Veterans Housing Assistance

Financial Assistance to Eligible Vets
Through the Dream Makers Program

The Pentagon Federal Credit Union Foundation (PenFed), a national acknowledged nonprofit organization operating to encounter the unmet requirements of military workers and their families, provides financial assistance to first-time eligible home buyers operating through the Dream Makers program. Active duty workers, veterans and retired military members, along with employees of the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Defense, may be eligible for a grant as much a $5,000 for use as down payments and/or closing costs while purchasing their first house.

"Members of the military often delay buying a home early on in their careers do to their frequent relocation around the country. This program is here to assure they have monies to creat instant equity into a home when they make a decision to purchase and the Dream Makers program assists in making that a reality."

In the housing markets of today, the PenFed Foundation is aware of a reduction in the volume of veterans applying to the program, so it is increasing its efforts to assist both active duty personnel and veterans obtain more information about the Dream Makers program.

Realtors and community leaders and other people in real estate ought to be aware that they can assist their customers that are either veterans or active duty members to obtain assistance in purchasing their first home, And they should promote this program to benefit the defenders of our nation  New Article Jul 30, 2011

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