Background: View from Treehouse children's museum, Ogden Utah.
Photo by Zau

Discovering and Moving to Utah

Moving to Utah

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Utah

Depending on the place you are coming from and the region you plan on settling down in, relocating to Utah can be a simple sidestep in changing your residency or it can be the medium for culture shock. In any case, you’ll be locating in one of the more picturesque states in the nation and there's lots of opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. To the north, there’s plenty of skiing. South in the Canyon Country, there's opportunity for breathtaking climbing and hiking. However if native beauty isn’t your thing, there are lots of other reasons for living in Utah.

Although it’s correct that the state of Utah has the largest Morman or Latter-day Saint (LDS) population, moving here does not require you to conform or convert your life style. The LDS member percentage in Utah is around 60 percent, while just 41 percent actually claim to be active in going to church. Salt Lake City, the state capital, has a thriving LGBT membership with many LGBT-friendly establishments, giving the city a cultural oasis status which many transferees to the state are often pleasantly surprised to learn.


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