Sellers Must be Realistic About Price

Bank Repos and Short Sales
Dominate the Real Estate Market

Sellers who have homes that have hung around for sale for months, or even years, in many cases, are hoping this spring will bring a change.

Bank repos and short sales dominate the real estate market, another way of saying that a large number of sellers are still competing with huge inventories and some massive bargains that may take away their potential buyers.

As a real estate professional, I, say to all sellers, It's time to think about reducing your sales price of your home, especially if it has not generated any traffic recently or even in months or several years. Usually, in the springtime more buyers are out , as potential homebuyers are looking to buy and relocate prior to the next school term.

Many sellers who are melancholy for the days that used to be, but what sellers could get for their homes during the great housing boom is simply gone today. To sell a home today, you must be where the real estate market is now, not where it used to be.

Sellers should check out their competition by going to open houses or searching virtual online tours of homes similar to theirs that are for sale to get an idea how their house stands up in price and condition.

You must be extremely realistic about exactly what is stopping a sale of your home.. Many times it may just be the person you see in the mirror, What you expect must be realistic. At the end of the day, there's a certain price at which everything sells. New Article Mar 3, 2011

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