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Moving to New York

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Although the Empire State of New York is best identified with its urban allure and bright lights of New York City, it's; only half an hour and traveling just a few miles from the outskirts of the Big Apple of new York to find the state's natural spectacular wonders.

Included are acres of mountains, farmland, forests and lakes, along with the most renowned "honeymoon capital" in the world at Niagara Falls. Besides a booming tourism trade, the diverse state economy is headed up by the central position New York City participates in as headquarters to many of the world's top corporations. In addition, New York is a leader in clothing, fashion, manufacturing, agriculture and hi-tech, Additionally, its expanding wine industry is home to 212 wineries located on over 30,000 acres in Long Island and upstate vineyards.

Although the Big Apple is thought to be the culprit for the overall high living cost in the state (about. 25% higher than the U.S. national average) the more the distance is from the city environment, generally the more affordable the state is. The "second city", of new York, Buffalo, for instance boasts the next strongest economy in the state, but nonetheless has been named as one of the nation's most affordable places to live. Home to practically 700 high-tech firms, Buffalo provides extensive networks of fiber optics which also gives it the label of being among the the better wired municipally's in America.


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