Background: Vermont State House in Montpelier - Photo by Redja

Discovering and Moving to Vermont

Moving to Vermont

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Vermont

Every residential area within Vermont from the large cities to the villages without stop lights continues to hang on to their small-town feel along with New England values which are so essential to people in this Green Mountain State. And while Vermont might be considered light in population, it's activities are big. From hunting, fishing, swimming to snowboarding, skiing and golfing, the opportunities for weekend family fun have no boundaries, seasonal or otherwise.

The Vermont people are protecting of their property, full of pride over their state and happy to offer a helping hand or to share with their neighbors. Getting around in most areas of the state is quite easy with hardly any rush hour traffic to be concerned over.

Most of the Vermont residents are tranquil and they love talking about the way Vermont "used to" look. When having breakfast out during a Sunday morning, it can be normal to end up having a discussion with an old-time resident about the way Main Street was before the new Superstore came in.

The state is well known for its four picturesque seasons, of which the most eye-catching is the fall with its bright red, yellow and orange leaves blanketing the mountainsides and forests. Itís also recognized for great skiing, snowmobiling and snowboarding .

From September through the end of May, hunting is also a popular activity . During the hunting season, when coming to Vermont and participating in any outdoor activities, itís a smart idea to don bright colors to keep you from blending in with your surroundings and become mistaken for some in-season wildlife. Itís quite normal during the hunting season for wild-life to be seen mounted on pickup trucks or hanging from porches . Hunters are typically quite proud of the wild game they acquire, so stuffed and mounted game are displayed as home or business dťcor quite often.


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