Nebraska Lighthouses


The state of Nebraska has at least two faux lighthouses which were first lit in 1939. There is no evidence that either were used for navigational purposes as the state has no large bodies of water that would require the need. Linoma Lighthouse is located on a privately owned recreation area which was developed around an artificial lake, while Lake Minatare Lighthouse was "built to simulate a lighthouse". Also of note is a faux lighthouse called Rock Garden Lighthouse (not listed below) which is located in Kearney. 

Name Image Location Year first lit Current Lens Height
Linoma Lighthouse Gretna 1939 Decorative 100 100 ft (30 m)
Lake Minatare Lighthouse Scottsbluff 1939 Decorative 055 55 ft (17 m)

Eastern Great Lakes Lighthouses, 2nd: Ontario, Erie, and Huron (Lighthouse Series):)

Eastern Great Lakes Lighthouses combines the fascinating history and lore of lighthouses with stunning color and black-and-white photographs. The stories of the most significant lighthouses on Lakes Ontario, Erie, and Huron--on both the American and Canadian sides--come alive in the stirring profiles and photos contained in these pages. Descriptions of forty-three [count may change] lighthouses, including eighteen [count may change] on the Canadian side of the lakes, contain directions to the lights and details on visiting them. Together with striking photographs and regional locator maps, they complete this comprehensive examination of memorable Great Lakes landmarks. The Photo Information section discloses how photographer Bruce Roberts took many of the shots appearing in the book.