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Nevada - From the 50 State Series

Nevadaís history had a wild boom-bust ride beginning with Comstock Lode which built Virginia City just as 'The Silver State' nickname implies and continuing on to legalized gambling which created Las Vegas. The thought of finding a big strike made Nevada one of the nationís fastest growing states, however the recent economic downturn has also left the unemployment rate much higher than the U.S. national average. Although today's Nevada has many things to offer: from Fire Valley to Lake Tahoe to from Vegas to Reno and from gambling to agriculture residents of the Silver State still love the excitement and donít back away from any challenges. Read more

Nevada Airports

There are 54 airports in Nevada that the public can use. People come to the "Silver State" from all over the globe and the airports in Nevada are well equipped to meet the growing demands of tourism in the state. The airports in Nevada are well connected to the other states in USA.

The international airports in Nevada are the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and the Reno/ Tahoe International Airport in Reno. Read More

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