Next Seller's Market More than a Year Off

While the current real estate market is
pretty much controlled by banks

Most of America says that will change in the near future. Over 61 percent of people in American agree that a looming sellerís market is almost one year down the road, in a survey of the newest Spending and Saving Tracker created by American Express.

Over two in five people in the U.S.A., about 41 percent agree that we're currently a bank real estate market. Only forty-three percent of existing home owners have confidence they could get the price they ask when putting their home on the market, but another 47 percent said they're not sure or not confident at al.

Although, almost 40 percent stated they would accept any less than their full asking price.

To allow their home to be more viable in the market, 44 percent of potential home sellers in the survey stated that to better sell their property they would also include appliances plus 28 percent would think about making requested repairs or providing a credit for repairs. New Article Feb 28, 2013

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