. Shops, newspaper and gift shops, grocery and beverage shops, public internet access systems, salon and spa services and duty-free shopping. Read more

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