Background: Texas State Capitol in Austin at night.
Photo by Kumar Appaia

Discovering and Moving to Texas

Moving to Texas

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Texas

After coming to Texas, you're going to gain an entirely new appreciation for cattle ranching barbeque, and tubing. Texas comes with its own distinctive culture, and every city has a definitive micro-culture. Houston is oil, Galveston is Gulf, Austin is music. Yet every place you go you will encounter a huge spoonful of Texas pride. Itís an extremely colorful region, and the people are friendly. A homegrown bumper sticker states it all: "I wasnít born in Texas, but I got here as quick as I could!

The state was named for tejas, a Hasinai Indian word meaning allies or friends. Here's hoping, Texas will embrace you with a welcoming "howdy" after you show up. Texas is a huge place, and there's a major city to be found n every direction. Dependent upon where youíre going to in Texas, there's a massive amount of culture, space, and activities you're going to experience..

It's really unimportant which town or city you select to settle down in within the state because thereís constantly something exciting happening. In north Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth area boasts a booming economy, big lots with reasonably-priced homes, all kinds of leisure and sports along with low living costs.

At the eastern end of Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico, there is Houston. Oil money built the city, while oil, gas and banking dominate the economy. You will discover a equitable cost to live in Houston, numerous options in real estate and oodles of cultural activities going on in this international city.

Austin in central Texas is the location of the state capital, Tech is huge here; they call it the Silicon Hills or Silicon Valley in the South. The f living cost, particularly purchasing a home, is more costly than any other region in Texas. But for the additional money, you get the opportunity to reside in the Texas music capital while, some might contend, of the nation.

San Antonio, famous for the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and basketball, is a brief drive from Austin, a true jewel of Texas. Founded the 1700s by Spaniards, where the old world encounters new economy. Aside from the major cities, you will find numerous small towns and suburbs in Texas to call home. Regardless of your preferred lifestyle, you will find a place just right for your needs in Texas.


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