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Discovering and Moving to Maine

Moving to Maine

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Maine

Every year families and individuals, old and young alike move to Maine to take advantage of the state's advantages safe cities and towns, excellent schools, friendly communities, and recreational prospects from the mountains to the ocean.

Your new home in Maine might be a roomy apartment, a Victorian house that's been restored in a tranquil seaside settlement, revitalized mill or the home of your dreams featuring a huge yard for your pets and children to play in.

You can choose living in a rural spot and commute to work in a nearby commercial center, or just settle in a place you can bicycle or walk to a job, and be nearer to performing arts, restaurants, local attractions and opportunities.

Annually Maine is ranked as being one of the healthiest top 10 states in the nation. Land preserves and public trails, with access to lakes and rivers makes for easy enjoyment of Main's outdoors. The hospitals in the state are recognized for both their specialized and general care, while elderly people opt to spend their years of retirement in Maine with its quality enjoyment of life, along with the places afforded by vibrant communities and historic districts.


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