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The Begining of Stockton

After the Mexican War ended Captain Charles Weber settled the land grant after considerable work and during the fall of 1847, the people named on the grant provided Weber some optimism of a achieving a permanent settlement, so he had the land surveyed into town lots. In the beginning men lived in brushwood tule tents. When gold was discovered, in 1849.

The founding of mining camps gave rise to making Stockton into an immense trading depot, and the Weber store became the pioneer. Was it sound judgment, foresight, or pure luck on Captain Weber's part in settling up in the wilderness a place now known as Stockton? The Stockton community was built up overnight (a four month period), The correspondent to the New York Tribune, Bayard Taylor, traveling through Stockton during 1849, discovered a canvas city with 1,000 inhabitants along with twenty-five ships anchored in the harbor.

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Moving outside your state takes quite a bit more planning and preparation work than moving across town. You'll need to consider the differences in housing options, tax rates, schools and various ways to actually make your move. Moving outside the state means you must completely pack up everything . You just can not throw your stuff in the bed of your pick-up and take off down the road to a new place Moving to Another State.

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Of all the significant buildings erected during the later part of the19th-century Stockton boom years ("destined to turn into a Chicago of the West," in an article by one writer during the time), the county courthouse was by far the most impressive.

One of the many marvels Stockton had was a gas well that "provided both light and heat without any cost to the taxpayers plus there was a enormous statue of Justice sitting atop a dome which rose 172 feet above street level. The building was razed in 1961 to make room for the new courthouse.

Since those humble beginnings, Stockton has undergone tremendous changes, with a revitalized its downtown. Some of these projects along the waterfront include baseball stadium, an indoor arena, retail, housing and a hotel.

Stockton residents have an exceptional quality of life as there are many beautiful residential communities situated along waterways, featuring single-family homes comparable in size and construction, while costing only one-third the home prices n the Bay Area. Stockton has been designated as an being All-America City by the National Civic League. So, go ahead take a look at some of the Stockton Articles

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