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Over the last ten years, Stockton has attempted to address the issues affecting disinvestment downtown and wrestled with finding solutions. Many studies have been commissioned to analyze the market and develop strategies to revitalize downtown, and some gains have been made. Most recently the Downtown Alliance, a business improvement district scheduled to begin operation in January 1998 was established. However, with the California recession of the early 1990s and the complexity of the issues facing downtown, a workable strategy has not emerged to meet the scale of the challenge.

Nonetheless, it is clear that downtown Stockton offers much to build upon. Excellent highway access and visibility; the availability of vacant waterfront sites and large parcels to accommodate new development; and an impressive historic building stock, including the landmark Hotel Stockton, are just some of the physical assets the panel identified immediately. In addition, downtown Stockton has a concentration of government jobs, financial institutions, and public and private city leadership interested in the downtown.

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Miner Avenue from 00 Center Street
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Click to Enlarge 1 E. Miner - Coleman's Brake Service
32 E. Miner - Lucky Auto Supply
33 E. Miner - Green Frog Liquor Store
Click to Enlarge Miner Avenue looking East from El Dorado St. - Late 1930s
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Miner and 248 North El Dorado - Left photo is 1950s, right photo is July, 2013
Miner Avenue - El Dorado Street Intersects
Click for El Dorado Street
110 E. Miner - Cudney Auto Supply - Demolished for theatre
Click to Enlarge Miner and El Dorado - St John's Church, Construction was completed in 1892, the same year the trolleys went electric.
Click to Enlarge 115 E. Miner Avenue & 306 N. El Dorado St - St Johns Episcopal Church and Guild Hall - The guild hall of this church is an outstanding example of Nordic architecture: it was started in  1889 at a cost of $9,200. The adjacent church was erected for $10,000 and the first service was held December 18, 1892. Saint John’s and all older churches in the city received land from Stockton’s founder, Captain Charles M. Weber. 7. Completed in 1893, the building was designed by well-known California architect Ernest Coxhead who designed many churches throughout the state. The Guild Hall has exceptional architectural detailing typical of Coxhead's work, such as a mixture of materials, asymmetrical facades and an understated front entry. The Guild Hall was constructed prior to the adjacent church building. Coxhead may have had a hand in designing the Church building as well.
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120 E. Miner - Speedometer Electric - Demolished for theatre
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 125-129 E. Miner Avenue - St John's Store - City Directories indicate that the building dates to the mid-1920s which would be consistent with its architectural character. In both 1930 and 1935, 129 E.· Miner was the Speedometer Service Station and 125 E. Miner was Taton & Trautman Auto Tires. By 1940 the building was used as the Hatch Chevrolet Company. By 1950 the Chase Chevrolet Company occupied the building and continued using the building until 1960.
130 E. Miner - Click to Enlarge Hydromatic Specialty / Immel Motor Parts Company from 1940-1960 - Demolished
133 E. Miner - St. John's Budget Shop
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 135 E. Miner Ave. - Cancun Restaurant - Former Chase Chevrolet Building (1949) / Hatch Chevrolet before that
140 E. Miner - California First Bank - Demolished for Theatre
144 E. Miner - M.T.I. business College - Demolished for Theatre
148 E. Miner - C.I.T Financial Services / Western Rambler (1960) - Demolished for Theatre
E. Miner Ave - Hunter Street Intersects
Click for Hunter Street
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 202-214 E. Miner Ave. - Marengo Building - The 1917 Map indicates this area was occupied by the Miner Slough which was an off shoot or the main Stockton Channel. The lot was partially occupied by two small buildings marked "printing". n Previous survey Information indicates this building was constructed in 1920 as the J. Marengo Block.· ·The building's brick detailing is well executed. The building likely served commercial purposes at the first floor, while the second floor was used as rental rooms. 1928 Directory - Marengo Apartments
214 E. Miner - Carburetor Electric
216 E. Miner - Miner Avenue Apartments
221 E. Miner - Stockton Business Machines
Click to Enlarge 221-225 E. Miner - Bevanda Building / Former KOVR Television
Click to Enlarge Miner and Hunter looking east - Delta Hotel and The Medico Dental Building
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 230-248 East Miner - Delta Hotel - Located at the southwest comer of North San Joaquin Street and East Miner Avenue, constructed in1919, on the former course of the Miner Slough. In 1924 the owners, A. Firpo and E. Bozzini, applied for a building permit to remodel the original building. They contracted Lewis and Green to remodel the building for an estimated construction cost of $25,000. The building appears on the 1950 Sanborn map. By 1930, the Delta Hotel had opened in the remodeled building. Businesses on the ground floor have included auto repair, an ice Company, a travel agency, milk and ice cream dealers, a finance company, and a number of construction and building supply firms. In 1952, for example, the first floor tenants included. Left photo from Kevin Shawver Photo Collection
Click to Enlarge 228-236 E. Miner - what was once first floor parking for The Delta Hotel
Click to Enlarge 236 E. Miner - Downtown Bargain Center
Click to Enlarge 238 E. Miner - Former Seaboard Loans
Click to Enlarge 240 E. Miner - Former Benedict Auto Parts
Click to Enlarge 242 E. Miner - John King and Roy Vanzetti Real Estate / Former Frank Kent Labor Relations
Click to Enlarge 244 E. Miner -
246 E. Miner - Builders Exchange
Click to Enlarge 235 E. Miner - Former Valley Organ Specialists / American Optical Wholesale
Click to Enlarge 237 E. Miner - Tattoo Parlor / Former George's Shoes / Public Finance
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 248 E. Miner -  Former Dok Shoons - Left photo by Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge 249 E. Miner - Former Stockton Typewriter
E. Miner Ave - San Joaquin Street Intersects
Click for San Joaquin Street
Click to Enlarge Blake Residence - San Joaquin & Miner 1870
Click to Enlarge Miner & San Joaquin Looking SW
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 301 E. Miner - Bank of Stockton - looking NE
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Miner & San Joaquin - Central Methodist Church - Bank of Stockton at this location now - Notice The Washington School - SE Corner of San Joaquin and Lindsay just behind the church in the photo at the right.

Central held its first worship service on September 15, 1849, the year before the City of Stockton was chartered and California became a state, in a tent at the corner of Miner Avenue and San Joaquin Street. The first buildings was dedicated on July 28, 1851, having been constructed at a cost of $12,000. Central's home from 1851-1958 The fourth structure the church occupied (including the tent) was a magnificent brick structure dedicated on April 5, 1891. It was built on the site where the first tent meeting was held. The building seated one-thousand and was built at a cost of $86,000. On July 20, 1958, the last service was held in "Old Central". The stained glass windows that grace the narthex of the current church were brought from the former church building.

314-348 E. Miner - Ralph Carter Autos (1949)
333 E. Miner - Sequoia Tire Shop - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Home of Joseph L Phelps, proprietor of Stockton Daily and Weekly Independent, owner of J.L. Phelps & Co.- Residence at 275 Grant. Bottom: Home of Charles Lincoln Ruggles, who worked with Joseph Phelps, for J.L. Phelps & Co. and lived at 341 Miner Ave
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342 E. Miner & 240 N. San Joaquin - Former Mid Cal National Bank / San Joaquin First Federal

Click to Enlarge 347 E. Miner - Former Morthrift Plan
E. Miner Ave - Sutter Street Intersects
Click for Sutter Street
403 E. Miner - Standard Gas Station - 1949
404 E. Miner - Warren's Tax Service
408 E. Miner - Jack Williams Ranch Broker / Lei Realty
Click to Enlarge 410-414 E. Miner - The Medico-Dental Garage appears to have been constructed in the late 1920s. The building, along with many others in Stockton, was designed by Frank Mayo. Mr. Mayo also designed the adjacent building, the Medico-Dental Building, one of Stockton's tallest structure. He was also responsible for the design of the Bank of Stockton, the State Savings and Loan building, the county courthouse, and several private residences in Stockton. The garage served multiple purposes, housing at various times the Stockton Ice and Fuel Company, an ambulance service, and a series of restaurants including Mrs. M. E. Hunt's, Mamie's Cafe, American Ambulance and the T100 Taco Restaurant.
412 E. Miner - Lou's Coffee Shop (1966) / Tico Taco (1960) / Mamie's Cafe (1959)
414 E. Miner - American Ambulance
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 415 E. Miner - Former DeRollo Buick / 1928 - Renney Buick
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 415 E. Miner Ave. - Former De Rolo Buick / Renney Motors
Click to Enlarge 421-425 E. Miner - Delcar Building Hall - Former Ace Employment (423) / Periano & Vitek Printers / 1928 - Goodyear Tire
427 E. Miner - Stockton Floral Shop (1960)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 437 E. Miner - Vacant Lot / Former Walter's Union Station
Click to Enlarge 426 E. Miner - Former Smith Auto Park
434 E. Miner - Former Vince's Chevron
448 E. Miner - Former Jerry's Chevron Service / Former Service Cab Co.
Click to Enlarge Miner Avenue looking West towards Sutter - 1937
E. Miner Ave - California Street Intersects
Click for California Street
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 501 E. Miner - Morris Auto Supply
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
510 E. Miner - Ralphs' Cushions & Covers (1966)Former Royal Tires
Click to Enlarge 521 E. Miner - Former Athletic Supply of California / Chanslor & Lyon Auto Parts
524 E. Miner - 1928 - Orton Apartments - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 532 E. Miner - Former Payless Motors
Click to Enlarge 533-539 E. Miner - Apartments
Click to Enlarge 545 E. Miner - Chet's Auto Repair
E. Miner Ave - American Street Intersects
Click to Enlarge 601 E. Miner - Shaughnessy Car Wash / Stockton Auto Wash - Demolished - Vacant Lot
605 E. Miner - Delta Valley Realty - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 606 E. Miner - Hotel Glendale in 1928
608 E. Miner - Independent Meat Company / Pikes Furniture
611 E. Miner - Stockton Dairy Service - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 612 E. Miner - Former Smoke Shop / former Kelly Moore Paint / Valley Paint Company
Click to Enlarge 616 E. Miner and 628 E. Miner - Residence
622 E. Miner - J.E. Meyer Used Cars
Click to Enlarge 625 E. Miner - Western Rambler / J.E. Meyer Hudson Dealer - J. E. Meyer sold Kaiser and Willys, then switched to Hudson, then Rambler in the late fifties - Demolished
630 E. Miner - J.E. Meyer Used Cars
Click to EnlargeFarm Credit building, 635 and 637 E. Miner Ave. 1940s. Today a vacant lot
Click to Enlarge 644 E. Miner - Ray Farmer's Used Cars / Western Rambler Used Cars
Click to Enlarge 647 E. Miner - Former Thornton Motors (Volkswagen Dealer)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 650 E. Miner - Former Ford Used Car Lot
E. Miner Ave - Stanislaus Street Intersects
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 711 E. Miner - Former Harley Davidson / Don Mann Cadillac / Big Valley Ford / Fairway Ford / Eagle Ford
719 E. Miner - Clutch & Brake Exchange (1960)
Click to Enlarge 720 E. Miner - Ted's Motors (1966)
Click to Enlarge 722 E. Miner - Former Gene Gabbard used Cars
730 E. Miner - Car Lot / 1928 - 1959 - Argonne Apartments - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 731 E. Miner - Sandoval Auto Service / Former Stockton Beauty Supply
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 745 E. Miner - Cannery Workers Union
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 750 E. Miner - Former Car Lot / Eagle Sales Lot #2 (1966)
E. Miner Ave - Grant Street Intersects
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 800 Blk Miner & 308 N. Grant Street - Larry's Auto Repair / Former Derollo Mazda / Former Harold W. Thompson - Left photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
802 E. Miner - Renney Motors Used Cars / Civic Motors
808 E. Miner - Eagles Used Cars
Click to Enlarge 825 E. Miner - Stanley Electric / Former CBX / DeRolo Mazda / Harold W. Thompson
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 835 E. Miner - Fat City Boxing Club / former Joe Bryson Heating and Air /  Service Cab Taxi / Black & White Cab
Click to Enlarge 836 E. Miner - Former Beer Barrel Tavern / Former Doc's Custom Cycle
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 848 E. Miner - Stockton Auto Sales / Former Subway Beauty Shop
Click to Enlarge 901 E. Miner - Wade's Auto Restoration (1976) / Swift Wholesale Meat (1957)
930 E Miner - Bockmon & Womble Electric (1976) / Ad Art Sign Company (1957)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Miner Avenue underpass looking East (1920s) / Looking East  / looking West
E. Miner Ave - Railroad Tracks Intersects
1128 E. Miner - Stetson Wheel Alignment
Click to Enlarge 1145 E Miner - Former Rainbow Bread Company / San Joaquin Baking Company (1966)
Click to Enlarge 1200 E. Miner
1231 E. Miner - Fern Beauty & Barber Shop
Click to Enlarge Miner & Airport Way looking West
Click to Enlarge 1302 E. Miner - Farmer's Feed
1324 E. Miner - Stockton Electric Motor Repair
Click to Enlarge 1338 E. Miner -
1402 E. Miner - Valley Engine Shop
1405 E. Miner - Europa Independent Service (1966) / Stanley Fetch & Son Auto Repair
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1414 E. Miner - Former Bockmon & Womble Electrical / Segarini Brothers Groceries (1928)
1429 E. Miner - Clutch & Brake Xchange
1435 E. Miner - Stockton Scale
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1510 E. Miner - Stanley - Adams Machine Company / Former Stanley Electric, 242 N. Wilson Way
Monroe Street
Click to Enlarge 42 S. Monroe - Tahiti iti
Myrtle Street
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge New RTD Transit Center in Stockton on E. Myrtle Street. between Filbert and Highway 99
Click to Enlarge Country 10.5 billboard on E. Myrtle Street. between Filbert and Highway 99
Oak Street
118 E Oak - Waterfront Inn - Demolished
A fourth fire (shown below) July, 1918, devastated the facility on EI Dorado Street and Oak Streets. "Every available engine in the city, including the Sperry Flour company's" was engaged in fighting the fire. n Samuel Kahn, general manager of the Western States Gas & Electric Company, was passing the tannery at the time the fire started. He was able to call his office and had the gas and electricity cut off to the entire city north of Main Street in order to safe guard the lives of the fire fighters.

Only one week earlier, Alexander Vint had been killed in such an accident while fighting another fire. The Pacific Tannery caught fire about 5:30 p.m. in the drying loft where the leather was hung to dry. It spread quickly, involving the entire plant. Every available fire engine in the city, as well as the Sperry Flour Company's crew, was sent to fight the blaze.

Several fire fighters and tannery employees were injured when one of the walls of the burning building collapsed. When the fire was at it height, the heat was so intense that it was nearly impossible to be on the El Dorado street side of the structure.

122 E. Oak Street

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
122 E. Oak St - Mr. D's Pizza / Wagner Leather Co. Engine Room - Built in 1871, the building once housed the engine and boiler rooms of the Wagner Leather Company operators of the Pacific Tannery from 1856-1926. This tannery occupied an entire block and for years was the only tannery in the San Joaquin Valley and one of the largest in the west. Products including harness and sole leather were shipped throughout the pacific coast, the orient and other world markets The structure was added to the city register by resolution number 30,809 on October 15, 1973.
Click to Enlarge 520 E. Oak St. - Apartments
Click to Enlarge 745 E. Oak Street corner of Grant - Former Big Valley / Eagal Ford Service Center
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1015 E. Oak St - Former Tom's Peanuts / Monarch Foundry - Left photo posted by Kevin Shawver
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1025 E. Oak St. Former Supermold Foundry / Monarch Foundry
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 940 E. Park St. - Sears
Pilgrim Street
19 N. Pilgrim - ENGINE HOUSE NO. 4 - Stockton's new $20,000 fire station was completed and ready for occupancy on August 1st 1908. It was be one of the handsomest and most up-to-date engine houses on the Pacific Coast. It was the Chief's intention to station the La France engine in the new house which is located on Pilgrim between Main Street and Weber Avenue. Moved to 27 East Rose Street in 1915 (which is a parking lot today) - Moved to 2630 Bonnie Lane in 1942. Moved to Pacific Avenue in 1967 
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge S. Pilgrim and Jefferson - Mormon Slough
Sacramento Street
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 201 N. Sacramento Street - The Southern Pacific Rail Passenger Station was built in 1930 by Lewis and Green and was one of several civic building projects which were carried out in Stockton during the Depression. It was built when a transcontinental railroad was rerouted through Stockton to open up nearby agricultural lands. This rail line brought many people to Stockton in search of work during the .Depression. The building is· an excellent example of an elegant midsize railroad station, and Spanish Colonia/and Renaissance Revival style design.
Sierra Nevada Street
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Eastside Presbyterian Church/Iglesia Presbiteriana Central - 315 N. Sierra Nevada St. - 209-462-0079 - Services: 9:30 a.m. (Spanish) and 11 a.m. (English) Sun
Click to Enlarge 443 N. Sierra Nevada - Former Noon Hour Lunch Restaurant
Click to Enlarge Cal Water Well House - Sierra Nevada & Fremont St.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 501 N. Sierra Nevada - Gleason's ice Cream / Former Eastside Printing (1976) / Community Linen Rental Service (1960)
519 N. Sierra Nevada - Former Besotes Boat Company
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 749 N. Sierra Nevada St - Genova Bakery - Left photo before the new paint job and red awnings
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 805 N. Sierra Nevada - Brice Market (1976) / Leo's Cash Grocery (1957)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1285 N. Sierra Nevada - Tire & Wheel Pros / Former Quick Stop Market
Click to Enlarge 1525 N. Sierra Nevada
Stanislaus Street
Click to Enlarge 10 N. Stanislaus - James Hotel -
Click to Enlarge 44 N. Stanislaus - McHugh Tires
Click to Enlarge Stanislaus - Wards - Cyndi Bard photo
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 123 N. Stanislaus - Silvercrest Apartments
Click to Enlarge Stanislaus and 701 E. Channel - Channel Medical Center / Former  Calvary Tabernacle Assembly of God  (1957)
Stanislaus and Click to Enlarge 702 E. Channel - Ebenezer African American Methodist Church
Click to Enlarge Stanislaus North of Miner
Click to Enlarge Stanislaus & Lindsay
Stockton Street
Click to Enlarge 528 N. Stockton St. Termite Control Co and Delk Pest Control

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