Stockton - Fresno-Madison Streets

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Although millions of public and private dollars invested in Downtown Stockton have brought a host of events to downtown's public urban parks and plazas, to entertainment facilities such as the Weber Point Event Center, the Stockton Arena, Banner Island Ballpark, and the newly restored Bob Hope Theatre. Exciting projects have been completed, including the new Marina with full service slips and guest/day docks, designed with an eye to boaters and pedestrians alike. 

Still downtown Stockton, an area of approximately 550 acres, has suffered as the surrounding city has grown. Due to the growth to the north, downtown is no longer the geographic or commercial center of town, but is left with a severely deteriorated retail function specializing in lower end of the market hotels and a poor, minority impacted social structure. Its uses are basically institutional and governmental in nature from 8:00 to 5:00 and is the largest center for elderly housing in the valley. The lack of pedestrian activities and amenities and the cross town aerial freeway connector leaves a negative feeling among the citizens.

It attracts a population of retired elderly, transient workers and vagabonds (males and persons over 65) who make Stockton their semi-permanent residence, taking advantage of the inexpensive living quarters offered in the deteriorating hotels and apartments and the food program of the senior service center. The majority of the housing units and hotel rooms are occupied by weekly or monthly renters. The area has a high crime rate (mainly assault) and is perceived by many as an unsafe place to go either in the day or night time. The edges are largely tattered, and the core area, mostly older 2-3 story structures, house the elderly and single poor.

Downtown Stockton has been designated a Stockton Enterprise Zone and the Redevelopment Area, designations from the state and city respectively, a myriad of incentives are available to business and property owners. These incentives are a   downtown attempt to attract new businesses and a destination for visitors and residents.

The photos on this page are a collection of past and present.

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North El Dorado Street from 00 Main Street
North El Dorado Street
South El Dorado - Mostly Demolished in the West End Redevelopment
South El Dorado St.
Flora Street
Click to enlarge11 E. Flora Street. NE corner of Center St - Eden Square Apartments in the background. I was standing behind the fence of the Podesto Teen Impact Center
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge55 W. Flora - Weber Primary School corner of Commerce. Designed by Stockton Architect Charles Beasley, the plan was used for both the Franklin School on South Center and this building. Named in honor of Captain Charles Weber and opened on May 12, 1873.  The seating capacity, 242; average attendance, 150. It's the oldest brick building in the city retaining its original appearance. The building was added to the city register by resolution number 29,100 on June 7, 1971. It is #73000445 on the National Register of Historic Places, and was added as the Old Weber School in 1973.
Click to enlarge345 E. Flora - Wilhoit Mansion
E. Fremont Street
Click for Fremont Street
French Camp Turnpike
Click to enlarge119 French Camp Turnpike - Chuy's Auto Glass
Click to enlarge1363 French Camp Turnpike
Click to enlarge1587 French Camp Turnpike - Golden State Auto Repair / Former Shell Station
Click to enlarge1601 French Camp Turnpike
Click to enlarge1607 French Camp Turnpike - Comfort Air
Click to enlarge1701 French Camp Turnpike - Dari Best - Ron Chapman photo
Fresno Avenue
Click to enlarge Click to enlargeTaqueria Chapala - Right off the Hwy 4. 205 Fresno Ave. & Washington St. there are usually a lot of the industrial employees that work nearby or truckers come around here. Be prepared to park on the street or in their unpaved parking lot. You can dine in or take out. Service: There's usually a line in the morning for their breakfast burritos or during the lunch hour rush. However, their lines move pretty quickly considering everything is made to order. You'll usually see the same friendly employees here.
Click to enlarge Click to enlargeFresno Avenue and Highway 4 - Left photo looking West, right photo looking East
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge2020 S. Fresno - San Joaquin Elementary School
North Grant Street from 00 East Main Street
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge11 N. Grant - Borkeo Market
Click to enlarge22-34 N. Grant - Keith's Trophy Supply - These two buildings appear on the 1917 and 1950 Sanborn maps. The 1895 map shows only the southern f the two buildings. This building was originally a laundry firm and later Albert's Paper Company. The building located on the south was the original of the two, constructed in the early 1890s, the northern in 1912. The Stockton City Laundry was located here through 1935. The property was listed as vacant in the City Directory of 1940, but by 1945, Albert & Co. Wholesale Paper took over the building. It is currently Keith's Trophy Supply. The building remains a good example of Mission Revival style commercial architecture.
Click to enlarge27 N. Grant - This building appears only on the 1950 Sanborn map. Stockton City Directories show no listing tor this address until 1945, at which time Colberg Boat Works occupied the building. By 1950 and through 1955, Dunlap Wholesale Radio Company was located here. The building was listed as vacant in 1960.
N. Grant St - Weber Avenue Intersects
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge119 N. Grant Street - Stockton Metropolitan Transit District  - The building appears on the 1950 Sanborn map, but not on the 1917 map, and is fisted as the Stockton City Lines, Inc. The 1945 Stockton City Directory lists Stockton City Lines, a bus company, in this building at 730.East Channel. This was the first and only city bus terminal for several decades. Stockton City Lines remained here through at least 1960, but the building is currently vacant and in poor condition. Once the hub of transportation in Stockton.
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge308 N. Grant Street & 800 Blk Miner - Larry's Auto Repair / Former Derollo Mazda / Former Harold W. Thompson - Left Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to enlarge317 N. Grant Street
Click to enlarge545 N. Grant Street - Grant Market
Click to enlargeNW corner of Grant & Oak St
Click to enlargeGrant looking South from Park St
650 Grant Street and Park - State Cafe (1959-1967)
South Grant Street
Click to enlarge24-28 S. Grant St. - Jesus Saves Church - The 1917 Stockton Sanborn Map shows a one-and-one-half story mission and domicile at 32 • e 1950 map recorded the same building, noting it was a Pentecostal Mission. City Directories first list the mission in 1912. By 1929, Rev. F. K. Woolsey was noted at this address as well. By 1950, the building is listed in City Directories as Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ. The building remains a church, and a neon sign currently announces the building as "Jesus Saves."
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge129 S. Grant St. - Goodwill Industries
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 1930 S. Grant St - Sikh Temple
Harbor Drive
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge1623 W. Harbor Drive - MC Liquors
Click to enlarge1748 W. Harbor Drive - A.J. Club
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge1803 W. Harbor - Soul Brothers MC Club
Click to enlarge1107 Hazelton - John Wilkes Payne Family Home
Click to enlarge1402 E. Hazelton - Kwans market
North Hunter Street
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Click here for Hunter Square photos
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Hunter & Main - 1925 Odd Fellows

N. Hunter St - Weber Avenue Intersects
Click to enlarge Click to Enlarge Looking North on Hunter Street from Weber Avenue
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
106 North Hunter Street - Originally Mansion House, this building was constructed in 1873. The Mansion House was well known in early Stockton, both architecturally and within the business community. Located directly across the street from the county courthouse and one block east of the Channel
106 N. Hunter - Mansion House,
116 N. Hunter - Lamberts,
118 N. Hunter - Hanson Rooms - Photographed from Hunter Square
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
106 N. Hunter St. - Originally Mansion House, this building was constructed in 1873. The Mansion House was well known in early Stockton, both architecturally and within the business community. Located directly across the street from the county courthouse and one block east of the Channel, the building held a central location in the city. Before major alterations, the building was a strong example of ltalianate style-commercial building. It had a comer bay, an ornamented bell cap with cresting, a roof balustrade, and ornamental hoods over the windows. In 1947 the building was extensively altered and expanded to its present configuration. This new facade covers two distinct buildings, as the owners bought the building to the east and incorporated the two into one. This remodel irreversibly impaired the historic integrity of this building. The Mansion House has been significantly altered and does not individually meet the criteria of the· National California Registers. / Windsor Apartments - 1930 photo
Click to enlarge116 N. Hunter St. - Tum Verein Hall - Lambert's Liquors - This building was constructed prior to 1895 as a gathering hall, explaining the mostly windowless wall at the front elevation. The 1895 and 1917 Sanborn Maps note that the building was called "Turner Hall. n The 1895 map notes billiards, a stage, and scenery within the building while the 1917 map notes that there was a balcony and restaurant. Turner Hall was listed in the 1905 City Directory at 114 North Hunter Street. The 1895 City Directory reads "Turner Hall Saloon, Simon & Busch Proprietors, 116 North Hunter. n The 1930 City Directory indicates that the building was used as the Stockton Athletic Club. By 1945 the building housed the Church of God Rescue Mission. Then in ·1950 the building housed a Billiard Academy. Thifirmed by the 1950 Sanborn Map which reads "2 story pool hall. The building has likely been altered. Although the Sanborn Maps and City Directories recorded the building as Turner Hall, it has been noted as Tum Verein Hall, a German social hall. These social organizations were a common feature in German-American communities, a place for people from the same region of Germany to gather in their new country.  Lambert's Restaurant, Lambert's Sporting Goods
118-120 N. Hunter St. - Hanson Rooms - This building is identified on the 1950 and 1917 Sanborn Maps as a two-story masonry building. Since 1950, the front facade has been extensively altered with windows replaced on three stories. It is likely that another story was added and the building refaced since 1950. The 1895 Sanborn Map shows a building with the same front dimension, but with different overall footprint. City Directories indicate this building was use as a rooming house, as it is frequently referred to as the "Hansen Rooms from 1925 to 1950. The first floor commercial space was a liquor store during the 1940s. Information collected from historic photographs by the Stockton Cultural Heritage Board indicates the second floor of this building. was once used as a Chinese Buddhist temple, and that the building may have once had a Chinese style facade. 120 - Loren's Tavern
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge120-134 N. Hunter St - Hansen Rooms - The building appears on the .1950 Sanborn Map, but is not on the 1917 map. The 1925 City Directory does not fist this address. However, as early as 1930, 130 N. Hunter is fisted in City Directories as a garage. This building possesses classic elements of a Pacific Gas & Electric Substation such as the arched openings, the engaged pilasters and the shields at the cornice tine. If indeed this was a P G & E substation, its integrity has been impaired by extensive alterations
Click to enlargeHunter & Bridge Place - Back side of The Hotel Stockton
Click to enlarge Click to enlargeN. Hunter & Bridge Place - Moo Moos
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge125-145 N. Hunter St. - Former Stockton Garage / PG&E Substation - This building appears to have been constructed in the late 1920s. The 1950 Map shows that the 125-127 storefront was occupied by a restaurant while the other storefronts were stores. The 1930 City Directory indicates that 127, 131, and 135 N. Hunter were vacant while 133 housed the Quality Print Shop. Then In 1935 the City Directory indicated that 127, 131, 133 N. Hunter were vacant. By 1940, 127 housed R. E. Barker's Refrigerator Service, as well as D. L Garden's sheet metal works while 141 housed R. E. Doan's Refrigerator Service. In 1945, the building was vacant according to City Directories. Then in 1950, 129 housed Iloilo Circle Club, 131 housed Frank Reyes Restaurant, 135 was the Clark Rooms and 141 was the Lee Grocery.  / Charles Travel Service

America (including Stockton) went through an architectural period called the  Moderne Style from roughly 1930 through 1950. The Moderne style (sometimes called the Art Moderne style) is closely related to the Art Deco style which developed just before it. Both are part of the Modern Movement in architecture, a conscious break with traditional design in pursuit of a new aesthetic free from the styles and forms of the past.

Both the Art Deco style and the Moderne style are sometimes referred to as "Modernistic" for this reason, although the two styles are of distinctly different appearance. The Art Deco style with its smoothly finished wall surfaces and distinctive ornamentation of chevrons, zigzags and other geometrical motifs, led to the development of a new, more streamlined, less ornamented style of architecture, the Moderne style of the 1930s.

Influenced by advancements in the industrial design of ships, planes, railroad engines and automobiles, the Moderne style featured smooth walls with little surface ornamentation, rounded corners and curved glass. Moderne buildings have flat roofs, and bands of windows with a horizontal emphasis. Some buildings of this style have simple pipe balustrades, panels of glass block windows, curved canopies, or aluminum or stainless steel detailing.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge140 N. Hunter St. - Edmond S. Coy Garage / Former Oriel House - The Sanborn maps show the building containing several interior light welts. City Directories indicate the building was in existence by 1905. The building served commercial and residential purposes. City Directories indicate that the. first floor store front served as the International Longshoreman's and Warehousemen's Union offices from 1940 to 1950. In 1935 the space was occupied by the State Board of Equalization. In 1930 the commercial space was occupied by the San Joaquin Tire Company. The residential space on the second floor of this building was frequently referred to as the Oriel House, likely a boarding house. The proprietor in 1905 was D. L. McAfee who also maintained a wine, liquor and cigar store on the first floor~. Then by 1910 the establishment was operated by John Weisberber who also had a store in the commercial space. By 1915 the OriHouse was owned by John Weisberber's widow, Mary Weisberber, The building was identified as Oriel House until the 1930s when it is simply listed as "Rooms or Deluxe Rooms ·The commercial space was listed as 140 North Hunter address while the residential spaces were identified with the Channel Street entry. It appears to have been constructed as a boarding house - Demolished for The Edmond S. Coy Garage
Click to enlarge Click to enlargeHunter and Channel  (140 N.)
145 N. Hunter - Bellevue Apartments - Demolished
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge155 N. Hunter - Orlando's Market & Deli / Former Social Security Office
Click to enlarge200 Block North Hunter / Former Stockton Bowl - Demolshed to build the theatre complex
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge202 N. Hunter St. - Compass Bank / Former Gianelli Real Estate (1976) / Roberts Auto Supply (1950)
Click to enlarge205 N. Hunter - Stockton Bowl - Demolished -
208-210 N. Hunter - State Savings / Roberts Tire Service (1959) - Demolished
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge240 N. Hunter St. - J. E. Donaldson Auto & Tire Service - Directories indicate that the building has been used as a garage for a number of years. From 1940 to 1950, two businesses occupied the building, including J.F. Donaldson & Sons Tires and Automotive Parts Company. C. E. Jacinto Auto Repair, F. T. Voight Auto Repairs, and Fetsch Stanley Batteries occupied the building in 1935. The 1930 City Directory lists a brake shop at 240 North Hunter. This building appears to have been originally designed as an auto garage and has consistently been used for those purposes since it. was constructed in the late 1920s.
Click to enlarge244 N. Hunter St. - Bunny's Cafe
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge250 N. Hunter - Avenue Inn 
246 N. Hunter - Western Union
244 N. Hunter - Continental Trailways
240 N. Hunter St - J. E. Donaldson Auto & Tire Service
Right photo by Floyd Perry Jr. - Left photo, Bob Davis collection - Franks Tire around 1921 at Channel and Hunter. Owned by James Francis (Frank) Donaldson, The present JF Donaldson and Son opened at 240 N. Hunter in 1940 and is operated by Franks grandson Jim and great-grandson Rob.
Click to enlarge Click to enlargeRegal Cinemas 16
205 N. Hunter - Stockton Bowl - Demolished
299 N. Hunter St. - Former Stockton Milk Company - Both demolished for theatre
N. Hunter St - Miner Avenue Intersects
320 N. Hunter - Hatch Chevrolet - 1935 - Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge320-332 N. Hunter St - Enterprise Rent-A-Car / Former Chase Chevrolet Used Cars
333 N. Hunter - Chase Used Cars
Click to enlarge341 N. Hunter - Auto Credit Super Store / Former Jack Owen Used Cars
N. Hunter St - Lindsay Street Intersects
Click to enlarge Hunter & Lindsay looking North
Click to enlargeHunter & Lindsay looking South - Floyd Perry Jr. preparing to photograph Tip Pepi's - The funny image at the bottom of the telephone building is the marble reflecting the orange color from across the street
Click to enlarge N. Hunter & Lindsay - First Baptist Church  - Demolished
Click to enlarge411 N. Hunter - Tio Pepes / Former Brickworks Bar / Former DMV
Click to enlarge415 N. Hunter - Former Continental Trailways - Photo by Ron Chapman
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 421 N. Hunter - Chanslor & Lyon / Valley Wholesale Drug
447 N. Hunter - Former Valley Launder's & Cleaners
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge444 N. Hunter - Guaranteed Used Cars in the 1980s / Former Western Rambler Used Car Lot
N. Hunter St - Fremont Street Intersects
Click to enlarge500 N. Hunter - Former Hertz Used Cars / Former Western Rambler Used Cars
502 N. Hunter - Former Canepa Auto Wash - Moved to 642 N. Hunter
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge517 N. Hunter St. - Bekin's Van & Storage / Former Pacific Tannery - Each of these panels were a former business
501 N. Hunter - Mercantile Acceptance
505 N. Hunter - Herbie's Coffee Shop / Hoefler's Coffee Shop / PA. Frances Restaurant
507 N. Hunter - San Joaquin Realty
515 N. Hunter - D Jarnett Wholesale Radio Parts
523 N. Hunter - Furniture Land
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to Enlarge540 N. Hunter - Former Braley Dodge
N. Hunter St - Oak Street Intersects
613 N. Hunter Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
601 N. Hunter - Robert T. McKee Home / Brannon Tire / Branstadt & Doherty Tire / Lloyd Test Auto Dealership (1950-60) today a vacant lot
Click to enlarge610 N. Hunter - Restoration for Life Ministries  / Toyota of Stockton / Western Toyota
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge624 N. Hunter - Canepa's Car Wash - Photos by Ron Chapman
633 N. Hunter - St Charles Apartments (1950) - Demolished
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to Enlarge642 N. Hunter - Canepa's Car Wash - Looking past the Lloyd Test auto dealership at Eldorado & Park, was The First Church Of The Nazarene at 644 N Hunter in 1950. Demolished for Canepa's Carwash.  Former First Congregational  Church (1916)
N. Hunter St - Park Street Intersects
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge715 N. Hunter & Park - Former Donn Mann / Hansel & Ortman 
Click to enlarge748 N. Hunter St. - A  3,699 square foot two and a half story East Lake Stick Style house at the SE corner of Hunter and Flora,. Built for William L. Dudley in 1898. He was born in New Hampshire in 1824.  He came to Stockton in 1867 and opened a law office,  Mr. Dudley died at the age of 75 in 1899, the home was subsequently divided into apartments like a many other homes in this area. In the early morning hours of October 22, 2008, it was damaged by fire. Now a vacant lot
809 N. Hunter - Former Native Sons Building - Demolished for a parking lot
N. Hunter St - Acacia Street Intersects
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge1000 N. Hunter St - Philomathean Clubhouse - Six Stockton women met November 17, 1893 to begin a private club which they named Philomathean, which means "Lover of Learning." In 1910, members began planning a meeting place to call their own. W.E. Wood a local architect donated the plans for this rustic craftsman design featuring decorative stained glass. The building was completed in 1912  - Left photo - 1930
See Magnolia District
South Hunter Street
15 S. Hunter - Hunter Square Apartments - Demolished
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge24 S. Hunter St. - Canlis Building / Former IOOF Hall (1943) - Demolished - Left photo, Hunter & Main - Right photo Hunter & Market
Click to enlarge26-28 South Hunter Street - Stationed here were Engine Company 2 and Hook & Ladder Company 1. It was erected in 1868 for the joint use of the "Hooks" and "Eurekas" of the Volunteer Department. During Chief Carroll's first term a room was partitioned off for an office in the rear end of the building and it has since been known as headquarters. The Hazelton Free Library adjoined on the south. The corporation yard was in the rear, and a blind alley running from Market Street serves as a convenient rear entrance. Also Engine Company No 3 (Demolished in the 1960s)
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge25 S. Hunter St. & Parker's Alley - Fusion Buba Cafe / Former Parker's Alley Cafe
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 25 S. Hunter &Parker's Alley - The Record made its debut on April 8, 1895. Time erased not only the wooden building where the Record was born but the very street on which that stood, or sagged, according to some reports. Parker's Alley ran east and west between Hunter and El Dorado streets, south of Main Street. A half century ago, residents could point to it by directing people to the downtown Odd Fellows Temple and Central Fire Station. R.R. Parker Grocers
27 S. Hunter St. - United Market (1940)
33 S. Hunter St. - Royal Rooms (1940)
39 S. Hunter St. - La Costa Hotel
41 S. Hunter St. - La Costa Inn Tavern
45 S. Hunter St. - Orfis Hotel / Star Rooms
47 S. Hunter St. - Orfis Hotel Tavern / Dominic Mazerra Liquors
S. Hunter St - Market Street Intersects
Click to enlargeHunter & Market - SE Corner
103 S. Hunter - Hi Grade Cleaners - Building Demolished - Moved to San Joaquin
111 S. Hunter St. - Frances Mexico Chick Cafe - Demolished
113 S. Hunter St. - Hunter Rooms - Demolished
123 S. Hunter St. - Hunter Street Stables - Demolished
Click to enlargeHunter and 235 E. Market Street - NE Corner- 1863 Jail - Built in 1863
110 S. Hunter St. - Royal Hotel / Hotel Espanol
112 S. Hunter St. - Hi Low Grocery
Click to enlarge123 S. Hunter St. - Hunter Street Stables - Kevin Shawver
Click to enlarge129 S. Hunter St. - St Francis House /
129 1/2 S. Hunter St. - Aloha Hotel
131 S. Hunter St. - Mercedes Silva Restaurant
135 S. Hunter St. - Clark Rooms
S. Hunter St - Washington Street Intersects - All Demolished for Crosstown Freeway
215 S. Hunter St. - Gee Duck Sang Herbs
217 S. Hunter St. - Mabini Lodge / Victorious Gospel Mission (1940)
223 S. Hunter St. - Quong Chow Hotel -
225 S. Hunter St. - Kon Sun Grocery / Lorenzo Delucci Liquors
227 S. Hunter St. - Hoo Kee Noodle Company
231 S. Hunter St. - Park Hotel / Venice Hotel (1940)
233 S. Hunter St. - Quong Chow Hotel
237 S. Hunter St. - Vetter Plumbing
241 S. Hunter St. - Linden Hotel / French Hotel (1940)
245 S. Hunter St. - Square Deal Liquor
Click to enlargeHunter and Washington looking North
S. Hunter St - Lafayette Street Intersects
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge315 S. Hunter St - Emerald Restaurant/Filipino Recreation Center (labor union hall by day and a dance club and casino at night. - Left photo - Ron Chapman
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge325 S. Hunter St. - La Peria Rooms (1976) / Wool Grower's Hotel & Restaurant - Building still stands, although stuccoed over / Theresa Marones Furnished Rooms (1940), Trinity Presbyterian Church
336 S. Hunter St. - Louie's Garage
341 S. Hunter St. - United Filipino Church of Christ
423 S. Hunter St. - Tin Lee Kung Shaw Society
Click to enlarge 448 S. Hunter St. - Former Ospital's Villa Basque -  John Ospital and his late brother, Pete, opened the Woolgrowers Inn a few blocks away in the 1950s. They later replaced it with the Villa Basque, famous for its Picon punch and such dishes as lamb shanks and oxtail stew. Closed in May of 1994.  / Former Turk's Restaurant / Bruno and Lena Restaurant / Bruno Marraccini Liquors / Raffanti's Liquors (1940)- Today Dos Hermanos Taquera
Click to enlarge527 S Hunter St. - Chansisamakidham Buddhist Temple
Lafayette Street from 00 Center Street
10 E. Lafayette - Jackson Hotel / Grand Hotel
14 E. Lafayette -  Night Owl Restaurant
22 E. Lafayette - La Rancherita Restaurant - Sin Key Chop Suey House 
Click to enlarge24 E. Lafayette - Macarthur Hotel -Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr. - Demolished
25 E. Lafayette - Kalibo Pool Hall - Demolished
31 E. Lafayette - Aklin Hotel - Demolished
Click to enlarge50 E. Lafayette - Lafayette Lunch Counter   - Demolished - Photo by Dawn Bohulano Mabalon
Click to enlarge100 Block of E. Lafayette looking West
E. Lafayette St - El Dorado Street Intersects
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge E. Lafayette and 308 S. El Dorado St. - Den's Auto Repair - Former Ah Ty Brothers - Gas and Garage
112 E. Lafayette - Horton's Cafe - Demolished
118 E. Lafayette - Colonial Cleaners (1959) - Demolished
Click to enlarge 119 E. Lafayette - Former Manila Gas Station (Manila Service) - Demolished
129 E. Lafayette - Arinow Coffee Shop - Demolished
131 E. Lafayette - Julian Apartments - Demolished
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 132 E. Lafayette - Hotel Mariposa (Previously owned by the Little Manila Foundation)
130 E. Lafayette - Colonial Cleaners
135 E. Lafayette - Vetter Plumbing / Hotel Palace - Demolished for Crosstown Freeway
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 138 E. Lafayette - Former Lee Company Wholesale Drugs / Rizal Social Club
E. Lafayette St -Hunter Street Intersects
206 E. Lafayette - St Benedict Convent - Demolished - Vacant Lot
Click to enlarge210-212 E. Lafayette Chinese Association, Confucius Church
Click to enlarge 232 E. Lafayette - P.D. Lazaro Tailoring - Demolished
236 E. Lafayette- St. Peter's Methodist Church - Demolished
238-240 E. Lafayette - Atwood Printing Company 
310 E. Lafayette - Apartments - Demolished
Click to enlarge 318 E. Lafayette - F.H. Saunders Warehouse - Photo courtesy of Saunders Family
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 336 E. Lafayette - Hardin Animal Hospital / Former Stockton Veterinary Supply / City Pound (1957)
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 338 E. Lafayette - Jubilee Adult Day Care / Former Saunders Western Wear
Click to enlarge 300 Block of East Lafayette looking West
339 E. Lafayette - Matar Liquor Store - demolished for crosstown freeway
530 E. Lafayette - Apartments - Demolished
Click to enlarge Crosstown Freeway ending at Stanislaus
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge2640 E. Lafayette St. - King Elementary School
West Lafayette Street
20 W. Lafayette - Siesta Hotel
28 W. Lafayette - Apartments
126 W. Lafayette - The Glen Furnished Rooms
Lever Blvd.
Click to enlarge1101 Lever Blvd - Taylor Elementary School -
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 1141 Lever Blvd. - Marshall Elementary School - It became an elementary school when Stockton Unified returned to grades 1-8 in elementary schools
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 2201 Lever Blvd and Eight Street / Former Engine House Number 5. 1127 South California - Moved to 3499 Manthy Road.
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 2222 Lever Blvd. - Apostolic Tabernacle - Former Centromart
North Lincoln Street
St. Mary's High School, 1927-1956 - Now Annunciation School - 1110 N. Lincoln Street. In 1927, the Brothers, with the considerable financial help of parishioners, built a new St. Mary's Boy's School on Lincoln and Magnolia Streets. With the Great Depression, it was exceedingly difficult to support two high schools, even with financial support from the Archbishop of San Francisco. In 1930, Father McGough proposed the consolidation of the St Agnes and St Mary's schools as being essential to the survival of even one. The Brothers, who declined to teach high school girls as a matter of policy, left in 1931. The Dominican Sisters taught at the recombined school-called St. Mary's High School—in the newer facility on Lincoln Street.
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 1625 N. Lincoln St - Grace Methodist Church
South Lincoln Street
Click to enlarge845 S. Lincoln Street - Ben's Market / Former Martin's Market
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

1335 S. Lincoln - Former Waki's Fish Market - Left photos 1974 - Ron Chapman

1426 S. Lincoln - Langendorf Bakeries - Demolished
1429 S. Lincoln - Former West Side Trailer Court
Click to enlarge1440 S. Lincoln - Former Toscano Baking Company - Columbia Baking Company
Click to enlarge1444 S. Lincoln - Former United Parcel Service
Click to enlarge1465 S. Lincoln - City Corporation Yard
1514 S. Lincoln - Care Best Laundrette
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge1516 S. Lincoln - Care Cleaners
Click to enlarge Click to Enlarge1522 S. Lincoln - Former Blues Lounge
Click to Enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge1575 S. Lincoln - City Animal Pound
Lindsay Street
Click to enlarge20 E. Lindsay - Al Lee's Automotive Service / Former Eden Square Auto Service (1960)
119 E. Lindsay St. - Lindsay Apartments (1960)
Click to enlarge121 E. Lindsay St. - (1955) Former Kinser Motor Supply / 1940 Sun Lee Grocery
Click to enlarge 135 E. Lindsay St - A residence was recorded on this property on the 1895 and 1917 Sanborn maps. The first nonresidential listing tor this property in the Stockton City Directories is in 1940, when 135-47 E. Lindsay housed the State Highway Patrol and State Railroad Commission. By 1945 and through 1950, the Sate Department of Motor Vehicles and the State Public Utilities Commission and the State Railroad Commission were located here. The building currently houses Tio Pepes Mexican Restaurant. As authentic Mexican restaurants go, the best are usually hidden gems, with no websites and no advertising, and success found by word of mouth from those who’ve experienced their unforgettable Mexican cuisine,
147 E. Lindsay St. - Former State Department of Motor Vehicles
Click to enlarge 405 E. Lindsay St. - The 1917 Sanborn map shows an undertaking establishment, as well as an auto shop on this site. The earliest listing in Stockton City Directories for the First Christian Church was in 1930. It was later the First Christian Church. Today it's God's Throne Church
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 542 E. Lindsay St. - Robinson-McAlister Memorial Educational Centre - built in 1945 / Four Square Church (1976) 335 N. American (1957)
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

601-603 E. Lindsay - Trinity Lutheran Church - Appearing on the 1950 Sanborn map, but not on the 1917. The Trinity Lutheran Church appears in City Directories by 1935. City Directories listed the address as vacant during the construction of the church in the mid-1920s. It has been used by the same congregation since its construction. Built in 1923. Also a 444 N. American street address

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 603 E. Lindsay - Trinity Lutheran School
Click to enlarge 702-708 E Lindsay - The building has housed various businesses and residents since its beginning. The first listing irt Stockton City Directories for this building was for 704 East Lindsay in 1925, at which point B. 0. Vance, W. H. Jeffrey, E. R. Garrow, and J. T. Gannon were listed, By 1930, Knutzen and Ewertsen, grocers, and Jasper Ksinner, miller were listed here, along with H. L. Nickerson, Mrs. Emma Lee, and Sarah Bennett. The grocery store remained in this location through 1950, though the name changed to Migracco Grocery by 1945. By 1935, the miller was replaced by Orville Felt, news director, and Mrs. L M. Best and C. H. Kirlpatrick lived in the building. By ·1940, four residents were listed along with the grocery store, and by 1945, five residents were listed here. By 1950, The Canteen, a vending machine company, occupied the storefront at 708 E. Lindsay.
Click to enlarge 701-705 E. Lindsay St. - On the 1917 Sanbom Map this area was still consumed by the Miner Slough. The George Washington Trehan residence was originally at 624 El Dorado  In 1920 it was moved eight blocks to the corner of Lindsay & Stanislaus Sts. and converted to a 24-unit apartment building. The basement and first floor were added and additions were made to the side and the rear of the building. The bay windows, hip roof and cornice remain as well as many original interior details. The remodel was designed by Walter King of San Francisco. The new owner/developer was William Tretheway, owner of Stockton Iron Works and  a wealthy businessman, who owned other properties in the Stockton area. The building was painted green by a previous owner named Walden
Click to enlarge 1235 E. Lindsay St. - New Method Laundry
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge1520 E. Lindsay St.
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1533 E. Lindsay St. Demolition of RTD building constructed in 1979. In 1979, SMTD moved from its operations yard in downtown Stockton to a new location on 1533 E. Lindsay Street.

Click to enlarge1560 E. Lindsay St.

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