Bausch and Lomb's Lumify

Lumify Eye Drops Are Like a Polarizer Filter For Your Eyes

Aug 23 2018

I recently discovered Bausch and Lomb's new eye drops, Lumify. Before you click on some other  tab, this isn't a story about any old eye drops: celebrity makeup artist, or A-list plastic surgeon/ophthalmologist. This product has the ability to brighten lackluster and/or bloodshot eyes, these eyedrops are formulated to make your eyes look like the seeing through a polarizer filter version of themselves.

Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops, Amazon

I'm convinced that I never fully recovered from bleary eyed all-nighters of my younger years; since then, the entire bright eyed and bushy tailed look has completely escaped me. The more plausible reason I can think of, is that I (like so many of us) sit in front of a computer screen and stare unblinkingly for the better portion of my day, stay up way too late, and watch too many late night criminal  episodes. Whatever the cause, bloodshot eyes don't jive with the look I like to go for. Having said that, I didn't realize I could benefit from more luminous eyes until I was presented with that option; that a fast drop of this solution could put a proverbial twinkle in my eye. The whole thing seems like magic. Except it's less like sorcery, more science. Lumify was developed and tested by eye doctors and has withstood numerous clinical safety trials. It was approved by the FDA in December 2017. Before I discovered Lumify, I had heard rumblings that some makeup artists use cosmetic eye drops backstage at Fashion Week, but after some very intense research I discovered that many cosmetic eyedrops cause a risk of rebound redness a phenomenon where your eyes get so used to eyedrops that they become redder than before you used the eyedrops in the first place. Luckily, Lumify is different; in fact, it was specifically formulated to eliminate the risk of rebound redness. Additionally, it's safe for contact wearers and anyone age five and up. In short, this stuff is pretty darn benign in the risk department.

Prior to trying Lumify, my only experience with eye drops had been trying some that stung like crazy. I never used eye drops after that and got on with my life until, a friend turned me on to a sample of the stuff and instructed to give it a go. Immediately, bad memories returned over the thought of writhing in pain. In response, I was promised they wouldn't sting. Eureka! I dropped them into my eyes and there was no writhing to be had. Instead, the solution felt how eye drops should feel: non-irritating, soothing.

Lastly this stuff actually lives up to its claims. No hemming, hawing, or head-cocking about it. It's amazing to discover your eyes transform from red and irritated to clear and blindingly white within a minute; I've evolved from looking allergic to looking wide awake all within the time it takes me to brush my teeth. Plus, the sparkly effects last for up to eight hours (I usually only apply once if I'm using them on any given day).

I'm so impressed with this stuff, in fact, that I that I keep a bottle in my office and another bottle in my car. Not to mention, the bright eyed effect plays well with literally my eyes.

And now, you can have Lumify the next day from Amazon for less than $20 for a 2.5ml bottle. It's not the least expensive eye drops, but hey it's hard to put a price on looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.

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