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6527 Pacific Avenue. Lincoln Center first Opened in 1951 and has maintained an outstanding reputation as a premier shopping and dining experience for over 5 decades. Located in the heart of Stockton, this open-air mall offers a unique blend of upscale family owned shops and boutiques along with 12 award-winning restaurants in one convenient location. Lincoln Center...

Almost the center of Stockton now. I'm a total fan of Lincoln Center. I've been coming here since my teens and being mesmerized by the big "L" that lights up and spins around in the air. There are numerous places to of the nicer things about Lincoln Center: You can grocery shop at Podesto's, get some lunch at The Market Tavern or Payters, pick up a bouquet of flowers at Sylveria's, find something new at Best Wishes and end up with some desert at Coldstone or Jamba Juice. If its late and you need to stay up you can get coffee at Starbucks. Campbell's retired, but it wasn't long before McCaulou's Department Store took over their location with a great clothing selection. You could literally spend a whole day here.

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Lincoln Center

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