Stockton - California Street Now and Then

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I have created a series of pages covering the streets of Stockton. Scroll down the page or click on a link at the left to see another page. These pages grew put of my love for both architecture and photography. The old photos came from various sources such as The California Photo Library, Calisphere, Library of Congress, UOP Archives, USC Library. OAC Library, friends Facebook and many others. I literally photographed thousands of photos of Stockton buildings. I continue to photograph Stockton on an ongoing basis.

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California Street is a North South Street originating in  South Stockton and S. El Dorado and continuing to Alpine Avenue


While Downtown Stockton was hanging on to it's old ways i.e. Lack of parking crowded streets, not attracting new businesses, demolishing businesses to create massive public buildings, demolishing a nine square city block area in the name of redevelopment (i.e. chasing people from downtown Stockton). North Stockton was busy building large shopping centers with free parking, with new businesses coming in from outside the area along with acres and acres of new housing surrounding these new shopping centers and existing residents fleeing the older neighborhoods for spacious new homes.      

Although millions of public and private dollars invested in Downtown Stockton have brought a host of events to downtown's public urban parks and plazas, to entertainment facilities such as the Weber Point Event Center, the Stockton Arena, Banner Island Ballpark, and the newly restored Bob Hope Theatre. Exciting projects have been completed, including the new Marina with full service slips and guest/day docks, designed with an eye to boaters and pedestrians alike. 

Still downtown Stockton, an area of approximately 550 acres, has suffered as the surrounding city has grown. DUE TO THE GROWTH TO THE NORTH, DOWNTOWN IS NO LONGER THE GEOGRAPHIC OR COMMERCIAL CENTER OF TOWN, but is left with a severely deteriorated retail function specializing in lower end of the market hotels and a poor, minority impacted social structure. ITS USES ARE BASICALLY INSTITUTIONAL AND GOVERNMENTAL IN NATURE FROM 8:00 to 5:00 and is the largest center for elderly housing in the valley. The lack of pedestrian activities and amenities and the cross town aerial freeway connector leaves a negative feeling among the citizens.

It attracts a population of retired elderly, transient workers and vagabonds (males and persons over 65) who make Stockton their semi-permanent residence, taking advantage of the inexpensive living quarters offered in the deteriorating hotels and apartments and the food program of the senior service center. The majority of the housing units and hotel rooms are occupied by weekly or monthly renters. The area is perceived by many as an unsafe place to go either in the day or night time. The edges are largely tattered, and the core area, mostly older 2-3 story structures, house the elderly and single poor.

Downtown Stockton has been designated a Stockton Enterprise Zone and the Redevelopment Area, designations from the state and city respectively, a myriad of incentives are available to business and property owners. These incentives are a  downtown attempt to attract new businesses and a destination for visitors and residents.

Virtually all shopping has moved north of Harding Way where you will find vibrant shopping areas and shopping centers. along Pacific Avenue such as THE MIRACLE MILE, WEBERSTOWN, SHERWOOD MANOR, LINCOLN CENTER and SPANOS PARK WEST off Eight Mile Road.

In addition Charter Way (now Martin Luther King Boulevard) and Wilson Way continue to be active retail areas as well. 

The photos on this page are a collection of now and then.

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North California Street
Click here for South California Street
Click to EnlargeLooking north at Weber Avenue from California Street
7 N. California - Former California Floral
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 10 N. California St. - Wakefield House - Hotel Wakefield - Law Offices - This building was named after its owner, C. H. Wakefield, a Stockton area farmer. The second floor served as the hotel and the first floor was used for commercial businesses. The 1917 Sanborn map shows the structure with two projecting bays. Stockton City Directories show no listing for #10 N. California until 1930. In 1925, the resident of #14 (part of the same building) •. listed simply as "Oriental." By 1930, Morris Plan is listed at #10; Fred Moore, optician, at #12; and L. T. Bong, whose occupation is listed as "herbs~ fn #14. The occupant of #10 remained unchanged through 1950. #12 is not fisted after 1930. #14 was vacant in 1935, but by 1940 and through 1945 was fisted as the Grace Moore Beauty Shop.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge11 N. California St. - Hotel Main / Hotel MacAllister - This building is present on the 1895,1917 and 1950 Stockton Sanborn Maps. The Stockton City Directory lists the Hotel MacAllister at this address in 1919. By 1925, the name was changed to the Hotel Main, and remained as such through 1950. It later became residential apartments with several commercial spaces below.  - left photo, Floyd Perry Jr.
15 N. California - Sea Food Grotto Restaurant
16 N. California - New Cal Hotel
Click to Enlarge17 N. California - Former Hotel Lenox
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
19- N. California - Lao Thai Cousines / Former Pioneer Tomale - Left Photos courtesy of Ron Chapman. Middle Photo posted by Terry Gust
Click to Enlarge 20 North California20 N. California - O'Ryleigh's Tavern / Delmonico's, Sterling Hotel, New California Hotel - The building was constructed in 1906 and housed a small hotel on the second and third floor. ·The ·first floor was one of Stockton's most popular eating places. The restaurant was known as Delmonico's, and specialized in Italian-American food. By 1929 and through 1950, Danner "The Paint Man" Paints was located here. By 1955, Dane's Health Foods had taken over the space. By 1960, Gall's Men's Shop was located here.
Click to Enlarge Click21 - Walt's Tavern / Now a parking lot
23 - Former Liberty Market
25 - California Clothiers - Now a parking lot
29 - Furhman Music - Now a parking lot
31 - Howard's Jewelers / WOW Club - Now a parking Lot - Left photo by Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge24-34 N. California - Land Hotel - The building appears on the 1917 and 1950 Sanborn maps. This structure was constructed in the late. 1890s by the Arndt family, who were active in local business. The building was the home to the Stockton Record newspaper until 1911. The second floor was known for many years as the Palace Rooms. There is no listing of this address in Stockton City Directories until 1905, when it was known as the Wakefield House. The name. changed to Hotel Wakefield in 1919, then became the Dawson Hotel by 1935. By 1940, the address was listed as the New Cal Hotel and L A Danner Prints.  Trocadero Tavern. Demolished September 2012
28 - The Record Shop - Demolished (in the former Land Hotel)
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Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge33-45 N. California Street - St. Leo Hotel - The Hotel St. Leo is one of several early Twentieth Century hotels constructed in Stockton. The St. Leo was built in 1913 and once hosted travelling salesmen and the out-of-town elite. Reading rooms at the St. Leo were upholstered in leather, and rooms there cost $1. The building possesses Renaissance Revival details. The exterior of the St. Leo Hotel retains much of its architectural integrity. Corner of Weber - Top Left photo, St. Leo Hotel - looking N.E. with Stockton Engineering College and Ghiardelli sign. Bottom Photo, Matthew Craig. Read More about the St. Leo

Other businesses in the ST. Leo:

33. N. California - Modern Appliance Store,
37 N. California - St Leo Coffee Shop,
39 N. California - Hotel St Leo .

The Hotel St. Leo, forced to close its doors in September of 1995 by city inspectors, was home to between 15 and 20 residents. A co-owner of the hotel planed reopened after some work to bring the building up to code. Naheem Akhtar, who, along with two brothers, owned the 54-room Hotel St. Leo at 39 N. California St. for nine years were committed to restoring the building.

They obtained a permit to begin work and solicited bids, and the estimated cost was quite substantial. In the meantime, the building remained empty. The hotels last guest checked out in September of 1995. after an order was issued the order to vacate the building.

In its heyday, the decades-old hotel was something of a jewel. However its fortunes, along with those of downtown Stockton changed with the times. The rusty red sign jutting from the corner of the four-story, brick building at the intersection of California Street and Weber Avenue became as much an advertisement for decay as for lodging.

Gated and vacant storefronts now haunt the buildings first floor while faded curtains hang in the windows above. Behind those curtains lived 15 to 20 people, most of them on welfare, in what became a rat-and roach-infested building with one toilet, broken smoke detectors, inadequate lighting in common areas, and a faulty fire alarm and escape system.

These conditions resulted in a citation and $250 fine for the buildings lease holder and manager at the time, Harry Waland. The hotels condition stemmed from a lack of close oversight by Waland. During his tenure, there were many violations which he did not correct.

The previous order to vacate the building had been issued in April 1994, mainly because windows opening onto fire escapes had been nailed or screwed shut. Waland was given the option of either opening the windows or installing a fire-sprinkler system in the hotels rooms. Waland contends he did maintain the building and spent $17,000 to install the fire-sprinkler system and bring the building up to code. The building was allowed to be occupied again about a month later. However when the Hotel St. Leo locked its doors again in 1995 it became the third such hotel to vacate that year as a result of the city's code-enforcement efforts.

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 34 N. California - Mark's Piano Company
36 N. California - New Dinette Restaurant
38 N. California - Pacific Finance
45 N. California - Weber Poultry Market / Central Drug Co (1940)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
 46 N. California - H.C. Shaw Company - Next to right photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr. The building is still there, but heavily stuccoed over - Left photo California Street on the south side of the H.C. Shaw building
48 N. California - R.M. Layne Opt
N. California St - Weber Avenue Intersects
Click for Weber Avenue
102 N. California - California Water Service Company
106 N. California - C.E. Lindstrom Typewriters (1940)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge108 N. California St. - Corner of Weber. - Humphreys College / Humphreys School of Business- 1930s & 1940s -  Today a bank sits on this corner
118 N. California - Campora Appliances (1976) / C.E. Pike Furniture (1940)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge115-121 N. California St. - William P. Miller Carriage Manufacturing  - Entire northern portion of the block demolished for the RTD. This remnant of a larger carriage manufacturing complex is important its association with William Payson Miller. Miller was a prominent citizen and businessman who established one of Stockton's oldest carriage· factories: Miller originally repaired and manufactured the large freight wagons, known as the "Stocktonian" which were used to haul large amounts of equipment and goods to the gold mines. When the demand diminished, he manufactured light carriages and stage wagons, at one point producing about 400 carriages a year. In the/ate 1860's, Miller replaced his original wood shop with a 2-story brick structure, later expanded into a larger and ornate brick building. Miller's carriage factory is present on the 1895 Stockton Sanborn map. The building remained unaltered, though its neighbors were modified, on the 1917. It was later occupied by Bums, Cigars. By 1940, the Goodman Barber Shop and Christensen Rea/Estate. By 1950, the businesses had changed to Stockton Beauty & Barber Supplies and the Mohaghan Typewriter Shop. ·
125 N. California - Pepi Pizza House Restaurant
126 N. California - WTCT Building - First English Lutheran Church (1940)
Click to Enlarge128 N. California - E.F. Williams - Wood Coal and Hay
129 N. California - Ralph White Bail Bonds
131 N. California - Sequioa Apartments (1940)
133 N. California - Gus' Liquors
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge135 N. California St. - J.N. Harrison & Sons Grocery - 1915 - Today part of the RTD
139 N. California - Subway Cleaners
142 N. California - Exchange Building (1940)
148 N. California - Arnie's Cocktail Bar
Click to Enlarge S California & Channel - Stockton Business College California & Channel
California & Channel - SE corner Former Sunny's / Stockton Business College (1891) - 2nd from right photo, Floyd Perry Jr. - 1987 - Right photo, a bank parking lot today.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge190 N. California & Channel NE Corner - Grand Central Hotel - In 1890, John Henderson was the proprietor. Part of The Stockton Business College is showing on the right side  - Today a vacant lot - John Henderson - 1835-1897. Born in Scotland. To the USA and California via Cape Horn in 1850. He came to Stockton in 1854 and engaged in the restaurant business. He left Stockton in 1864, returning in 1869 to build the Grand Central Hotel.
N. California St - Channel Street Intersects
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge201-215 N. California - NW Corner - State Hotel - Construction of the Hotel State was begun in October 1923 for the original property owner, L Boscou. Boscou contracted local builders Lewis & Green to erect the three-story hotel for an estimated cost of $30,000. The Hotel State was one of many hotels built in Stockton In the early 20th century to support the influx of visitors to the city emerging as the transportation hub of the Central Valley. Although the State Hotel has had alterations, it retains its overall form and detailing. The Stockton City Directories listed the State Hotel by 1930. Businesses in the hotel at this time included the State Drug Company (205), State Cafe (207), and Olson & Son Tailors (211). By 1935, the Drug Company had been replaced. A shoe repair shop (205), and P. M. Trucco Beer (201) had also rented a space in the hotel building. By 1940, Quality Paint opened a shop, and Hulsey's Business Services (211) replaced the tailor. By 1945, Boscoe Barber (203) replaced the .paint store, Steele Beauty Shop (207) replaced the restaurant, and a State Farm Insurance office (211) replaced the business services store. These businesses remained through at least 1950. According to State Office of Historic Preservation records, this property appears eligible tor listing in the National Register as a separate property. A good example of Renaissance Revival Style, despite alterations to the ground floor and replacement of windows. The masonry work is of a notably high quality.

On Jan. 13, 2015, the City Council approved a loan that will allow the Cort Group development company to renovate the building's facade, a prelude to plans for undetermined retail businesses on the ground floor and, eventually, possible housing on the upper floors. The building, which is about 90 years old, is at 201-215 N. California Street, across Channel Street from the downtown transit center

Click to Enlarge201 N. California - Quarter Horse Saloon / Former Pete's Tavern (Pete's Place) / Trucco Beer (1930) /Trucco Liquors /
203 N. California - True Classic - Piercing & Tattoo / Family Den Barber Shop / Tony's Barber Shop / Boscoe Barber
205 N. California - Hair's To You / State Shoe Repair / Lecera Shoe Repair / State Drug Co
207 N. California - McCombs Realty / Monarch Beauty Supply / Steele Beauty Shop / State Cafe
211 N. California - State Farm / Olsen & Son Taylors
215 N. California - Sutter Manor Hotel / Hotel State
214 N. California - Grider Electric (1959)
210 N. California - Walton Apartments - Demolished
Click to Enlarge212 N. California - Vacant lot - Former Selma Apartments (1925-1940)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
 222-230 N. California - Pike's Furniture Store - Constructed in 1924, and appears on the 1950 Stockton Sanborn Map. The first occupant of the building was the Pike's Furniture Store. By 1940, Matteoni's Liquors is listed at this address. By 1950, the California Furniture Company occupied the space, which was converted into the Anglo California National Bank by 1955. By 1960, the space changed hands again and was used as the County Assessors' offices. It is currently the San Joaquin Valley Dental Group. - Left photo - Terry Gust
Click to Enlarge240 N. California - California Furniture Outlet
Click to Enlarge231 N. California - Dunlap Hardware / Pacific Nash Motor Co (1930)
426 E. Miner - Former Smith Auto Park
434 E. Miner - Former Vince's Chevron
448 E. Miner - Former Jerry's Chevron Service / Former Service Cab Co.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge240 N. California - California AutoTech /  Former Contenintal Trailways (1957) / Western Auto Supply (1930-1940)
N. California St - Miner Avenue Intersects
Click for Miner Avenue
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge300 N. California - Morris Auto Supply (1940)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge301 N. California - Former Herb Hanson Union Service
316 N. California - California Apartments (1940)
Click to Enlarge317 N. California - Casa De Campeones Boxing Club / Former Midas Muffler Shop
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
322 N. California St. - Previously The Downtown Motel - Building Still Standing - Center photo by Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge327-331 N. California St. - Pezzi Apartments - By 1915, Stockton City Directories listed six tenants at 329 N. California, and a P. W. Mosher at 327. By 1921, eight tenants were listed at 329, ·and John Becker had moved into 327. By 1925, there were again six tenants at 329, and no other adjacent buildings were noted. By 1930, only five tenants were listed at 329, with Mother Lee's Pure foods on the ground floor 327 and the California Fruit Market at 331. Members of the Pezzi family had been in residence in this building since it was first listed, and by 1940, the building is listed as the Pezzi Apartments. By 1945, the ground floor businesses had changed to a restaurant owned by C. M. Harelson and J. T. Warren's grocery store. By 1950, the businesses had changed to the Cal Market Grocery and the M & L Meat Market.
Click to Enlarge331 N. California St. - Tom's Market / J.T. Warren Grocery (1940)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

324·330 N. California St. - This. building appears on the 1917 and 1950 Stockton Sanborn Maps as "8 apartments." Stockton City Directories listed as the Aetna Apartments starting in 1916 and through 1950. There is no record of the ground floor businesses.  Also 328 - Aetna Apartments (1940)

332 N. California - Henry Konchrey Radios (1950) / Fred Timalus, a news director, / Philip Gee Laundry (1940) / Aetna Garage (1930)
334 N. California - M. R. Baker, Barber  (1950) / L. M. Hollinger Barber (1940)

Click to Enlarge338 N. California St. - California Smoke Shop & Deli / Williams Sporting Goods /  Quigley & Trayer Grocery / Hess Dry Cleaning  (1930)
340 N. California - Former Porter Lee Laundry / Din How Laundry (1957)
Click to Enlarge344-348 N. California St. - By 1919, 346 North California is listed in City Directories as the Williams Apartments, H. T. Williams, owner. By 1930, the retail space on the ground floor of the Williams Apartments, at 348 California, was occupied by J. M. Calvin, grocer. By 1935, the grocery space was vacant, but the space opposite at 344 California was occupied by Louis Smith's restaurant. In 1940, Pete's Lunch was in the restaurant space, and J. A. Mead's plumbing store was in the former grocery store. By 1945, the Hipperson Massage Parlor was at 344 and The Beauty Box at 348. In 1950, Manotti Liquors was located at 344 and the Very Gianetti Beauty Shop at 348. Later it was the Oakwood Club and Liquor Store is in the former. Manotti space. 346 - Williams Apartments (1940)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge345 N. California - Former Del Monte Save Mor Service / C&B Richfield (1949)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
401 N. California - California Pharmacy 
405 N. California St. - Former Soup Sellar / Le Bistro Restaurant - Left photo
401 N. California - Lindsay Medical Center
411 N. California - California Pharmacy - Handy Spot Market (1957)
417 N. California - Wilma Beilby Furnished Rooms
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge408 N. California - Former Turnquist Associated Gas Station (1957)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge418-420 N. California - Manthy Apartments - Manthy Brothers Awnings
Click to Enlarge425 N. California - California Medical Building
430 N. California - Stockton Ice and Fuel (1940) - Demolished
431 N. California - Stockton Ice Cream Co. - Demolished
433 N. California - Brownies Cleaners - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge445 N. California - Former Cazale's Flower Shop / Collins & Cazale Flower Shop (1950)
447 N. California - Wallace Drug Co (1940)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge448 N. California - Former Postal Instant Press / Bank of America Warehouse
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge501-507 N. California - Private residence / Former Lilian Blackwell Lodgings / AT King Real Estate (1950)
502 N. California - Vacant Lot / Former Thornburg's Shell Service / Duke Shell Service
Click to Enlarge513 N. California - Former Miller's Place Tavern / Dad & Mom's Place Liquors (1950) - Looks like it was the garage for 501 N. California at one time.
519 N. California - Apartments - Demolished
521 N. California - Bones Insurance / San Joaquin Realty
Click to Enlarge523 N. California - Former Rymans Photo Finishing / Valley Photo Service / Hy-Klas Photo Service
525 N. California - William Tesch Dentist
Click to Enlarge540 N. California St.- Five Forty Building (Medical)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge545 N. California St - Smith Apartments
Click to Enlarge601 N. California St.- DeYoung Memorial Chapel
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge602 N. California St. - Former Tolbert Mobilegas - Left photo posted by Kevin Shawver
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge630 N. California St - Morris Brothers  / Former Dawson's Van & Storage
Click to Enlarge633 N. California - Meeker Apartments (1940)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge660 N. California St - Former Travaille's Real Estate and 640 N. California Former Morris Brothers  / Former Dawson's Van & Storage. Photo on the right, Former Travaille's Real Estate and Cal-Park Liquors
Click to Enlarge701 N. California - Vacant lot / Former Ferguson Dentist
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge702 N. California - Cal-Park Liquors / Frank's Package Liquors / Hans Peterson Grocer (1940) - Left photo Kevin Shawver, middle photo, Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge716 N. California -
Click to Enlarge729 N. California - Family Youth Services / First Channel Insurance / Former National Cash Register Company
Click to Enlarge740 N. California - Former Residence
Click to Enlarge747 N. California - Vacant lot / Former Acosta Garage & Texaco Service - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge809 N. California - Frisbe & Warren Colonial Chapel
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge826 N. California - San Joaquin County Department of Child Support Services / Former Social Security Office
Click to Enlarge840 N. California - The vacant lot in front - Former A1 Market / Home Town Grocery / Town Super Market - Demolished
Click to Enlarge845-847 N. California St. - Former James Baker Physician - Former Albert Eller Dentist
925 N. California - Apartments
1003 N. California - Apartments
1025 N. California - Massage
1029 N. California
Click to Enlarge1041 N. California - Green Bros Pharmacy
1045 N. California - Webb Surgical Supply
N. California St - Magnolia Street Intersects
Click here for Former Stockton State Hospital / Stanislaus State University
Click to Enlarge1111 N. California - Former Stockton Board of Realtors
Click to Enlarge1117 N. California - Residence
Click to Enlarge1123 N. California - Residence
Click to Enlarge1127 N. California - Residence
Click to Enlarge1145 N. California
1201 N. California - Demolished
Click to Enlarge1212 N. California - California Health Care Services
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge1420 N. California - Former State Armory  - Photos courtesy of Ron Chapman.
N. California St - Harding Way Intersects
Click for Harding Way
Click to Enlarge1501 N. California - Former Don Web, Realtor / EJ Meister Drugs (1950)
1502 N. California - Jeff Webb - Baker (1930) - Demolished
1505 N. California - Parking lot / George Constantine Restaurant -
Click to Enlarge1506 N. California - Former Abby Rents - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge1521 N. California  - Shower's Hot Dog Stand - Shower's Frosty Ice Cream - Demolished  - Right Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman - On the right, Not any ordinary parking lot. This was the former George's Drive In at 1521 North California St. In 1957 / 1958 /1959 Shower's Frosty Ice Cream and Shower's Hot Dog Stand in the back was located here. 1950 Schaver Ice Cream Company
1605 N. California  - Parking Lot / Former JP Texaco
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Click to Enlarge 1800 N. California Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge1800 N. California  N. California  - St Josephs Hospital / St Josephs Home. "It began as a dream, then a prayer, a hope, and finally a reality. On March 19, 1899, Father William B. O'Connor and the people of Stockton gathered to celebrate the official setting of the cornerstone for St. Joseph's Home and Hospital." - Cards courtesy of Terry Gust
Click to Enlarge1805 N. California  -
1823 N. California  - Vic's Market - Demolished
2101 N. California  - Church of Christ
Click to Enlarge2308 N. California St. Central Valley Cardovascular Association
Former businesses demolished at this location
2300 - Teitjen Meats
2312 - Cal-Pine Barber Shop -
2314 - Jakes Well Liquors / Risso Bros Market
Click to Enlarge 2309 N. California St - Mini Max / Former Wilson & Coffey Appliances
Click to Enlarge2315 N. California St - Vogue Cleaners
2333 N. California  - Physician's Building
2420 N. California  - Medical Art's Building
2510 N. California  - Oak Park Community Hospital
2626 N. California  - Stockton Labor Center
2700 -N. California   Oak Park Trailer Court - Demolished for Labor Center
2815 N. California  - Monigal's Grocery - Still Standing
2821 N. California  - Chris & Inkies Restaurant - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge2850 N. California - Alpine Market / Former Centromart #6 / Street Car Barns and Offices -Built in 1907 The first Stockton built 10 horsepower electric streetcars were introduced in 1892 to replace horse and mule drawn trolleys used since 1875. The Stockton Electric Railroad Co. built the Streetcar Barns and Office Complex in 1907 and utilized this facility until 1941 after which gasoline powered motor coaches served as the primary mode of public transportation The building was added to the city register by resolution number 85-0307 on May 13, 1985
Click to Enlarge2860 N. California - La Yolanda Panaderia / Former Alpine Mill & Lumber
3209 N. California  - Norman Confection - Demolished
Click to Enlarge3212 N. California  - Oak Park Inn Tavern / D.E. Dishman Restaurant (1950) - Ron Chapman Photo
Click for Alpine Avenue
South California Street
West side of California in this block all demolished for the American Savings building
7 S. California - Stockton Hearing aid Center - Demolished
17 S. California - Pope Drug - Demolished
Click to Enlarge21 S. California - Scott's Stationary - Demolished
29 S. California - Lyman Grill Restaurant - Demolished
33 S. California - Clover Club - Demolished
39 S. California - Mason Hotel - Demolished
45 S. California - Cal Mar Club - Demolished
Click to Enlarge00 S. California - Those funny blotches are the reflections from the American Savings Building across the street - Maybe they are the ghosts of the demolished buildings
Click to Enlarge10 S. California -
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge18 S. California St, just south of Main, late 1930s. visible are Berg's Clothiers,
20 S. California - The Fan Club & Cigar Store,
22 S. California - Wale's Candy and Ice Cream,
28 S. California - Stockton Printing, and Peffer Music and Home Furnishings. The tower on the roof is the broadcast antenna for KDGM. Photo from the Kevin Shawver Collection
22 S. California - Kappy's Hamburger Heaven
28 S. California - Tip Top Sandwich Shop
Click to Enlarge38-48 S. California Street - Peffer Building - Stockton City Directories show no listing at this address until 1930, when it was occupied by International Trucks. By 1935, B. L Remington Garage (who also occupied the building next door at 20 S. Aurora is listed. By 1940, Devine & Willard Auto Trucks were at this address. The building changed hands by 1945, when the Kraft Cheese Company had a facility here, and again by 1950, when the Republic Supply Company of California occupied the building.0-50 South California Street - Hunter Loan & Jewelry - This building appears on the 1895, 1917 and 1950 Sanborn maps. The 1895 map noted the presence of a paint shop, restaurant, drug store, and lodgings on the second floor. The 1917 map recorded a bicycle shop, and candy factory, among other businesses. The Stockton City Directory of 19211ists 38 S. California as the Golden West Rooms, and names five tenants. By 1930, the City Directory listed it as the Peffer's Music Studio Building, with a wide variety of tenants, including the Elmer School of Music, Peffer's Music Company, Radio KDGM, Monte's Bakery & Stockton Tamale Cafe, Stockton Coney Island, Stockton Seed Company, and Stockton Drug Company. By 1935, only the Coney Island and Peffer Music Company remained. In 1940, KDGM Radio, Peffer Music and a Post Office were listed. By 1945 the building was listed as vacant. In 1950, it again housed a variety of businesses, including a shoe store, women's clothier, the Stork Shop, two beauty shops, a confectioner's and a paint store. The shoe store, Stork Shop, and Stockton School of Beauty remained in the building through at least 1960. A second shoe store, a men's wear shop, and Lee Stores Vacuum Cleaners opened in the 1950s. There is currently a large pawn shop on the ground floor.
32 S. California - The Wearhouse
34 S. California - Hunter Square Loan & Jewelry
48 S. California - Stockton Shoe Mart
Click to EnlargeCalifornia and Market - Keyes House
Click to EnlargeWolf Hotel seen from the 00 Block of S. California Street - Photo from The Floyd Perry Jr. Collection
S. California St - Market Street Intersects
Click for Market Street
Click to Enlarge100 Block of S. SE California and Market - The Record
140 S. California - Ward Hotel - Demolished
Click to Enlarge100 Block of S. SW California and 442 E. Market St. - Former Realty Building  - Now a  Parking Garage
105 S. California - Daylite Market (1950)
113 S California St - One Thirteen Club
Click to Enlarge141 S. California St. - Yale Apartments - This building is listed at the Yale Apartments starting in the 1912 Stockton City Directory. Ground floor businesses present by 1930 Include Tassano Antonia Gents Furniture, Barber Stables, Mike West Tailor, the Home Wiring Company and a grocery. By 1935, the furniture store was replaced by a physician's office, and the wiring company by a restaurant. Wong. Ankai Herbs, a Chinese herbalist, also had a shop here. By 1940, ground floor businesses included. the physician, an antique shop, barber, music shop, restaurant, furniture store and an herbalist, who remained through 1950. In 1945, the Directory also listed Rex Novelty Vending Machines. By 1950, a watch repair shop replaced the clothier, and a bar replaced the cleaners'.
147 S. California - Don's Grocery
S. California St - Washington Street, and Crosstown Freeway Intersects
210 S. California - Brenan Hotel
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge220-222 S. California - Peter Torseani- Body Works
225 S. California - Salvation Army Store
245 S. California - Blanche's Cafe  7 Bruzzone & Irwin
246 S. California - Xclusive Laundry
Click to Enlarge247 S. California - Claremont Apartments - 1920s - Demolished for Crosstown Freeway - Joe's Mexico City Cafe - 1967 (C.D. Sotelo)
S. California St - Lafayette Street Intersects
Click to Enlarge300 S. California - Mike's Union Station - Skip's Gas station in Rampage
Click to Enlarge303 S. California - Chapel of The Palms Funeral Home
305 S. California - F.E. Ferrell Fuel and Feed
345 S. California - Dinibulo Apartments - Demolished
421 S. California - Silvan Apartments - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to EnlargeCalifornia & 443 E. Sonora - Filipino Community Center
S. California St - Sonora Street Intersects
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge443 S. California - U-Save Market / Formerly Dom's Market
705 S. California - A.F Toccoli
707 S. California - Stockton Show Door & Glass
715 S. California - Malan Van & Storage
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge845 S. California - Quality Cleaners (1957)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge848 S. California - California Cat & Dog Hospital (1957)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge902 S. California - Yours N Mines Hair Salon /
Former Star Grocery (1957)
912 S. California - Former Dolly Southwick's Dance Studio
Click to Enlarge947 S. California - Tony's Market
Click to Enlarge1127 S. California - Former Engine House Number 5. Moved to Lever Blvd and Eight Street and then moved to 3499 Manthy Road.
1148 S. California - Stockton Fruit Juice Company
1200 S. California - John Tillman - Leather Goods
1202 S. California - F.J. Meyers Grocery
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge1335 S. California - Lupitas Beauty Salon
S. California St - Charter Way Intersects
Click for Charter Way
Click to Enlarge1400 S. California - Deportes Holanda / Normans Auto Supply / Green Frog Food Emporium (1942-43)/ Piggly Wiggly (1937)
Click to Enlarge1410 S. California - Frank's Southside Barber Shop (1957)
Click to Enlarge Clikck to Enlarge1420 S. California - Former Lucky's Milk and Ice Cream Right photo courtesy of Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge1749 S. California St. / Salam Market / Former King's Market -
HEIDELBERG INN-  California and 8th Street  

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