Buyer's Become Picky when Shopping for Homes

Buyer's Picky When Shopping for Homes

With spring coming soon, and no tax credit coming anytime soon from the feds this year to get cautious buyers down off the fence. In a recent survey carried out for the National Association of Realtors, surveying 3,500 U.S. households uncovered that a full 60 percent of people who would love to be homeowners have deep concerns about their job security and credit.

Having said that, a few local real estate agents think the real estate market may be recovering because prospective homebuyers fear interest rates have returned to the upward path for good and they fell a need to be in the game. which has probably been sparked by a slight increase in interest rates, now at 4.74 percent up from an all time low 4.17 percent back in November.

In this market where financial incentive is counteracted by financial trepidation, the condition of every property that is for sale turn out to be ever more imperative to getting it sold while buyers are still searching for "comfort with perfection",.

As a consequence of the home staging craze, many homebuyers have become somewhat spoiled. Homes are practically being listed on the marketplace as museum pieces. A dime can be bounced off a bed. In the current market, you need to use every trick in your hat just to even come up with a showing.

Home staging has turned into big business and many times suggested for houses that hard to sell and the potentially easy homes alike. To find a property that doesn't need a few suggestions for improving showings is rare, In fact, do to many articles and TV show on staging, I find that many sellers are asking about staging.

When I go on a listing appointment, I can quickly see whether the property is in need of tweaking or in need of a major rehab. If only minor tweaking is necessary, then I give the sellers "suggestions on making the home more "showable."

Naturally, the home should be "eat off the floor clean,. Feedback is after showing is also real important, although many home sellers do not care about hearing opinions from prospective buyers. The days are gone when buyers were settling for just about anything. "The ball is now in the seller's court."    Mar 8, 2011

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