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Texas - From the 50 State Series

After coming to Texas, you're going to gain an entirely new appreciation for cattle ranching barbeque, and tubing. Texas comes with its own distinctive culture, and every city has a definitive micro-culture. Houston is oil, Galveston is Gulf, Austin is music. Yet every place you go you will encounter a huge spoonful of Texas pride. Itís an extremely colorful region, and the people are friendly. A homegrown bumper sticker states it all: "I wasnít born in Texas, but I got here as quick as I could! Read More

Texas Airports

Texas has 730 airports, the second most in every state in the country. According to Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), it is the largest airport in Texas and the second largest airport in the United States in terms of size and passengers. He is the fourth largest in the world with 18,076 acres. In traffic, DFW is the busiest in the state, the fourth most common in the United States, and sixth worldwide.  Read More

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