h1 style="margin-top: 10%">REALTORS® Press White House to Assemble Policy Makers, Stabilize Housing

Realtors® to Policy Makers, Stabilize Housing

By Gene Wright

To lend a hand in developing policies that will alleviate the national housing crisis and buttress an economic rebound, the National Association of REALTORS® have asked for a White House hosting of a meeting of industry leaders, policy makers, and government interests focused on repairing the U.S. housing.

REALTORS®, says Ron Phipps, NAR President, Are the number one advocate for housing matters, are completely aware that homeownership sustain our national economy," . "Housing and homeownership problems affect every American, which is the very reason we need robust policies to help in stabilizing housing and lead us out of the economic struggles of today."

The recovery of housing is the key to the economic strength of America, while NAR wants to ensure that planed legislation and regulatory policies or conversions to present programs and enticements don’t continue to exacerbate issues within the precarious real estate situations across our country.

A wide-ranging discussion among all housing stakeholders over what has to be implemented to place the housing situation and thus the economy on a road to recovery should provide indispensable recommendations and answers to promote reliable, sustainable home ownership and stabilize and rejuvenate the housing market along with the economy as a whole.

Phipps says, "REALTORS® are looking forward to getting together and taking action with President Obama together with his administrators as well as other housing partners to draft a housing rescue plan to serve the nation, the 75 million American homeowners and certainly all U.S. Citizens today and on into the future," NAR information is located at www.realtor.org.

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