Background: D'Evereux, Natchez, Mississippi.
Built in 1840, it is listed on the National Register
of Historic Places. Author Doug48

Discovering and Moving to Mississippi

Moving to Mississippi

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Mississippi

There has been much growth and many changes within Mississippi during recent times, although one characteristic tends to stay the same: while older houses in long-established neighborhoods have a run-down appearance, even abandoned or seeming neglected. Don't let these exterior appearances fool you! Inside, most homes show a very different look, being clean, nicely decorated, while typically in good repair.

In Mississippi, the southern hospitality runs through and through while its people are truly polite, helpful, and generous, while possessing an innate feeling of community, which is true even for non-natives. One thing you may often experience here is an affable curiosity over where you originate from and about your family lifestyle. Mississippians are serious about their families and their tight-knit communities

First explored for Spain by Hernando de Soto, who discovered the Mississippi River in 1540, the region was later claimed by France. In 1699, a French group under Sieur d'Iberville established the first permanent settlement near present-day Ocean Springs.

Great Britain took over the area in 1763 after the French and Indian Wars, ceding it to the U.S. in 1783 after the Revolution. Spain did not relinquish its claims until 1798, and in 1810 the U.S. annexed West Florida from Spain, including what is now southern Mississippi.

For a little more than one hundred years, from shortly after the state's founding through the Great Depression, cotton was the undisputed king of Mississippi's largely agrarian economy

Over the last half-century, however, Mississippi has diversified its economy by balancing agricultural output with increased industrial activity.


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