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3141 Delaware and Alpine Avenues
Courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.

Alpine Avenue Then & Now

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Stockton has several streets with commercial businesses. Alpine runs from Raineer on the west to Wilson Way on the east.

Alpine Avenue

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West Alpine Avenue
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Enlarge Enlarge33 W. Alpine - Scottish Rite Temple - The Stockton Scottish Rite Temple at 33 Alpine Avenue was dedicated Saturday, April 12 1960. The Lodge Room seats 820 and the banquet room seats 800. The building contains all the necessary rooms and equipment to confer all the degrees. Additional Comments

33 W. Alpine - Scottish Rite Temple

The Stockton Scottish Rite Language Center has been operated in partnership with the Department of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of the Pacific since 1997. The Center is a philanthropic program of the California Scottish Rite Foundation. All services are provided free to charge to children under the age of 18 years with funding from the California Scottish Rite Foundation.
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Enlarge Enlarge EnlargeFormer Centro-Mart #34, 2150 West Alpine - Opened in the 1960s Now a Dollar General Market 
2156 - Hess Dubois Cleaners
Enlarge Enlarge2211 W. Alpine - Gaines Liquors Moved here from 2231 W. Alpine / Former Ed's Chevron Replaced by a Circle K Food Store. From 1975 through 1977, there was a gift store, a meat market and a Pop Shoppe before the liquor store. Left photo by Ron Chapman, 1977 
Enlarge2219 West Alpine - Tocumbo - They have a huge variety of ice cream. They also have popsicles too (cute mini popsicles for 75 cents)! They have many unique flavors that you won't find anywhere else, like mango with chile, cantaloupe, rose petals, and more! They also have the traditional flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, rocky road Tocumbo shares their restaurant with Elsa's Paladar Cuban home style food!. Although a small ice cream shop, you can't miss it. The side of their building is covered in bright graffiti and they most often have a smoking grill going in front for the Cuban place / Former R&R Mower / H&R Cyclerley
EnlargeAlpine Center Sign 
2231 W. Alpine - Gaines Liquors / Ed's Fountain Cafe / Bauer's Fountain / Gaines Liquors relocated to 2211 W. Alpine
Enlarge2220 Alpine - Saint Paul's Methodist Church 
Enlarge2300a W. Alpine - Michael's Pizza / Pizza Stop 
Enlarge2300b W. Alpine - Gina's Cafe / Chow to go 
Enlarge2300c W. Alpine - H&R Block 
Enlarge2306 W. Alpine - Tuxedo Auto Supply / Custom Fireside Shop 
Enlarge Enlarge EnlargeFormer Alpine Market / Sibs Market / Gaines Market - 3314 Delaware, corner of Alpine - Now a Dance Studio - Left Photos by Floyd Perry Jr 
3320 - Ward's Barber Shop
Enlarge3324 W. Alpine - Former Herman's Shoe Service 
Enlarge3332 Delaware - La Mexicana Super, Neighborhood Mexican market / Alpine Drug / Gaines Drug Store, Gaines Variety 
Enlarge3404 W. Alpine - De Parsia's Catering / Former Joey De Foods / Leo's Bakery 
3406 - Metro PCS / Bobby Brite Cleaners
3414 - Herman's Shoe Repair
East Alpine
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107 E. Alpine - Gene's Flying A
149 E. Alpine - Stockton Water Beds
Enlarge147-149- Computer Repair - Auto Parts - Beauty Salon - 149 was the former Harts Radio & Television - Delta Lock & Key was also at this location
153 E. Alpine - Mercy's Beauty Salon / Former Delta Lock / Former Alpine Liquors
Enlarge Enlarge207 E. Alpine - American Cancer Society / Former Stockton Paint Mart / Dutch Boy Paints  
Enlarge Enlarge215 E. Alpine - Former Alpine Nursery 
Enlarge 229-233 E. Alpine229 E. Alpine - Former Betty's & Gerry's Ice Cream / Murphy's Ice Cream - Photo Courtesy of Ron Chapman
233 E. Alpine - Zoomba / Former Oak Park Cleaners
253 E. Alpine - Carniceria La Sierra / Former Alpine Mower & Bike / Oak Park Variety Store
Enlarge Enlarge255 E. Alpine - Former Distinctive Floors/ Former Oak Park Market 
Enlarge200 Block of E. Alpine looking East 
Enlarge301 E. Alpine - Landmark Missionary Baptist Church / Former Oak Park Missionary Church 
EnlargeOak Park - Even though Stockton had many popular night spots in the early 1900's, it wasn’t short on family entertainment either Oak Park previously known as Goodwater Grove, became so well known as a picnic place that it drew people from across the state. Features included a giant tree house, dance pavilion, playground, and bowling
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Billy Hebert Field - 3545 Alvardo - It is primarily used for baseball and was the home field of the Stockton Ports until they moved to Banner Island Ballpark in 2005. The stadium continues to be used as a venue for high school baseball playoffs. It also has been used as a practice facility for the Stockton Lightning minor Arena League football team. The ballpark has a capacity of 6,000 people and opened in 1953. Prior to 1953, the land upon which the field is built was used for baseball since the late 19th century. In 1927, Oak Park Field was constructed. After the field's grandstand was destroyed by fire for a second time, the modern-day grandstand was built in 1953. The field is named for Billy Hebert, the first resident of Stockton to die in World War II.

Dedicated to the one who brought the highest sportsmanship to the great American game of baseball.

W.M. Billy Hebert, December 20, 1919 - October 31, 1942.
Captain Earl Ross Post baseball team 1936, United States Naval Reserve - Aviation Metalsmith 3rd class, Henderson Field at Guadal Canal in the Solomon Islands.

This memorial was sponsored by the friends and teammates of
Billy Hebert
The seventeen Club, Stockton's oldest baseball club
(since 1930)
July 4th 1992

EnlargeOak Park Pool - 3537 Alvarado Avenue 
EnlargeOak Park Ice Arena 
EnlargeOak Park Roller Coaster 
478 E. Alpine - Alpine Tower Restaurant
Enlarge480 E. Alpine - Former Bill's Shell Service and 3215 N. California Street CIRS - Ron Chapman photo 
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EnlargeAlpine and 3212 N. California - Oak Park Inn - Ron Chapman photo 
Enlarge1235 E. Alpine - Former Major Gas Company / Wilshire Gas 
EnlargeAlpine and West Lane - New Ace Train Repair Facility 
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EnlargeAlpine and 3200 West Lane - Valero / Former Shell Station 
Enlarge1360 E. Alpine - El Grullenese Restaurant / Two B's Grubstake Restaurant 
Enlarge Enlarge2132 E. Alpine / 3203 N Sanguinetti Ln - Harrison School - Initially the front entrance was on the corner and the patio cover was not there. This plan was also used for August School and Cleveland School - Built in the mid 50s
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