What Do Today's Home Buyers Want, Really?

Here are Some Answers to Those Questions

Many people in the home industry are not only wondering what buyers of today’s homes really want, but in addition which features they are willing to forego in view of the current economic situation. A new study released recently by the National Association of Home Builders, What Home Purchasers Really Want, was created to provide answers these questions, while more specifically, to make the latest and most precise information on buyer's favorites available so that members of the NAHB can provide the home (and the community) which buyers of today desire and are disposed to pay for.

So just what is it that home purchasers really want? The number one request is energy efficiency. The top Four of the most desired features have to do with saving energy: over 94 percent of all home purchasers want appliances with energy-star ratings , 91 percent want the entire home to have energy-star ratings, 89 percent want windows with energy-star ratings, and 88 percent desire ceiling fans.

The second feature buyers want is help to keep their home organized. A laundry room is desired by over 93 percent of purchasers; as a matter of fact, 57 percent believe a laundry is indispensable and would be most unlikely to purchase a home without one. This shows that the majority of buyers prefer the dirty laundry stays sequestered in one room and out of sight from plain view. Furthermore, nine of ten homebuyers desire a linen closet right in the bathroom for help in keeping towels and toiletries better organized. Extra garage space for storing sports equipment, bikes or gardening tools is also high on buyers’ wish list: with 86 percent wanting it, while a walk-in kitchen pantry is a feature 85 percent buyers would like as well

Also 51 percent of all buyers would not even consider having a stall shower only in the master bath without a tub, and many buyers are just saying ‘no’ over two-story homes as well. Around 43 percent of today's buyers don't want a family room with two stories while 38 percent have the same feelings about an entry foyer with two-stories . Many buyers now think of these big, open spaces as being energy-inefficient which is the very last thing they desire in their homes. Also a kitchen outdoors is not a very important item to many buyers, while 31 percent absolutely reject the idea of cooking,, washing dishes and keeping refrigerated food outdoors. For62 percent of buyers, a grill outdoors will suffice

Which features should home builders be wary about including in their typical new home? Number one and foremost is an elevator. 70 percent of homebuyers reject the idea, which means they would be most unlikely to purchase a home which included one. What's Interesting, four of the following five most undesired features are not in relation to the home itself, although to the community. For instance, 66 percent of homebuyers have no desire to live within a golf course neighborhood, while 56 percent of homebuyers reject the thought of being within a high density neighborhood, and 48 percent don't want to be in a gated community, while 44 percent wouldn't consider a home within a community with mixed use.

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