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Oct 17

All The Things You Need Now To Get Ready For Holiday
Well you knew this was coming. The beauty of cooler fall temperatures and leaves beginning their vibrant change brings the inevitability of family coming soon to camp out at your place. Yes, it's about to be the season of hosting. If you're used to the last-minute scramble of urgently Googling carpet cleaners the day before Thanksgiving or making up guest beds at 3am on December 24, well, maybe you just like the adrenaline rush.

Oct 16

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates Plunge to Lowest Rate in 16 Months
The 30-year fixed mortgage rate on Zillow(R) Mortgages is currently 3.81 percent, down fifteen basis points from this time last week. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate dropped Wednesday, then hovered around 3.88 percent for most of the week before falling to the current rate.

Oct 15

6 Great Reasons to Buy a Home Right Now
To take advantage of near-record low mortgage interest rates and home prices undervalued by as much as three percent nationwide, now is a great time to buy a home. But there are even better reasons to buy a home right now. Here are just a few

Oct 14

Does Landscaping Increase Your Home's Value?
After spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on landscaping, how do you know if you'll recoup your investment? Homeowners may wonder if their efforts are worthwhile compared to interior projects. In actuality, landscaping comes back in resale value more than you may think.

Oct 13

How to Start an Urban Garden
As families become more health-conscious and think more about the food they consume, family farms are on the comeback, regardless of the size. Whether driven to grow produce on their own to make sure their vegetables are pesticide-free, out of a passion for gardening or as a cottage industry for extra cash, city-dwellers are using innovative means to produce crops of their own.

Oct 10
2014's Unfinished Real Estate Business
With the November mid-term elections around the corner, it is important to remember that there are still a number of issues that Congress has to address. While Congress will return for a lame duck session after the election, the issues they will debate remain unknown. Some key issues that impact the business of real estate that Congress needs to address . . .
Oct 09
The American dream is all about homeownership, right? Actually, the real American dream seems to be about homeownership in a hugely impressive house with all the bells and whistles that's all decked out and done to the nines and allows you to the keep up with the Joneses. Why else would there be so many clichés written about it?
Oct 08

A Six Step Media Room Tune-Up
Most households have a room where the main activity is watching television. We're well beyond needing simply an electrical outlet and a pair of rabbit ears to entertain ourselves at home -- now, game consoles, cables, satellites, computer networks, streaming systems and stereo components can all communicate with your television.

Oct 07
Living Smart: Choose the Right Flooring for Rooms that Get Wet
Flooring is a foundational facet of any home project. But when the room you’re upgrading is prone to spills and splashes and the chance of leaks or flooding, carpet isn’t an ideal choice. Here are some options for moisture-prone areas.
Oct 06

Creating a Modern Master Bedroom
When you picture a contemporary bedroom, you most likely think of pale woods, plenty of white sheets and lots of monochrome. However, being contemporary doesn't mean you have to sacrifice charisma or personality. Here are four ways to express yourself in a modern master.

Oct 04

9 Things You Need For Halloween
The National Retail Federation's (NRF) just- released study shows that "Halloween is now a $7.4 billion holiday in the U.S.," and less than half of that is going to be spent on costumes. Spend it well, with these 9 things you've got to have for Halloween.

Oct 03

Boost Your Mood by Bringing Nature into Your Home
Flowers boost our moods and can help reduce stress.This might be why information resource About Flowers found that 27 percent of people purchasing flowers are doing so for themselves. To see what all the hype is about, start with some easy ways to surround yourself with fresh blooms, plants and nature. Here’s a round-up of simple and cost-effective ways to bring more nature into your home.

Oct 02

222 E. Weber - First San Joaquin County Court House - completed late in 1853, and occupied jointly by the city and the county officials. The city occupied the south and the county the north half of the building. Left photo, courthouse under construction

Oct 01

Click to Enlarge140 North American Street - Gaia Delucchi Delicatessen & Grocery Store - Demolished - Sanborn Maps of Stockton show the site as vacant in 1917. The 1950 Sanborn Map recorded the present building. Gaia Delucchi Delicatessen was originally located on Market Street. The business was moved to the N. American Street location in the late 1920s. Stockton City Directories list A. J. Gault Auto as an occupant of 140 N. ·American by 1935 and through 1945  

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