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Discovering and Moving to Louisiana

Moving to Louisiana

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Louisiana

For those who are planning to move or have just moved to Louisiana, called the Pelican state, here is some basic information about your new home. Louisiana is the 18th state which was added to the Union, the state has an opulent history going back io the 1700's when France first settled lower parts of the state. Louisiana today boasts a population of over four million residents with a culture dissimilar to any other.

There are Sixty-four parishes, called counties throughout the other states in the nation make up Louisiana. There is a sub-tropical climate with short winters along with long, balmy summers. Winter temperatures might occasionally dip to freezing however spring comes early. Summers can be humid and hot although temperatures are typically be moderated by sweeping north breezes originating in the Gulf of Mexico.

In 1682, the French explorer Sieur de La Salle, the first to descend the Mississippi to its mouth, took possession "of the country known as Louisiana," and named it for the reigning monarch of France, Louis XIV. 1714 Louis Juchereau de St. Denis founded Fort St. Jean Baptiste, present-day Natchitoches, the first permanent settlement in Louisiana. French Fleur-de-Lis (LaSalle) [1682] 1717-31 Louisiana experienced a surge of growth and development as a colony of the Company of the West and, after 1719, its successor the Company of the Indies. The Company of the West was an elaborate colonization scheme of the Scotsman John Law, endorsed by the French government, which wreaked havoc on the entire economy of France. 1718 Sieur de Bienville began building New Orleans as a company town for the Company of the West. By 1721 New Orleans had a population of more than 370 people, including 147 male colonists, 65 female colonists, 38 children, 28 servants, 73 slaves and 21 Indians.


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