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Downtown Stockton is in the middle of a massive revitalization project that include a marina, high-rise condominiums, and the Downtown San Joaquin Regional Transit District Center. The City of Stockton is prominently situated along the banks of The San Joaquin Delta inland ship channel which links up with the San Francisco Bay via the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers. Stockton has a number of prominent photogenic buildings and is positioned just 60 miles due East of the San Francisco Bay Area, only 83 miles East of the City of San Francisco, and a short 45 miles due South on Interstate 5 from Sacramento, which is the California Capital. Stockton is served by major roadways, including Interstate 5 and State Routes 4, 99 and 88 Feb 1, 2011. Interesting book Downtown Stockton- Between 1850 and 1950, Stockton grew from gold rush depot to booming California metropolis. Capitalizing on its abundance of water and rich soils, Mediterranean-like climate, hard-working population, and efficient transportation system, Stockton quickly became an epicenter of the breadbasket of the world.

In the book, Downtown Stockton - Images of America' - During the hundred years from 1850 through 1950, Stockton blossomed from just being a depot for the gold rush to a flourishing California metropolis. Taking advantage of its wealth of water and fertile soils, Mediterranean-type climate, efficient transportation system and hard-working population, Stockton quickly turned into an epicenter for the worlds breadbasket

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