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A real estate professional living in Red Bank, NJ offers a picturesque description of Connecticut. "Connecticut. is beautiful with many small quaint towns, tree lined winding roads, with easy access to New York City from Fairfield County." Every word true and describes part of the overall story.

Similar to a number of states, Connecticut is very diverse: rural, urban and suburban; poor, rich, agricultural and industrial. Three of the eight Connecticut counties are considered as part of the Tri-State New York region (New Jersey, Connecticut and New York), however the rest are a portion of New England, while the culture of the state, in many ways, is more similar to Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts than New York.

The Dutch navigator, Adriaen Block, was the first European of record to explore the area, sailing up the Connecticut River in 1614. In 1633, Dutch colonists built a fort and trading post near present-day Hartford but soon lost control to English Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. English settlements established in the 1630s at Windsor, Wethersfield, and Hartford united in 1639 to form the Connecticut Colony under the Fundamental Orders, the first modern constitution.

Connecticut played a prominent role in the Revolutionary War, serving as the Continental Army's major supplier. Sometimes called the “Arsenal of the Nation,


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