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In 1808, Spanish Army Lieutenant Gabriel Moraga ventured in to the central valley from the coastal mission at San Jose to find more potential sites for new Spanish Missions. According to written history, Moraga was the first non-native explorer to enter what is now the San Joaquin Valley.

During his trek, he named a small creek after Saint Joachim, who was the father of Mary, the Virgin mother of Jesus Christ. " Saint Joachim" translates, in Spanish, to "San Joaquin". It was later discovered that the creek fed in to a larger river, which then took on the same name. Thus, the San Joaquin River was named.

Being the major tributary through the valley, the name of the river soon propagated to the entire central Valley, becoming known as the San Joaquin Valley.

In 1850, California named the county that bordered the river as "San Joaquin County".

Thus, the name came from a Spanish Explorer, who named a small creek after Saint Joachim, the father of Mary.

San Joaquin County, whose seat is Stockton, is the northern most county in the Valley that bears its name. With the Sacramento Valley, the two form the Great Valley, which is one-tenth the land mass of California. French fur trappers worked the rich land of the San Joaquin Valley for nearly 20 years before the first American immigrants crossed the Sierras in 1841.

Each of the county's cities and towns had beginnings that included a segment of settlers from far corners of the world. Lodi, for example, was settled by German emigrants, and Ripon became home to many pioneers from Holland. At one time, Stockton housed the largest population of Chinese in California.

San Joaquin County continues to reflect a global likeness, not only by its diverse population. but also by its many commercial and agricultural ventures and its ability to market items to anywhere in the world.

San Joaquin county is probably most famous for its prime agricultural land, its diverse topography and its climate. Agriculture and related businesses are regarded the greatest assets in the county's economy. Cattle ranches were the first industry in the Valley, and fields of grain and alfalfa were planted to support the livestock. Dairy farms followed. San Joaquin County boasts an inland seaport in Stockton and more than a thousand miles of recreational waterways along the Delta. During the last three decades of the 19th century, the county became the bread basket of the world. River boats carried grain and other goods from the Stockton waterfront to San Francisco and points beyond. And during the 1920s, the Stockton Channel was widened and dredged deep enough to allow ocean-going vessels to sail into the Port of Stockton.

Area: 1399 Sq. Miles

Beyond San Joaquin:

In addition to the various things to do in San Joaquin, the county acts as a hub to even more fun and attractions. From skiing the sierras to a scenic drive along the coast, San Joaquin is your gateway to the best of Northern California.


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San Joaquin County Map - Click for largerLiving Here, Working Here, Government, Visiting, Doing Business, Emergency, San Joaquin County has a well-balanced, diversified economy with a wide range of employment and housing opportunities. Expansion is projected in the retail, service, office and manufacturing sectors of the economy. It is the County's goal to provide a well-balanced, diversified economy with employment opportunities for all economic segments of the County. San Joaquin County is aggressively pro-business and is committed to growth while maintaining a desirable business and living environment while preserving natural resources.

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San Joaquin Delta Waterways

The Delta is an endless network of rivers, tributaries, and channels that offer an incredible boating experience. Originally used by miners and settlers during the 1848 Gold Rush, the Delta is still as beautiful and mysterious as ever. You can cruise for days, exploring islands, fishing, swimming or sunning.



The list of communities may contain towns, cities, villages, boroughs, neighborhoods, townships, ghost towns and other populated places.


Acampo Real Estate • Post office: • Acampo Post Office • Zip Code: 95220 • Location: 17 miles North of Stockton - Acampo is a small community just outside of Stockton, California. The community of Acampo is located 1 .5 miles north of Lodi, immediately west of the Southern Pacific Railroad (SPRR) at Acampo Road. The town was initially established as New Uberty in I 868 as a Central Pacific Railroad stop. In 1 872, the town was renamed Acampo, the Spanish word for grazing land. • Acampo History • Books about Acampo


was established in 1852 by C.C. Fugitt. First know as Davis Crossing, then Fugitts, the town finally became known as Liberty in 1859. Liberty was an important stage route between Stockton and Sacramento. In 1869,during the peak of development, Liberty had three merchandise stores, two blacksmith shops, a shoemaker, a dentist, a wagon maker, a livery stable and C.C. Fugitts Hotel. • Liberty History

    Liberty Fire District
    24124 N. Bruella Road
    Acampo, CA 95220
    Phone: (209) 339-1329
    Fax: (209) 368-3320


Banta California Real Estate Zip code: 95376 • The community was named for Henry Banta, settler. Banta is a small unincorporated town in San Joaquin County, California. Historically, it was a major interchange point between the Central Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads. • Banta History

Headstone Cartoon CharactersCarnegie

A town that was located in Corral Hollow, in San Joaquin County, California from 1902 to about 1915.

It was discovered that the San Francisco & San Joaquin Coal Company's Tesla coal mines in Corral Hollow contained a rich deposit of clay. Fueled by California's rapid population growth and the subsequent demand for building materials mine owners James and John Treadwell of the Treadwell gold mine formed the Carnegie Brick and Pottery Company in 1902. The Treadwells named the company after philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. In 1904 the plant to make brick and architectural terra cotta was built near the Alameda and San Joaquin Railroad line, four miles east of Tesla. A town was in place with over 300 inhabitants (mainly Italian artisans) and the town's brick factory was producing upwards of 100,000 bricks per day. In 1904, the Pottery sewer pipe plant was built between Carnegie and Tesla.

In 1911 a flood destroyed bridges, roads, and buildings which the company could not afford to rebuild. The towns of Carnegie and Tesla were abandoned. The rail line from Carbona was abandoned by the Western Pacific Railroad in January 1916. In 1916 the company was sold to Gladding, McBean of Lincoln, California. The new owners, in an effort to reduce competition, sold off the factory's equipment and destroyed what remained of the town's buildings. On May 27, 1917 the tall smokestacks at the plant were dynamited.

Today only the foundation of the brick works can be seen within the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area. Materials from Carnegie Brick and Pottery were used to build the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the Oakland Hotel, and the Carnegie libraries in Livermore and Lodi, California.

Headstone Cartoon Characters

China Flat - Ghost Town

In 1963, the Camanche dam was built on the Mokelumne river drowning Camanche, Lanhca Plana, and China Flat. Historical landmark plaque no. 254 was formerly located at the now submerged townsite of Camanch China Flat History


Clements, • Post office: Clements Post Office • Zip Code: 95227

The most northeasterly town in the county, was founded by Thomas Clements, the biggest hearted and most generous man in that section of the country. The present site of Clements and adjoining bottom lands were purchased by him in 1871 from David S. Terry, and in 1872 Clements located on his ranch. Terry obtained this particular piece of property in 1850, the bottom lands along the river being some of the richest soil in the county. Home of the famous "Clements Stampede," the area also boasts a large agricultural base, horse and cattle farms, and a growing industry of grapes • Clements, Lockeford History


Another of the bygone villages is Collegeville. It was so named after the college erected there in 1866 at a cost of $8,000. The building was destroyed by fire and never resurrected. Collegeville History • Zip Code: 95215 • Location: 5 miles East of Stockton
    Collegeville Fire District
    13225 E. Mariposa Road
    Stockton, CA 95205
    Phone: (209) 941-2339


A rural community at the northern edge of San Joaquin County. Dry Creek, which forms the southern border of Sacramento County, is a mile north of community's northern boundary.  The community occupies more than a square mile along State Route 99, primarily in the vicinity of Collier Road. Collierville California History • Zip Code 95220 • Location: 17 miles North of Stockton


Camanche (originally, called Limerick; also, Clay's Bar) is a former settlement in Calaveras County. It lay at an elevation of 220 feet (67 m). Once called Limerick, the town became Camanche (after Camanche, Iowa) in 1849. Gold mining at nearby Cat Camp, Poverty Bar, and Sand Hill brought its population to a peak of 1,500. Mokelumne River water was brought in by Lancha Plana and Poverty Bar Ditch. A fire on June 21, 1873, destroyed Camanche's large Chinatown. Buhach, an insect powder made from a plant, was manufactured on the nearby Hill Ranch.

Camanche is now inundated by Camanche Reservoir. The settlement is registered as California Historical Landmark #254.

A post office was opened in Clay's Bar in 1861 and renamed Camanche in 1864 before closing in 1886; it was re-established in 1887 and closed for good in 1962.

Coopers Corner

Coopers Corner History • Zip Code:

The community of Coopers Corner is locked at the intersection of Acampo Road and the State Route 99 East Frontage Road, 1 .5 miles north of the City of Lodi.

Corral Hollow

Corral Hollow, formed by Corral Hollow Creek, is a canyon with part in Alameda County and parts in San Joaquin County, 6.5 miles southwest of Tracy, California. Corral Hollow Creek, formerly El Arroyo de los Buenos Ayres (The Creek of the Good Winds), from its source 1.9 miles north of Mount Boardman, flows north 1.89 miles where it turns to flow west-northwest 8.5 miles then turns abruptly east in the vicinity of Tesla to flow 5 miles east where it turns again in a northeasterly direction for 6 miles to the Delta-Mendota Canal in the San Joaquin Valley.

California Historical Landmark #755, indicates the site of the home of its first settler, Edward B. Carrell, which was built here at the former site of an Indian village. The men and animals received food and drink at Wright's Zink House, five hundred yards north of the landmark site. California Landmark #755, (now missing), was located 1.5 miles west of I-580 on County Hwy J2, Corral Hollow Road. (Coordinates on this page mark that site.)

Elliott - Ghost Town

Elliott TownshipThe first settlement at Elliott was made in 1846. A post office called Elliott was established in 1863, and remained in operation until 1901. Formerly known as Hawks' Corners, is in the northwest corner of Elliott Township.. Elliott History


City of Escalon Community Information Includes MLS Real Estate Listings
25 miles southeast of Stockton, Escalon means "Stepping Stone" in Spanish. 'The Land of Peaches and Cream. A quaint town, first settled in 1852 became a railroad town in 1896 with the arrival of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe that's a stepping stone for tourists on their way to Yosemite National Park and the Gold Country. The Park Fete Festival attracts thousands of visitors • Escalon California History


Farmington Real Estate • Post Office: Farmington Post Office • Zip Code: 95230 • Location: 17 miles East of Stockton • City Facts: City Data • Farmington is a little settlement well named in 1859 by a man named Wm. Stamper, as it is located in the center of a vast farming district. As early as 1848 two men named David Wells and George Thayer immigrated here from Oregon and erecting a tule house took up 320 acres of land near the present site of Farmington. The place was known as the Oregon ranch. Farmington History

French Camp

French Camp Ca MLS Real Estate Listings • City Facts: City Data • Post office: French Camp Post office • Zip Code: 95231
French Trappers came here in 1832 and started the community. It was named for Michael la Frambois, one of the first settlers with the Hudson Bay Company as a trapper. French Camp is first city settled west of the Mississippi. It was settled by the French with its original name being Tuleberg • Historic Fort: Camp McDougall(Camp Gilmore) Established in 1861 to accommodate an infantry regiment, it was located at French Camp Slough about three miles south of Stockton in San Joaquin County. The California Volunteers during the Civil War were very active recruiting and training. Their post near Stockton was composed of tents for the rank and file, hospital, and kitchen. The campsite was reoccupied in 1863 and called Camp Gilmore. French Camp History • Old French Camp Market Photo


Glenwood encompasses about 126 acres around the intersection old Alpine Road and 8 Mile Road. Route 26 about 3 miles east of Route 99.  A total of 400 people reside in this community. Glenwood is characterized by large lot homesites, orchards, and an elementary school. Glenwood History • Glenwood School


Holt is an unincorporated community in San Joaquin County, California, United States. Holt is located along an Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad line 7.5 miles west of downtown Stockton. Holt has a post office with ZIP code 95234, which was established in 1902. The community was named after the Holt brothers, the founders of the Holt Manufacturing Company

Holt: Zip Code: 95234 • The town of Holt (it has a Post Office and a mobile home) and a saloon,

    Holt-Union Elementary School District
    Chuck Holland, Superintendent
    1545 S. Holt Road
    Stockton, CA 95206-9618
    (209) 463-2590


City of Lathrop Community Information - Includes MLS Real Estate Listings
The City of Lathrop is located in Northern San Joaquin Valley at the intersection of I-5 and 120 Freeways. Lathrop is centrally located within a 30-minute commute of Tracy, Manteca, Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, Livermore and Pleasanton. • Lathrop History

Liberty - Ghost Town

• Liberty was established in 1852 by C.C. Fugitt. First know as Davis Crossing, then Fugitts, the town finally became known as Liberty in 1859. Liberty was an important stage route between Stockton and Sacramento. In 1869,during the peak of development,• Liberty History


Community of Linden Community Information - Includes MLS Real Estate Listings
Visitors can find deliciously fresh produce including cherries, walnuts, apples, peas, peaches, chestnuts, tomatoes, beans, onions and squash. Linden's Annual Cherry Festival is an area highlight  • Linden History


Cities of Lockeford and Clements Community Information - Includes MLS Real Estate Listings
The Clements and Lockeford area is a warm and friendly combination of old and new neighborhoods, farms and ranches in a pleasant country setting. Delta breezes cool the summer nights while the crickets sing you to sleep. Snow capped Sierras can be seen in the distance above vineyards and orchards which surround our area • Clements, Lockeford History


City of Lodi Community Information Includes MLS Real Estate Listings
The City of Lodi, California was incorporated as a General Law city on December 6, 1906. The City is located in the San Joaquin Valley between Stockton, 6 miles to the south, and Sacramento, 35 miles to the north, and adjacent to U.S. Highway 99. The City is located on the main line of the Southern Pacific Railroad and is within five miles of Interstate 5. • Lodi History


City of Manteca Community Information - Includes MLS Real Estate Listings
Manteca is a friendly city located at the crossroads of major highways in Northern California. A great location - an hour from the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, two hours from Fresno, three hours from Reno, and five hours from the Los Angeles basin •  Manteca History

Mokelumne City- Ghost Town

• Probably not one pioneer out of one hundred ever heard of Mokelumne City, and but few persons today could tell its location and yet when it was founded, near the junction of the Consumnes and Mokelumne Rivers, its prospects were bright as the second largest town in the county, for it had deep water communication with San Francisco all the year round, an advantage not possessed by any other town in the county except Stockton. Parties began moving there in 1850. I• Mokelumne City History

Mountain House

Mountain House Community Information - Includes MLS Real Estate Listings.
Mountain House was established officially by the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors (SJCBoS) on November 10 1994. The goal was to create a carefully planned new town for San Joaquin County residents that was close to Interstate 205. Its master developer, Trimark Communities. LLC, worked closely with the county to create a plan that would, at its completion in 2015, provide for a fully functional and integrated city. 

New Jerusalem

New Jerusalem was located approximately seven miles southeast of central Tracy. The existing 142-acre rural community is located on the northeast side of State Route 33, generally north of Durham Ferry Road and west of Koster Road, approximately ? mile east of the Route 33 and lnterstate 5 Interchange. New Jerusalem History


Located at the intersection of Fine and Copperopolis Roads, 12 miles east of Stockton. The town was surveyed in 1871 and subsequently became one of five stops on the Stockton and Copperopolis Railroad. Peters History • Zip Code: 95236


City of Ripon Community Information - Includes MLS Real Estate Listings
Ripon is a caring community where people enjoy getting involved with projects that improve the quality of life for everyone. To help you feel at home, Ripon has a small town atmosphere that is restful and friendly, but also close enough to cities like Sacramento and San Francisco to enjoy on a day trip. If it is the out-of-doors your looking for, it is only a two-hour drive to Yosemite National Park • Ripon History

San Joaquin City: Ghost Town NO. 777

• SITE OF SAN JOAQUIN CITY This river town was established in 1849. Pioneers and freight wagons following post roads to the southern mines crossed the river nearby at Durham's Ferry, and as a terminal for riverboats, the town played an important part in development of west side grain farming and cattle raising


City of Stockton Community Information - Includes MLS Real Estate Listings
The City of Stockton is one of California's fastest growing communities. Stockton is currently the 13th largest city in California with a dynamic, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural population of over 260,000. It is situated along the San Joaquin Delta waterway which connects to the San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. Stockton is located 60 miles east of the San Francisco Bay Area, 83 miles east of San Francisco, and 45 miles south of Sacramento, the capital of California. Stockton also has retail and entertainment centers at the gateways of the city. The 16-screen City Centre Cinemas was completed in December 2003.
Stockton Quick Facts Population, Education, Housing Units, Ownership Rate, Households, Median Income, Land Area • History • Timeline History


Map •  Zip Code: 95240
Located at the juncture of Hwy 12, the Mokelumne River's South Fork, and Little Potato Slough, exists only as a memory these days, although there is considerable evidence of its vibrant past. It virtually was a ghost town in the 1969 when Tower Park Marina was established in the old Western Pacific waterside produce packing sheds that line Little Potato Slough. From here, Delta produce was shipped by rail to all over the nation. Workers lived in a "boxcar" village where Tower Park's 400-site RV park is located today. Between the marina and the neighboring Tower Park Village, on a warm summer weekend, doubtlessly more people reside here than there ever did during Terminous'  heyday. Two ferries were located at this site, one to Staten Island and the other to Bouldin Island, the latter one being replaced by a swing bridge in 1936. Marine repair, groceries, marine canvas, new and used boat sales, dining, and much more can be found these days in the Terminous area. Tower Park stages its annual DeltaFest, usually the second weekend in May.  (The Terminous post office was closed years ago and this area now uses a Lodi address.)


Mokelumne City was located three miles north of the present city of Thornton on the road to Franklin. In 1850, just after the Benson Ferry river crossing was established, Mokelumne City was surveyed along the river's edge, and lots were sold. The building of the Lower Sacramento Road in 1853, through Woodbridge, connected Stockton to Sacramento and helped the area grow. Mokelumne City was laid out at the junction of the Cosumnes and Mokelumne Rivers. The Snap brothers opened a general store, and the town provided supplies to the miners in the Mother Lode. The river was its lifeline. Light steamers could navigate the river ten miles above the point where the Mokelumne merged with the San Joaquin River.


The town site is located south of Thornton, near Peltier Road. Nothing remains of Taison but the ship canal. • Taison History


City of Tracy Community Information - Includes MLS Real Estate Listings
Tracy is a growing community of around 74,000 in the beautiful Central San Joaquin Valley. Just 60 miles east of San Francisco, Tracy provides easy access to points North, South and East via I-580. Tracy is a thriving industrial, commercial, and residential community based on well-planned growth and progress. The quality of life is demonstrated in Tracy's "small town" yet bustling atmosphere, numerous beautiful parks and open spaces, attractive landscaping and arterial streets throughout the City, a low crime rate, quality schools and affordable housingTracy History


Located On Highway 33 at the Junction of Highway 132 about 14 miles west of Modesto. There are a few residents, Vernalis Grocery. Train Station • Vernalis History • Post Office: Vernalis Post Office • Zip Code: 95385


• Victor Real Estate. • Post office: Victor Post Office • Zip Code: 95253
Victor is a small community located on State Route 1 2 at Bmella Road, immediately east of Lodi and approximately 3 miles west of Lockeford. The surrounding vineyards and the Southern Pacific Railroad (SPRR), which runs east-west through the community, helped establish Victor as an important fruit packing and shipping center. Much of the residential development of the community took place between 1910 and 1920, and again after World War II. • Victor History


The 2010 United States census reported Waterloo's population was 572.
Zip Code 95201 • Location: 17 miles East of Stockton  Waterloo School


Includes MLS Real Estate Listings
Woodbridge is located just north of Lodi. It is hard to tell where Lodi Ends and Woodbridge Begins. Woodbridge, was known as Mokelumne Station and established in 1869. How Woodbridge got its name is a mystery. It has been said it was named after a popular racehorse.

In the early 1900's Tokay grapes were introduced into the area, and the town was able to grow and prosper. In 1907 the first Tokay Carnival was held to promote this particular grape. The Woodbridge Arch was built to commemorate this first event, the Arch still stands today. Woodbridge is about a 2-hour drive to San Francisco, and about a 45-minute drive to Sacramento. The population of Woodbridge is around 59,926 and covers approximately 12 square miles. • Woodbridge History


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County Seat: Stockton

Elected Officials: San Joaquin County

Employers: Although historically an agriculturally based economy, Stockton has begun to diversify into all sectors of industry and business. In fact, there are close to 15,000 businesses licensed with the City of Stockton. Click here to see the Major public and private sector employers in Stockton.

Events: San Joaquin Events Calendar

Founded: San Joaquin County founded in 1850

Health Care: Emergency medical Services • Click here to see the Major public and private fire departments, hospitals and other health care services in the San Joaquin communities.

History: 1895 San Joaquin County Map • 1914 San Joaquin County Map • National Registry of Historic Places • Lincoln Highway Through San Joaquin County • Lincoln Highway Two • San Joaquin County Historic Places

Hotels, Motels, Inns: Looking for a hotel, bed & breakfast, cabin or hostel in Stockton or other San Joaquin Community? These listings will help you find a place to stay.

Location: How Far to Stockton It's easy to visit the Central Valley! The Central Valley is easily accessible through a wealth of traveling options; travel to and throughout the Central Valley by car, plane or enjoy a scenic train ride through lush grasslands, farms, and countryside.

Map: Google Map

Military Depot: Sharps Depot • Tracy Defense Depot • Rough & Ready Island

Native Americans:

California Indian Museum
Antelope Valley Indian Museum
California Nations Indian Gaming Association

News: Community News - Stockton is covered by 13 Television Stations, 21 FM radio stations, 15 AM radio stations, 1 major newspaper and a number of community newspapers

Night Spots: People who need people who need people need places to meet said people, so here's a list of local hot spots. Get your groove on and tell em' you found them on Wright Realtors web site!

Radio & TV: Strongest Radio Stations In San Joaquin County

Recreation Stockton recreation is undergoing a tremendous expansion and is aggressively revitalizing its downtown recreation. Projects in the downtown area along the waterfront include an indoor arena, baseball stadium, hotel.

    Golfing: Stockton and San Joaquin County s also home to many beautiful private and public golf courses including Brookside Country Club, Home of the Candian Tour Northern California Classic, The Reserve at Spanos Park, Stockton Golf and Country Club, and the City of Stockton Public courses, Swenson, Van Buskirk, and Lyons.

    Professional Sports: Stockton is home to the Stockton Ports Professional Baseball, the Stockton Thunder Professional Hockey, the California Cougars Professional Indoor Soccer, and the Stockton Lightning Professional Arena 2 Football Teams

    Ski Resorts: Our Guide to Northern California ski connection, your interactive guide to skiing in Northern California and Nevada.

Relocating: Relocating can feel like an imminent auto accident – but it doesn't have to be that way. Whether moving your family is a treat – or a torture – depends a lot on your approach. The secret to avoiding stress is remaining positive, believing that moving is primarily a time of discovery, not regrets

Restaurants: Stockton and San Joaquin County are home to hundreds of restaurants. Whether it's fine cuisine or casual dining, it won't take you long to find your favorite spot. Click for the restaurant list

Schools San Joaquin County is home to 15 school districts housing more than 200 school sites. Great strides have been made by school officials in recent years to make sure the information needed by parents to ensure their student is enrolled at the right school is easily available.

Shopping: Looking for shopping malls, shopping strips, unique stores in Stockton or other San Joaquin Community? These listings will help you find Stockton Shopping

Transportation: Whether it is by land, sea, or air, the phrase "You can get anywhere from here" applies well to Stockton. A City of Stockton location provides easy access to all major markets. Interstate 5, State Highway 99, the Stockton Metropolitan Airport, and the Port of Stockton provide direct links to worldwide markets. No matter what mode of transportation is used, Stockton is strategically positioned for quick and cost effective distribution to major West Coast markets, to the North American Hemisphere, and to the world.

San Joaquin WineriesWineries: The Central Valley, California's agricultural heartland, is actually 2 valleys that stretch almost 500 miles down the center of the state. The Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley are bordered on the east by the Sierra Nevada Mountains and by the Coast Range to the west. The total acreage under wine grape cultivation in the Central Valley dwarfs all other California regions.



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