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Ohio - From the 50 State Series

Since 1803 when Ohio was admitted to the Union, it's geographic central location has proven to be an essential link between the states in the Northeast and the balance of the southern and western expanses of the country.

With a strong diverse population, a mixed economy based upon both industrial manufacturing and agriculture, with affordable housing and a mixture of urban and rural populations - Ohio continues to be the true American crossroads. Read More

Ohio Airports

There are 175 public airports in Ohio. Ohio airports are well equipped to handle the heavy traffic that flows into the state every year. Ohio airports are customer friendly and their services are tailored to this purpose. Ohio's international airports include Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Port Columbus International Airport in Columbus, and the James M. Cox International Airport in Dayton. There are also international general aviation airports in Ohio. These are Akron Fulton International Airport in Akron and Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus. Read More 

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