Background: Harper's Ferry from Maryland side of Potomac River
Photo by Kevin Smith

Discovering and Moving to West Virginia

Moving to West Virginia

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of West Virginia

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Located in the middle of the Appalachians, West Virginia the most mountainous state in the eastern United States and it  relies heavily on its super-maintained infrastructure. When relocating to West Virginia, stay on the main interstates for the safest and best access roads. Observe strict adherence to posted speed limits, particularly the mountain highways, and check on your brakes often when going down-hill.

If you relocate to the state, you can not help but take in its rich Appalachian traditions and heritage. Plan on taking in a traditional Appalachian folk music festival and behold Scots-Irish ballad singing and fiddling first-hand. Native arts, poetry and crafts continue to be kept full of life and well by these friendly people who proudly refer to themselves as West Virginians.

From sleepy Weirton, a place where numerous Pittsburg professionals locate affordable housing, to scenic Charleston situated on the banks of the Kanawha River, relocating to West Virginia signifies uncovering a location that goes with both your lifestyle and employment needs. Other cities include revitalized Parkersburg, along with many educational opportunities; Huntington, a center of industry; Morgantown, which is happens to be one of the better small towns in the nation to live; and fast-growing Clarksburg and Martinsburg where many federal and private organizations are located.

Harper's Ferry changed hands a dozen times during the American Civil War and was annexed by West Virginia.

In 1731 Morgan Morgan established the first permanent white settlement on Mill Creek in present-day Berkeley County. Coal, a mineral asset that would figure significantly in West Virginia's history, was discovered in 1742. Other important natural resources are oil, natural gas, and hardwood forests, which cover about 75% of the state's area.


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