Background: The William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor of the Detroit International Riverfront as seen from Belle Isle Park.

Discovering and Moving to Michigan

Moving to Michigan

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Michigan

Living costs are some of the many benefits of living in Michigan. Comparatively costs are much lower than numerous other regions across the U.S.. Naturally, this depends upon the particular Michigan location you select although overall, there are great deals on housing and retail purchases. For a family moving to Michigan, you are going to discover that the system of education in the public schools of Michigan are among the best with high standards along with an above average rate of success. There are also many colleges, universities, private schools and trade schools, in Michigan.

One of the primary reasons to live in Michigan is its climate. Michigan has four separate seasons while the opportunities for recreational to go along with each season. For those people who enjoy changing seasons, Michigan is a great location. Michigan is also renowned for its miles of beaches that surround the area. there is a profusion of wildlife and the landscape is exceptionally breathtaking with its flora and fauna. Anyone with an interest in seeing the natural habitat of many species should come to Michigan to soak in its beauty.


Tall and elegant or short and utilitarian, beautifully restored or lying silently forgotten, the dozens of lighthouses standing sentinel along Michiganís 3,200 miles of shoreline are worth a visit. Many of Michiganís lighthouses are open for tours, if only seasonally. Others are home to bed and breakfast lodging or museums. Still others are privately owned or otherwise inaccessible, inviting admiration from afar a few souvenir photographs. Take a look at Michigan Lighthouses

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