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San Joaquin County, whose seat is Stockton, is the northern most county in the Valley that bears its name. With the Sacramento Valley, the two form the Great Valley, which is one-tenth the land mass of California. French fur trappers worked the rich land of the San Joaquin Valley for nearly 20 years before the first American immigrants crossed the Sierras in 1841.

Each of the county's cities and towns had beginnings that included a segment of settlers from far corners of the world. Lodi, for example, was settled by German emigrants, and Ripon became home to many pioneers from Holland. At one time, Stockton housed the largest population of Chinese in California.

San Joaquin County continues to reflect a global likeness, not only by its diverse population. but also by its many commercial and agricultural ventures and its ability to market items to anywhere in the world.

In 1869, fortune rode into the county on rails with the arrival of the Central Pacific Railroad. Soon, new towns began to spring up around train stations in Lodi, Lathrop, Tracy, Manteca, Ripon and San Joaquin County.

The county is probably most famous for its prime agricultural land, its diverse topography and its climate. Agriculture and related businesses are regarded the greatest assets in the county's economy. Cattle ranches were the first industry in the Valley, and fields of grain and alfalfa were planted to support the livestock. Dairy farms followed.

San Joaquin County boasts an inland seaport in Stockton and more than a thousand miles of recreational waterways along the Delta. During the last three decades of the 19th century, the county became the bread basket of the world. River boats carried grain and other goods from the Stockton waterfront to San Francisco and points beyond. And during the 1920s, the Stockton Channel was widened and dredged deep enough to allow ocean-going vessels to sail into the port of Stockton.

Today the county is still regarded as a prime location for getting goods where they need to go. Sharpe Army Depot in Lathrop has become the Defense Distribution Region West (DDRW), accounting for S77. 4 million in salaries in the region. And in 1994, the Union Pacific railroad opened its largest truck-to-train transfer station adjacent to the DDRW facility, making San Joaquin County a major competitor in transporting agricultural commodities and goods. Union Pacific officials expect that its terminal business will grow by more than 10 percent a year. San Joaquin County is in California's central valley, 93 miles east of San Francisco and 45 miles south of Sacramento. The County population is 673,000. Strategically located in Northern California's dynamic growth corridor, San Joaquin County is home to major agri-business, manufacturing and distribution companies. These include Diamond of California, General Mills, Fairmont Sign Company, Dana Corporation, Fox River Paper Company, Mondavi Woodbridge Winery, Nestle and Yellow Freight. San Joaquin County boasts eleven cities and some of the finest opportunities in the state for boating, fishing, camping, history-gathering, or just plain fun in the sun. The county is one of the most agriculturally rich regions in California and is the number one producer, statewide, of asparagus. Twenty-four thousand acres of county farmland is dedicated to production of this crop

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Local Airports: 33 Strip • Cortopassi Airport • Escalon Airport • Faber Vineyards Airport • Ferdun Ranch Airport • Fowlers Airport • J-B Airport • Jones Heliport • Kingdon Airpark • Linds Airport • Lodi Airpark • Lodi Airport • Lodi Memorial Hospital Heliport • Lost Isle Seaplane Base • Mustang Airport • New Jerusalem Airport • San Joaquin General Hospital Heliport • Tracy Municipal Airport • Vetters Sky Ranch • Wallom Field
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Area: Land area: 1399.3 sq. mi.• Water area: 27.0 sq. mi.

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    San Joaquin County is temperate, with warm dry days and cool nights in the summer. Winter is usually mild with rare freezing temperatures. Some light rain falls during the winter months. The weather in San Joaquin County is mild winters and warm summers. 
    San Joaquin County average annual rainfall is 13.95 inches per year
    San Joaquin County average annual precipitation is 13.95 inches per year.
    San Joaquin County average temperature is 63 degrees F.
    The average winter temperature is 45.2 degrees F.
    The average spring temperature is 59.0 degrees F.
    The average summer temperature is 78.0 degrees F.
    The average fall temperature is 64.6 degrees F.

    Valley Fog: Winter in the San Joaquin Valley means the onset of Tule Fog. So far this season we have had several days of very dense fog. Radiation Fog, or Tule Fog as it is known in the Central Valley, develops on clear nights with light wind when the ground is moist. At night, the ground cools rapidly, which in turn cools the air near the surface. As the air cools, the moisture is condensed into tiny water droplets and fog is formed. As this process continues, the depth of the fog layer gradually increases and becomes more dense, often reducing visibility to one-quarter mile or less. The long nights of late fall and winter are ideal for this type of fog development.

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  • Agriculture: Farm Bureau Average size of farms: 202 acres• Farm Land Use; Corn for grain: 52748 harvested acres - orchards: 193693 acres - Vegetables: 83102 harvested acres - wheat for grain: 26715 harvested acres
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bullet   Interstate 5
bullet Interstate 205
bullet Interstate 580
bullet California State Highway 99
bullet California State Route 4 (Crosstown Freeway/California Delta Highway)
bullet California State Route 120
bullet State Highway 12
bullet State Highway 26;
bullet State Highway 88
bullet J3 - West Lane / Airport Way
bullet J7 - Mariposa Road
bullet J8 - Thornton Road
bullet J9 - French Camp Road
bullet J10 - Lower Sacramento Road

View - The Ever Present Mount Diablo:

Telephoto view of Mount Diablo from the Central Valley

Telephoto view of Mount Diablo from the Central Valley

Mount Diablo from The Central Valley near Tracy

The Central California Valley
The notch just past half way down is the San Francisco Bay

• Mount Diablo • Mount Diablo Cam

Sports: The Stockton arena hosts four major sports teams: California Cougars Soccer, Stockton Thunder Hockey, Stockton Lightning Arena2 Football, and the Stockton Ports Minor Baseball Team.

History:San Joaquin County History • Ghost Towns • Historical Society • Lincoln Highway Through San Joaquin County • Lincoln Highway Two

In 1808, Spanish Army Lieutenant Gabriel Moraga ventured in to the central valley from the coastal mission at San Jose to find more potential sites for new Spanish Missions. According to written history, Moraga was the first non-native explorer to enter what is now the San Joaquin Valley.

During his trek, he named a small creek after Saint Joachim, who was the father of Mary, the Virgin mother of Jesus Christ. "Saint Joachim" translates, in Spanish, to "San Joaquin". It was later discovered that the creek fed in to a larger river, which then took on the same name. Thus, the San Joaquin River was named.

Being the major tributary through the valley, the name of the river soon propagated to the entire central Valley, becoming known as the San Joaquin Valley.

In 1850, California named the county that bordered the river as "San Joaquin County".

Thus, the name came from a Spanish Explorer, who named a small creek after Saint Joachim, the father of Mary.

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  • Caswell Memorial State The park is located along the Stanislaus River near the town of Ripon, California. The park protects a fine example of the threatened and still declining riparian oak woodland, which once flourished throughout California's Central Valley. Caswell is home to several endangered animal species, including the riparian brush rabbit which is not known to occur anywhere else.
  • Dos Reis County Park - Tucked in along the San Joaquin River, Dos Reis features 26 R.V. campsites with full hook-ups and shower facilities - 890 W. Dos Reis Rd., Lathrop (Off Interstate 5 just west of Lathrop). (map)
  • Mandeville Tip County Park
  • Manteca Waterslide - The Manteca Waterslides and Oakwood Lake campground officially closed their doors on Sept. 26, 2005.
  • Meyers Park
  • Micke Grove County Park - A gem with plenty of amenities, this 258-acre oak tree park features Micke Grove Zoo - 11793 N. Micke Grove Rd., Lodi (Off Highway 99, west of Armstrong Rd. exit and follow the signs). (map)
  • Mossdale Crossing: A large, two-lane boat ramp with floating dock is the striking feature of this park, located between Tracy and Manteca off I-5. Mossdale's ramp offers access to the San Joaquin, Middle and Old Rivers. Shaded picnic areas and a children’s playground complete the facility. 19091 S. Manthey Rd., Lathrop. (Map)
  • Oak Grove Regional Park - 180-acre park situated in a beautiful oak-forest setting has features the whole family will enjoy - 4520 W. Eight Mile Rd., Stockton (Directly east of I-5 at Eight Mile Rd.). (map)
  • Stillman Magee Park: Offering the last public access to the Mokelumne River before the city of Lodi, Stillman Magee - 23801 N. Mackville Rd., Clements features water rafting and swimming, picnic tables, barbecues and fishing at the river's edge. (map)
  • Westgate Landing:(located along the San Joaquin River), boasts 14 R.V./tent campsites (no hook-ups available), 15799 N. Glasscock Rd., Lodi (North of Highway 12 near Terminous). (map)
  • Woodbridge Wilderness Area:> 1/4 mile of Mokelumne River frontage, this park is accessible from River Meadows Drive in Woodbridge. This natural area features a riparian environment where fishing enthusiasts catch Trout, Black Bass and Catfish.- 301 E. River Meadows Dr., Woodbridge (Map)

Port: Port of Stockton The port of Stockton is a deep water port located 75 nautical miles east of San Francisco on the San Joaquin River.

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Latest Stockton, California, weather conditions and forecast

Zip Codes:

    Lathrop 95330
    Linden 95236
    Lockeford 95237
    Lodi 95240, 95242
    Mountain House: 95391
    Ripon 95366
    Stockton: 95202, 95203, 95204, 95205, 95206, 95207, 95209, 95210, 95212, 95215, 95219
    Tracy 95376
    Woodbridge 95258

Zoo: Micke Grove Zoo • Sacramento Zoo The Sacramento Zoo: A magnificent collection of rare and endangered animals set among majestic, hundred -year-old oaks and unique gardens - a wonderful place to spend an afternoon!

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