Connecticut Lighthouses

Connecticut has fourteen active lighthouses in the state, two of which are maintained as private aids; six are standing but inactive. Another was destroyed after its deactivation. The earliest lighthouse in the state was erected in 1760, but that tower, the first New London Harbor Light, was replaced in 1801, and its successor is the oldest surviving light in Connecticut, as well as the tallest. The last officially recognized lighthouse in the state, the Avery Point Light, was constructed in 1943, but was not lit until the following year. The Mystic Seaport Light, constructed in 1966, is a functioning replica housed with a historic Fresnel lens; it is classified as an unofficial and non-navigational aid.

Name Location
Image Focal
Built Status
Avery Point Light Groton 55 ft (17 m) 1944 Active; private aid
Black Rock Harbor Light Fayerweather Island 44 ft (13 m) 1808/ 1823 Relit in 2000 as non-navigational light.
Bridgeport Harbor Light Bridgeport 52 ft (16 m) 1851/ 1871 Destroyed by fire in 1953  replaced with a skeleton tower
Falkner Island Light Guilford 94 ft (29 m) 1802 Active
Five Mile Point Light New Haven 97 ft (30 m) 1805/ 1845 Inactive
Great Captain Island Light Greenwich 51 ft (16 m) 1830/ 1868 Non-navigational light
Greens Ledge Light Norwalk 62 ft (19 m) 1902 Active
Lynde Point Light Old Saybrook 71 ft (22 m) 1803/ 1838 Active
Morgan Point Light Noank 61 ft (19 m) 1831/ 1868 Inactive
Mystic Seaport Light Mystic, Connecticut 26 ft (7.9 m) 1966 museum replica of Brant Point Light; not an aid to navigation
New London Harbor Light New London 89 ft (27 m) 1760/ 1801 Active
New London Ledge Light New London 58 ft (18 m) 1760/ 1909 Active
Pecks Ledge Light Norwalk 61 ft (19 m) 1906 Active
Penfield Reef Light Fairfield 51 ft (16 m) 1874 Active
Saybrook Breakwater Light Old Saybrook 58 ft (18 m) 1886 Active
Sheffield Island Light Norwalk 51 ft (16 m) 1828/ 1868 Inactive
Southwest Ledge Light New Haven 57 ft (17 m) 1877 Active
Stamford Harbor Ledge Light Stamford 80 ft (24 m) 1882 Active; private aid
Stonington Harbor Light Stonington 62 ft (19 m) 1823/ 1840 Inactive; museum
Stratford Point Light Stratford 52 ft (16 m) 1822/ 1881 Active
Stratford Shoal Light Long Island Sound east of Bridgeport 60 ft (18 m) 1877 Active
Tongue Point Light Bridgeport 31 ft (9.4 m) 18959 Active

The Lighthouses of Connecticut (Lighthouse Treasury): Jeremy D'Entremont has been writing about and photographing lighthouses for two decades. Webmaster of "New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide" at, he is founder of Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouses and historian for the American Lighthouse Foundation. He lives with his wife, Charlotte Raczkowski, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.