Background: US Bank Building - Downtown Milwaukee from a construction site near Pieces of Eight
Photo by la vaca vegetariana

Discovering and Moving to Wisconsin

Moving to Wisconsin

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Wisconsin

Nicknamed "America's Dairy Land", the Badger state of Wisconsin is professional football's smallest city any football team calls home, however their fans are generally the most loyal, along with being some of the largest in the NFL. Wisconsin is big in many other things too. Itís the largest dairy products producer in the nation, along with being one of the larger paper along with paper-product producers in the entire world. And none of these things hamper the Wisconsin-type local festivals where bratwurst,, beats and beer will let your heart sing!

The urban development in Wisconsin has come far since the days miners lived below ground which earned Wisconsin The Badger State. nickname, Thereís Madison, a large college town and also the state capital, Appleton, where the Great Houdini called home at onetime. and there's Milwaukee, featuring an interesting mix of Victorian, Art Deco and Neoclassical architecture. Sports fans will take pleasure in Green Bay, featuring its renowned football team, Youíll have much to choose from when searching for a new spot to live.



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